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Jeb Bush Speaking at Secret Coal Industry Retreat


Jeb Bush Speaking at Secret Coal Industry Retreat

Nick Surgey, Center for Media & Democracy

Jeb Bush is the highest profile speaker at a secretive three-day retreat in Bristol, Virginia, hosted by the CEOs of six coal companies, according to materials for the invitation-only event obtained by the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD) and shared with the Guardian.


Great news from the American Clean Coal Company!
Through the miracle of rebranding, Black Lung Disease has been completely eliminated! No longer will the health of coal workers be compromised by this disease which has been a scourge for the workers for generations.
Now we have Clean Lung Disease which promises to be a much more pleaseant death.



Doesn’t this Bush know that ALL his activities are closely monitored and therefore, NOT “secret?” Nah, he like most of his family could care less as long at the money flow continues (he has learned well “not to bite the hand that feeds you.” And Poppy thought Jeb was the smart one…ROTFL. Like my grandfather used to say, “If he had half a brain, he’d be dangerous.” Jeb’s oratory has not progressed beyond that of his personal introduction in first grade of his country day school.


This poor journalist lol. Its sad when all you want to do is explain to people whats going and have so little to use. The sarcasm was very funny. ‘War on coal’? Really? John Stewart had pointed out in show awhile back pointing out the ‘war on whatever’ verbage on one of his shows. Remember, propaganda has to consistant and repetative to work as Georbbels had so blantantly pointed out in Germany’s propaganda studies in the late 20’s. Fun fact: the American Movie Corporation (AMC of the time.), started their studies of propaganda after the Germans got done. They watched children they showed certain types of films, including pornagraphy (again, that time periods version of porn), until 16. The ones that watched porn developed an unhealthy appetite of sex. Go figure. Also, one more fun fact: Edward Bernays is the person that rebranded the term propaganda to public relations because of the conatation of the word after the second World War. Until that time, people spoke of propaganda as if it were the same as saying 'public relations… It is the exact reason why the War Department was changed to the Department of Defense. So, I challenge every citizen to un-rebrand the term public relations back to propaganda EVERYTIME you hear the word, kinda like an Un-revolution.


Corporate whores go where their pimp tells them too, otherwise they get beat.


Sad but we used to think GW was the dumbest in the family, Jeb is proving us all wrong, there really is something dumber than the “Bushtard”… and that is another “Bush”. Just wish the christians would relive the old testament and demand to hear oration from a burning bush.


Since when is an appetite of sex “unhealthy”? The puritanical-streak of the US left really amazes me.