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Jeffrey Sterling Completes One Year Of Unjust Prison Sentence



"Amnesty whistleblowers"
solidarity and gratitude with His sacrifice


This is a 'sterling' example of corruption and injustice within the Obama administration, and unfortunately it's not the only one. I found some interesting statistics on presidential pardons and clemency at Justice.gov comparing the records of each president for the last century (https://www.justice.gov/pardon/clemency-statistics). The tendency to pardon or grant clemency has certainly decreased since the year 1900. But what is most disturbing is that Obama has exercised this presidential power the least, and may very well go down in history as the president most likely to prosecute whistleblowers and least likely to grant pardons or clemency. Change we can believe in?

I wish Jeff Sterling and his family much luck; they're going to need it.


A serious miscarriage of justice, especially in light of what Patraeus and Clinton have done. With leaks coming out now about her private server being hacked and how she changed the headings of classified documents to unclassified and sent them from her home server. She should be in jail not Sterling,


I don't believe for one minute the government's reason for posting Sterling to Germany. He would stand out there too. There is an entire continent where a black man wouldn't stand out. And the Caribbean, also. So, why didn't his defense lawyer hammer at CIA's HR decision-making in the case? They are ridiculous and making them justify their internal promotions and assignment decisions would have been much more effective than just claiming he didn't do it. Sterling is a fall guy but his lawyer did not challenge the prosecution's narrative effectively. He should appeal the case and get a better lawyer.