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Jeb! Is Who Jeb! Is Which Is the (Admittedly Improbable) New Face of America!


Jeb! Is Who Jeb! Is Which Is the (Admittedly Improbable) New Face of America!

If you haven't heard, a new clown named Jeb!, last name unknown, has joined the crowd in the car, declaring he's not one of the "pampered elites." Jeb!'s start was a tad rough, with mean people mocking Jeb!'s logo and how he can't remember his last name, hairy gay guys and Die Hard fans messing with Jeb!'s website, and Dreamers heckling him even as he mistakenly deported some who wanted to hear him. Still, Jeb! is in to win because "America deserves better." True, that.


John Ellis Bush aka Jeb! Ugh! Enjoyed the cartoon with Jeb morphing to attract the minority vote…AS IF. Toot-Toot…Klown Kar is leaving.


Jeb forgot his last name! Good one!

This reminds me of George Walker Bush changing it to W.

According to ex-NSA Wayne Madsen, the Scumbag Governor of Wisconsin: Scott Walker is George W. Bush’s cousin. That means Walker and JEB Bush are cousins running against each other (Madison says a disgruntled Walker family member called him and spilled the beans.)

Scott Walker was in charge of GWB’s Texas Governor run and Co-Campaign Manager for GWB’s presidential run.

So our choices are Bush or Bush Cousin, or Bush toady Hillary…

All in the Frankenstein Family, you understand.


Lemme tell a little story ‘bout a man named Jeb,
Rich motherfucker in the middle of the web!
Lookin’ for his turn as the king upon the hill-l-l-l…
Up from his mouth came a bucket of swill!

Well first thing he says, ol’ Jeb is really sad!
He ain’t like his brother and he ain’t like his dad!
He’s hardly like a member of the Bush family-y-y-y…
Unless you need a member of the Bush dynasty!

He’s really havin’ trouble just definin’ who he is,
He doesn’t want to talk about his family’s family biz!
You shouldn’t even think about the Bush family-y-y-y…
Unless you run an unaffiliated P-A-C!

Well the next thing you know, ol’ Jeb’s the President!
'Though nobody can really say exactly how that went!
Someone counted something and as plain as we can see-e-e-e…
It’s gonna take a lot of work to get the people free!


JEB: America’s Next Bush (S. V. Date, 2007). Read it and weep.


Seems that trans-ethnicity is the new 'trans." Jeb lives in Miami and identifies with the Latino community, trying his best to re-package himself as Hispanic (he apparently checked that box on some official form according to NPR). Let’s see if that works to garner the Hispanic vote.