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Jeff Sessions Sets Back the Clock


Jeff Sessions Sets Back the Clock

Laura Flanders

Pay no attention to what the media says about how undermined Jeff Sessions is. President Donald Trump may bait him publicly via tweet, but in private, at the Department of Justice, Sessions is a man on a mission to roll back civil rights. And that’s just what he’s doing.

Take what he did this July 3, quietly rescinding two dozen documents intended to make American institutions less racist.


What a weak and pathetic man, the alabaster Alabamian is–so afraid of things beyond his ken and kin. Hiding behind Dear Leaders antics he acts in a manner he thinks is bold. It is not. His actions of hate are those of a coward, for it takes a genuine person to Love–a foreign concept to troglodytes such as Sessions.


Jeff Sessions is an anachronism that belongs back at the beginning of the 19th century instead of heading the AG’s office “of punitive affairs” of the 21st. He is an authoritarian that would just as soon use a whip on folks as give them a fair shake at anything. Folks like him are why our prisons are so full. Instead of rehab he believes in harsh punishments. He, along with racist Steven Miller are the main reasons for the horrors at our southern border. He absolutely hated Obama and will do his damnedest to undermine any civil liberties enacted by him or his AG, Eric Holder, who was also African American. Sessions is a racist pig.


Sessions is a man from another time-------but he’s not using a “clock,” I think he’s using a sun dial owned by Ozymandias. And the Ozy poem reminds us that no one lasts forever.

Momento Mori Mr. Sessions -----------so do something POSITIVE while you are on the planet.


The fact that Dump appointed the redneck dwarf as AG is thouroughly disgusting. How’s that Dump statement to get Big Pharma poison pill pushers to lower drug prices working out?


The LGBT community; people of color; immigrants - women are next. But women are also members of the LGBT, people of color and immigrants. And they will speak with one voice. And it will deafen this sorry little excuse for a human being.


"On July 3, Sessions called the guidelines he rescinded outdated. So what date does he think this is? The eve of a pro-white, pro-male, anti-immigrant, anti-democratic, slave-owning nation? Just how far does AG Sessions want to set back the clock?"

Those who would enslave AA’s again if they could – keep Women pregnant and in the kitchen – put Children back working in factories – vote for a new “Christian” war on Jews and Homosexuals . . . let’s hope this is all “the last yelp of a dying mule.” But it’s up to all of us to make sure that’s what it turns out to be.


Well now how about the Dark Ages? That should be popular with the horror, scream, and SIFI crowd, no? Or how about the Great Depression when conservative had their heads exploding when hitting the pavement. Oops, another bad idea. The only way we can turn the clock back is if we all board a space craft and go faster than the speed of light … and … sorry. Jeff, knock yourself out! Please.


Sessions is a 1970s Alabama " frat boy " in his world views. He’s never needed to evolve/update his political philosophy, on the spoiled, rich, good ol’ white boys network, mentality. It’s ingrained in the cultural and political organization of the state of Alabama. History shows this is akin to a " caste " system not unlike those of Old India, under the rule of the British Empire. Parallels abound here. Alabama should have an official House of Lords, really. It would be a more honest fit and realistic depiction of the place.
The state of Alabama’s levers of power in its court and law enforcement systems, voting and property rights legislation is anachronistic, to put it mildly. But, so is the House of Lords and the caste system. The British Empire is kind of a tired joke, for all practical matters, as well.
AG Sessions has lived and practiced law in this bubble, or time capsule, for over 4 decades. With the election of Trump, another square unevolved white frat boy bigot, the forces of Southern white class structure aligned almost perfectly with the new administration. Perfectly for their reactionary and bigoted fellow travelers, too, not for most Americans living in the 21st Century. The best analogy would be when The Corleone Family gangsters aligned their political and financial clout with the Hyman Roth Syndicate in Godfather II. Can’t you just envision these two cold-blooded business groups carving up and maiming America’s common bonds for money and revenge; honor killings and " personal scores ", as well. It’s easy to see Roth as Sessions, Trump as Michael; well, Trump hung out with real gangsters so there’s that, anyway.
The insane and weird thing about this unfolding Nightmare on Pennsylvania Ave. is it’s not a movie, it’s a reality show. And, 35-40% of the electorate, likes what they’re seeing. Be afraid, be very afraid, here. Unless you like mobsters and monsters, of course.


His ears would make 2 nice pendant necklaces.


One of those creepy old white zombies that slithers out of their gated communities to attack anyone who doesn’t look, sound, or think like them.


Nice, elegant way of putting it. I’m envious. All I could come up with were some insults, lol. And gnashing of teeth.


It is factually inaccurate to say this clown is pro male, he is pro rich fat cats. Not many males are rich. Generalizations like hers are stupid and lesson the quality of her arguments.