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Jeff Sessions Takes a Stand for Debtors’ Prisons


Jeff Sessions Takes a Stand for Debtors’ Prisons

Nusrat Choudhury

There is no place in this country for a justice system that lets rich people buy their freedom while poor people are locked up or lose their driver’s licenses because they can’t afford to pay money to courts. 

"Jeff Sessions’ action makes clear that he and his Justice Department are unconcerned by courts trampling on the rights of poor people." (Photo: AP/Jay LaPrete, archivo)


This Alabama hick sure likes to kick a dog when it’s down. I wonder if pop smacked him around and he is simply playing it forward.


The sooner you realize the Republic is dead, the sooner we can confront the fascists. You will not vote your way out… You are a wage/debt slave and they are your masters who are stealing your hopes and dreams even as I write this. You bluster about getting them in the next election, you write petitions, you make phone calls,and they laugh at you while making a list of dissenters to send to the reeducation camps once their secret is out and you finally realize that the corporate fascists run the show. Then…you lazy no good fucks will still do nothing…Never have I seen a society so programmed and ignorant. We are doomed.


I would not give too much credit to the Obama DOJ for being a gatekeeper of constitutional observance and justice. It worked equally hard to protect the wealthy criminals that gave us the 2008 meltdown of the economy. It failed to prosecute a single one. In fact, Obama once advised that we shouldn’t villainize these folks.


Butbutbut…we’re all about hating on Trump! No criticism of Saint O’Bummer allowed!

Seriously, our oppression is a continuum—one step forward, two steps back, elections notwithstanding.


Nearly four decades ago my grad school business law professor signaled the end every class by saying “In the US the real question is: HOW MUCH JUSTICE CAN YOU AFFORD ?”

Justice in Murka has always been a high priced commodity.


The “hostility” Dan.

How’s this?

Death to all of the Fascists!


My rule of thumb for Sessions - anything he says or does is the exact opposite of what is good and honorable. He is truly an enemy of the 99% of those who live in the United States and don’t have millions in their bank account.


If Dumpf can make Oliar look good, you know he’s the bottom of the cesspool!
Oh…before you start telling me how GREAT Oliar was: https://townhall.com/columnists/johnhawkins/2014/08/09/50-things-barack-obama-has-done-wrong-n1876744


Maybe if they taxed the rich assholes as they should they wouldn’t need to support the courts on the backs of the poor. What a bunch of complete hooey. The fascists are destroying all the civil rights gained over the last 50+ years. This is really a fascist state, unless you make over a $110K a year, then it’s an OK place. I get so pissed every time I read Common Dreams these days. I’ll take a break for a few days to read. That or I’ll lose my mind.


Well, strap on your sidearm and start the revolution. We need a strong leader like you, dontcha know…






Well, Owl, dad OBVIOUSLY “boxed his ears”!


Dan, what are you suggesting people do? What does ‘confront the fascists’ look like? (I’m sorry if my requests for people to operationalize their rhetoric is redundant, but I’m really wanting to see viable action avenues for change…before WWIII, planet demise, or the mowing down of any insurrection.) I agree the situation is growing more desperate each day. I don’t agree the complacency or denialism is unprecedented.


What do you think is Sessions’ payoff? Sadistic pleasure/ orgasm? Money? Delusions of real power and ambition? Nazism effectuated? … What…?


Well said/done Toni…but…what do you propose? While I agree 100% with your assessment here there has to be some guidance. Dan does point out the obvious but excludes himself, so he lacks vision. Inclusion is key. What is your vision? What are your avenues for change?


The rot is too deep and the people are so socially programmed at this point that I see no daylight at all. None. One thing is for sure…the fascists worked hard to steal everything and are not giving it back without a fight. You want your freedom, you want a more equitable system? Well my friend it almost surely is to late, and you are almost sure to fail and end up in a body bag or prison, but nothing short of an outright revolution is going to change anything. There is your answer ToniWintroub…I know you won’t like it, but you don’t have to in order for it to be true.


I for one do not no the avenues for change. I’ve marched on the streets, signed petition and attended dem party meetings. I’ve went to Senator Wydens office as Earl Blumenhauer office. These are my reps along with Jeff Merkley.

The above does not work, these politicians need to stop flooding my email telling me of the problems and their only solution is for me and you to give more money.

I say these democrats need to organizing we the people, be the leaders of marches on Wall Street, Lamestreet media centers, republican offices, fossil fuel headquarters. Oh I forgot the “supremes”. What are the dems doing anyway?
Republicans aren’t asking for input or hearings.


Sessions is a tool as are all of those in government. The machine finds lackeys, usually psychopaths without conscience to further their agenda of total political and economic supremacy. The type of people who fill this role are not constrained by reason or morality. They push their own agendas as long as they don’t in anyway stop or slow the economic rape and plunder of the 1 percent. The fascists love them because their fringe issues of gay marriage, abortion, weed…what the fuck ever…are tailor made to divide the electorate and therefore negate any possibility of us uniting against the bastards. Many like the evangelicals are aware they are being used…but don’t mind because to them, those twisted side issues are what is actually what is most important to them. They are willing to sell out everything else in order to achieve those twisted goals…and are very willing to support the fascists.