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Jeb Bush’s ‘Transparency’ Ploy


Jeb Bush’s ‘Transparency’ Ploy

Chelsea Gilmour

Jeb Bush is campaigning on a platform of transparency. Or so he says. On June 30, he released 33 years of tax returns on his website — more than any presidential candidate in history. The only other presidential candidate to come close was Bob Dole in 1996 who released 30 years’ worth. This unprompted move has raised eyebrows from some observers and “attaboys” from others.


This guy is very dangerous. Read “JEB: America’s next Bush” by S. V. Date. I “survived” his Florida years. Don’t think America could…


I propose a different evaluation system: How much blood is on you or your family’s hands. Presuming accurate measurements could be codified, comparing human losses in the various wars started by the patriarchs of both the Clinton and Bush clans, a more enlightened basis for judging the fitness of future candidates might emerge.

As Owl said… this man, along with his entire family clan is not just dangerous: they are Nazi collaborators and like Mafia dons, have made their fortune through getting rid of persons (like heads of other states) who stand in the way of their imperial and other ambitions.

This documentary, viewed by almost 2 million persons lays it out in painstaking detail. It’s quite a shocker for patriotic types:


SR, I’m not sure how many minutes I’m into this thing. But it’s great. My usual gig on this day is to plow through the Declaration of Independence. (about which we should debate and debate…) It’s depressing as hell, and I’ll probably watch to the last drop.


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I have been watching this a chucnk at a time. While I had been aware of much of what was reported on in the Documentary this is an excellent tying together of all those threads into one place and well worth watching.