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Jeb!'s Clueless, Pandering Portrait Of The American Nightmare


Jeb!'s Clueless, Pandering Portrait Of The American Nightmare

Oh God. Poor addled weak-kneed Jeb (!) has gotten so desperate for attention among all the GOP bullies and bigmouths he's not only turned to his murderous brother for help, but declared himself the bulliest and bigmouthiest of all by proudly Tweeting his new Jeb!-inscribed gun with the title "America," thus proclaiming that the essence of our blessed, bigoted, blood-soaked nation of 'Murica is, finally, a gun with your name on it.


In South Carolina (and Texas) such tokens of esteem might be worth a few percentage points of votes


Australia. The photo shows how Kangaroos keep the Drop-bear population down to sustainable numbers. The problem is that with culling Kangaroos (becaue they eat the grass that should be reserved for cattle), the Drop-bear populaton has grown to point where it is becoming unsafe to wander through some of the forests. Tourists from Asia are being warned to keep away from certain forested areas. However, Drop-bears do eat snakes, so it may be becoming safer underfoot.


You mean Jeb "Please clap" Bush? This a-hole just keeps digging his hole deeper. What a pathetic stunt to pander for votes. It looks more and more that he is just as big a dickhead as his older brother.
George W. Bush did incalculable damage to this country and to several others. He should be in Supermax prison along with several of his warmongering cohorts. We must NOT let yet another of this heinous crime family get anywhere near the White House. Hey, Jeb!, there is one last thing I can think of for you to do with that gun. Please do us all a favor. You are done, boy!


You're being baited to engage in the same snarky-name-calling tactics that we all deplore, because the low-end of the gene pool only comes out to vote when they're angry.


Jeb! is taking upon himself the essence of soul of the The Good Ol' USofA. From DH Lawrence's perspective in his day, "the essential American soul is hard, isolate, stoic, and a killer. It has never yet melted". Actually, that was aimed at James F Cooper, but Jeb seems to be willing to wear it.


I would be afraid that if I accepted a gun with my name on it, that somewhere there may be a matching bullet with my name on it. No Thanks.


The epitome of pandering!


Jeb's name is on the gun, but whos name is on the bullets.


If this is the type of pandering that those people fall for, than don't they deserve to be pandered to?