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Jeb!: Another Disaster from the Bush Family Makes His Move for the White House


Jeb!: Another Disaster from the Bush Family Makes His Move for the White House

Juan Cole

Jeb Bush announced his run for president on Monday. It is hard to know what his Middle East policy would be from his wibbly wobbly pronouncements, but that it would be imperial and aggressive can be deduced from his foreign policy advisory team, including Neoconservatives such as Paul Wolfowitz, the architect of the war of aggression on Iraq in 2003.


I was listening to N. P.R yesterday (The Diane Rehm show) when the subject of “American Dynasties” was under discussion. One guest mentioned that one-third of U.S. Presidential outcomes in the past century involved some kind of dynastic succession (or filial connection). The pro-establishment guest sought to say that this was a good thing: that these were mostly families from the Northeast with Ivy League pedigrees which he asserted proved their competence to Americans. Before Diane could cut him off, a caller managed to call in who challenged this so-called “competence” idea. He pointed to the glaring incompetency of the Bush-43 Presidency.

While one guest DID mention how this dynastic “coincidence” ties in with Big Money, mostly the dangers of American dynastic families were swept under the rug. Like smiling TV talking heads, the serious nature of the issues that befall us are glossed over and treated as content that can be easily done away with at commercial breaks (if mentioned, at all).


Emmett Kelly would be hanging his head in shame and crying real tears seeing the proverbial clowns filling the Republican Klown Kar. And not one of them is anything to laugh about. The Bush “die-nasty” is based on money, manipulation, and misanthropy. There is not one in the bunch who could run for POTUS were it not for the MONEY regardless of their “education,” which obviously did nothing to expand the mind of GWB. And his brother Jeb is no wunderkind either.


After trading with Hitler, assassinating Kennedy, two trillion dollars in war profiteering and thousands of lives lost, one would think the Bush name is synonymous with Beelzebub.


[quote=“Siouxrose11, post:2, topic:9631”]
a caller managed to call in who challenged this so-called “competence” idea.
[/quote]Pretty much demolished that lie then. What a laugh!


At a point, maybe the utterly degraded quality of the actual family will kick in and people will just want to upchuck. By now people know: Selling to Nazis, the evil of W himself, Barbara exclaiming how lucky Katrina victims were being homeless in such nice neighborhoods…
These people are from hell. I myself did not know how bad they were, once W was installed it was like everything coming from them and people associated with them was beyond belief. I’m really surprised (sort of) they got this far.


I do not know what Jeb’s chances are, but if he gets in, then Wolfowitz will rule the foreign policy. I am sounding the alram here. Who is he? If you imagined him as a more cunning, less mouthy, more vicious version of Natanyahoo, then you would be spot on. If you would not have Lindsay Graham (L.G.), or Lieberman as president because clearly they represent Israel and not the people of the USA, then you could do even worse with a Wolfowitz plus idiot as figurehead team. (oh and L.G. is actually running for president)

I can barely believe the lineup of Israeli neocons that the GOP is putting up for president. I consider Hillary as very nasty, but when the greater evil is as bad as this, then it makes her a lesser evil indeed, and you might well have to hold your nose and vote for her.


Great cartoon in the Atlanta Journal…Jeb at a podium (in “black face” and afro) saying, “I want to be America’s second black president…” while off to the side, Poppy is whispering to “W”, “Jeb’s distancing himself…”


Oh great, more “read my lips” and “mission accomplished”, Just what we need!