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Jayapal's Medicare for All Bill 'Sets a New Standard' for Guaranteeing Healthcare as a Human Right: Analysis


Jayapal's Medicare for All Bill 'Sets a New Standard' for Guaranteeing Healthcare as a Human Right: Analysis

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

The Medicare for All Act of 2019 "sets a new standard for universally and equitably guaranteeing healthcare as a human right in the United States."



“Tens of millions of people who have insurance don’t have critical coverage like dental and long-term care. Tens of millions of people are being hit with impossible medical bills, pushed into debt, or forced into choices between paying for medicine or paying for food, rent, and heating. Tens of millions of people are having to pay growing premiums, deductibles, and other costs that they simply can’t afford. We need to be really clear about all the many ways in which the insurance system is failing people. A public option isn’t going to fix all that.” There you have it! Now let’s get this into Law. If Congress refuses, they get stripped of their top notch Healthcare. If we don’t act, 50 million people will die, not 30!



MfA was a hot topic during the W administration if people will recall. But when Obama was elected, and the Dems held both Houses of Congress and the presidency, with a solid majority and mandate, then, it wasn’t “realistic”, it was “off-the-table”, “not gonna happen.” Again, Medicare for All is a hot topic among Dems vying for “progressive” bona fides like Jayapal, at a time when the most reactionary GOP in history is controlling the Senate and the WH with the Democrats only having a slim advantage in the House. In other words, Dems act “progressive” when their legislative proposals have no chance of becoming law. It’s a game folks and you’re being played - again.

I first got tuned in to Jayapal when she was first running for Congress and her campaign literature tooted that she had opposed GW Bush’s emigration policy. This was during the last years of Obama’s second term. Obama expanded Bush’s emigration policy and became known as the “deporter in chief.” She’s just another partisan hack marching under the banner of neoliberal identity politics.



FYI: Members of Congress and their staffs are covered under a gold-level ObamaCare policy.

The government pays 72%, they pay 28%.
Overall, a damn good deal but not as generous as you seem to think.

As for Jayapal’s bill, she left out how to fund it. A rather large omission.



As previously posted:
‘This country uses taxpayer money to fund the most technologically advanced medical system in the world, then turns it over to private, for-profit corporations whose only goal is to charge as much as possible while delivering as little care as possible. NO ONE can dispute that simple truth, and still we refuse to confront it.’

As for funding:
What is the total cost of Medicare, Medicaid and all other Federally funded healthcare?
What is the total of ALL medical insurance premiums collected?
What is the total of ALL co-pays and deductibles paid?
What is the total of ALL out of pocket payments for healthcare in the U.S.?

Add them all up. This is how much we are ALREADY spending, and tens of millions of people are still not covered. Tens of millions are suffering financial ruin, suffering unnecessary health emergencies, watching their children and loved ones suffer. The simple fact is that we most definitely CAN cover everyone for less than we are pissing away now. All it takes is the political will to stand up to the money grubbing criminals running the show. It is entirely within our grasp - within our power. All it takes is for the people to DEMAND it - loudly and strongly. It really is just that simple.

The difference between asking for something and demanding something is not taking ‘NO’ for an answer. Are we tired enough yet of taking ‘NO’ for an answer?

Pass this bill in the House. If it does not pass in the Senate, do not amend it. Put it on hold, demonize, eviscerate and replace every Senator who refuses to support it, then ram it through in its entirety in two years.



For more info on how this bill was crafted, by whom, and what the goals are, check out this article from Intercept



Well I said I would, and I try to keep my promises.
I admit I was wrong about Pramila Jayapal’s rewrite of HB 676, and I’m very happy to be wrong, she has exceeded my expatiations with this new bill. There are a few problems with it, removing for-profit facilities and where the funding comes from, but over all good job.
Now comes the fight, it wont be easy, and I don’t expect it to pass the first go around, but don’t give up…We deserve this.