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Jeff Bezos, Mitch McConnell, and Killer Covid-19 Capitalism

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/15/jeff-bezos-mitch-mcconnell-and-killer-covid-19-capitalism

Thank you again, Robert Reich, for just being here and giving us the benefit of your experience.


Just as Trump reminded his cult during the 2016 campaign “I bought real estate for ten cents on the dollar when the economy crashed in 2008”, Covid will continue to pay big dividends to the disaster capitalists.

Sad to say that many of those cult member were victims of 2008 foreclosures and continue to be victims as they fund Trump’s exit strategy.


Keep in mind that one of the single largest reasons for the collapse in the number of Unions has been Free trade deals like NAFTA. When the first part of this being negotiated between the USA and Canada in the 1980s, Union workers here in Canada claimed this would happen.

When you can go on strike on a line manufacturing parts for a car the Corporation will listen and the Union has leverage. When that same Corporation can just shift that work to a low wage Country and freely import the goods free of tariffs then that Union has lost its power.

Mr Reich was one of those who insisted this would not happen and while he has since come around the fact remains that even with his education ,during that time he was behind things like NAFTA and insisting it would not lead to job loss , those people with high school educations working in unions knew better.


I always appreciate Reich’s columns.

What I am grappling with of late is collective behaviors that imo, need to be examined-----i.e. the massive amount of crap that people are ordering on Amazon in spite of knowing the sordid truths about Bezos and Amazon(yes, I know people who know these things but look the other way as they order weekly from Amazon).

I know there is a line to NOT cross regarding blaming victims . . . so . . … how do we examine collective behaviors and avoid victim blaming?

When do we start looking at behaviors of so many people---- too many people---- who march in seeming lock step with destructive capitalism?

Yes McConnell, Bezos, repubs, DNC, corporations, oligarchy . . . . capitalism are a threat to all life on earth.


Why do people (millions of people) —even knowing how horrific it is----- use FB when it’s not essential to their lives?

Why do people who buy the latest eye phones (when they don’t need to) turn a blind eye to what goes into these phones and how they are enabling planned obsolescence and social/environmental destruction?

Apple shares were higher on Tuesday following a report that the company is increasing production of its 5G iPhones amid surging demand.

Nikkei Asia reported that Apple (ticker: AAPL) plans to produce 95 million to 96 million iPhones in the first half of 2021f, a nearly 30% increase from a year earlier. The target includes the new iPhone 12 line as well as older iPhone 11 and iPhone SE models.

In the meantime here is what is going on with the workers who make these f----ing i phones:



How can the u.s. ever take the drastic (necessary for survival) measures to cut fossil fuels/save ecosystems when so many won’t even wear a mask? How do we address the fact that too many don’t want take actions that could save people----- they would rather just wait for a shot in the arm?


Professor Reich: You likely are aware of even more of Moscow Mitch’s depradations than CD readers.
Do you feel that he should be permitted to stay in the U.S.? If so - apart from him being born here - why?


Bob Reich, you are a good man. You consistently think about those less fortunate than you and how you can benefit them. The world is better for having you in it!


Very pertinent questions you raise. A shame that they are rarely raised and, if so, routinely ignored.

Capitalism uber alles.


Mr. Reich, always with admiration for your comments, it will be paramount for the incoming Biden administration to publicly announce the retracting of numerous Trump EO’s that have skirted the Congress in their anti-regulatory purges.

I might even dare to suggest introducing legislation for a partitioning of 15% of a corporations stock into ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Programs) during the Biden Administration term. Considering the wanton decimation of unions in the US, this will slow the hemorhagging of .unemployment due to the Covid pandemic, and secure vested employees in their companies, having worked for decades in them with no other benefits but wages.

There would have to be accompanying benefits to an employer for instituting ESOP programs, anathema to public stockholders and management.

If U wish to Support Bezos and Amazon’s activities, please continue to buy from Amazon.
A boycott on Amazon is a power that U have.