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Jeb Bush Gets Schooled By College Student for 'Spouting' War Rhetoric


Jeb Bush Gets Schooled By College Student for 'Spouting' War Rhetoric

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Former Florida governor and potential Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush, who has been clumsily defending his brother's widely-discredited decision to invade Iraq in 2003, on Wednesday was schooled by a university student for "spouting nationalist rhetoric to get us involved in more wars."


If it wasn’t for Jeb Bush we wouldn’t have been in Iraq in the first place. We wouldn’t have had the financial cash. There wouldn’t had been a crisis during Katrina. No high unemployment. Possibly no 9-11 and maybe no or slowed climate change. Not to mention what he done as gov of Florida. Because he purged voters for his brother Al Gore lost the election, thus giving us the worsew president in history. Enough said


By highlighting Jeb’s endless war card, Ivy did more to merit a Nobel Peace Prize than Obama has during his entire presidency.


I am not a big fan of Jeb Bush, but if you are going to transcribe comments, the candidate for the Republican Presidential nomination answer should be written out so I can read that too. I am not looking to be sold a narrative. I read what she said, I want to read what he said. Journalism, not politics, please.


O.K. but what he says at the end of the video - he suggests that we ought to have gone in full force to solve the threat of an ISIS ever evolving. Essentially, that would have involved nuclear weapons, the wiping out of an entire society.

The same sentiment has continually been voiced by conservatives over the Vietnam war, that we should have used full force and gotten out. THAT would have require carpet bombing of North Vietnam with nuclear weapons, which is what madman Nixon wanted to do but was blocked by more sane minds in the White House.


It’s always great to see the Left going straight to the source. When people make a ruckus at the DNC convention it really ticks me off. Yes, Hillary is a hawk. But with limited resources, we need to go at the Republicans like never before or else the country is lost forever, if in fact it’s not already. NEVER let up on any member of the Bush family, they are a poison to the world. Jeb has the same empty, soulless expression as W, his father, and matriarch/con Barbara. Nothing the Kennedy clan said or did was on the same level as these repugnant liars.


In order to know for certain that Jeb Bush is a true neocon all one required to know is to google project for a new american century. In this web page one encounters evil incarnate Dick Cheney sight. Opening page written by notoriouse war monger Jeb Bush hisself olwn words. Note date well before 9/11/01. In it Jeb staes need for a new pearl harbor. Marvin Bush an executive for firm providing security for world trade center. Thierfore Bushes had access to wire complex. No buildings in history of this particular type has ever collapsed by fires even when they burned for over a day. Yet no real investigation of 9/11/01. Unless you consider the white wash an investigation I do not. Jeb answered truthfully to Kelly on fox. He is surrounding himself with the exact same neocons as had his brother. If Americans would look at this sight he ought be unelectable for dog catcher. Please avail yourfor a new american centuryself we do not need war mongers running america.


Skeletons in the Kennedy clan closets indeed don’t come close to the Bush legacy that flows from Jeb’s grandpa Preston Bush being among the US 1%ers pushing for the US to go fascist during the 1930s to the extent that they contracted retired US Army General Smedley Butler to assassinate FDR. Although Butler purposely foiled the plot, the Bush family has continued to push for fascism.


That’s fine. The guys not getting my vote unless he… well he’s not. Regardless, I do not accept clips, cuts and one sided reporting.


With all due respect – in what way is any Democrat likely to gain the nomination less disastrous for the country(and the world) than any Republican likely to gain the nomination?


Yeah, lets hope that Ivy doesn’t look to closely at Hitlery’s track record or she will get kicked out of the Young Democrats Club.


how do you mention JFK in the same sentence as the Bush Crime Family. Poppy said he didn’t remember where he was on 11/22/63. The liar was in Dallas with the other conspirators. Jeb seems as dumb as ‘the village idiot’. First he said he backed the illegal invasion of a sovereign country, Iraq. Today he said it was wrong to go into Iraq. Someone told the boob to disavow his idiot brother. Too late Jebby.


Exactly, the boob is pandering to the sheeple so he can continue the destructive policies of his old man and the village idiot.


Apologies if it seems weird. The reason I bring it up is because of the endless crap we had to endure on any dirt about the Kennedys. It went on for decades, still does. Some similarity between Obama and JFK in that there’s a sizable quadrant that just can’t stand that they got in. I still hear shit about Joe Kennedy. And, at 56 I am still angered that Robert did not get a chance at the presidency. Yes Joe did the liquor licensing, mistress, etc. So fucking what? The goal was for the kids to go into public service, and they did (everybody knows).
So to me comparing the two families is valid because it shows how hard it is to buck what the U.S. traditionally is at the top level. Yuk. FDR was one of the only ones who told them to shove it and succeeded.
The Bush clan need to be stopped, I myself do not know how.


This guy is part of a family that are war makers. they profit from war machines. the lowest of the low.


I’m no fan of Hillary. In fact I dislike her, as do many Democrats. Still, she does have to answer to us (somewhat). Hopefully pressure from Warren and Sanders will affect things-I have no idea. But if we elect a Republican, any Republican, we are dead on the world stage for starters. The grave consequences of the 2000 election and subsequent Iraq invasion are here to stay. I will say that I do not foresee the U.S. ever totally recovering from W’s presidency. Now we are definitely past our August period.


What do you think he would say? That my bro invaded a sovereign country under false pretenses causing needless death and destruction, a drunk, a chicken hawk, a pathological liar, etc, etc.


One must bear in mind, however, that Elizabeth Warren is not running for POTUS. She publicly said so.


True. But importantly, Robert Reich and Move On are behind the draft Warren movement. Even if she doesn’t change her mind, because of Reich the correct things are being said on a consistent basis. I see this as the biggest problem the Democrats have had since Reagan switched the dialog years ago. Because of his evasive, slimy crew money issues have not been addressed in a simple, no-nonsense way. Bill Clinton couldn’t do it. Hilary has to.