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Jeffrey Sterling: The Latest Victim in the War on Whistleblowers


Jeffrey Sterling: The Latest Victim in the War on Whistleblowers

John Kiriakou

Jeffrey Sterling recently stood before a judge as his sentence was read. The former CIA officer, the judge declared, would spend 42 months — that’s three and half years — behind bars. The feds had convicted Sterling on nine felony charges, including seven counts of espionage.

He didn’t sell secrets to the Russians. He didn’t trade intelligence for personal gain. He made no attempt to disrupt the American way of life.

What did he do, then?


This type of Draconian punishment is key to the Inverted Totalitarian state.

First, through the corporate capture of media (itself beholden to the MIC) specific narratives are repeated often (courtesy of Goebbels).

Then, if any sources so DARE to contradict these uniform lock-step narratives, they will be treated as examples, deterrents to show the penalties for Truth Telling in this new era: a church-state-corporate modern Inquisition


It is interesting to note that General Petraeus, whose crime was far more damaging to the intelligence community and the nation, got a fine and no prison time.

How can those that indicted, prosecuted and sentenced Mr. Sterling to prison and, in the process ruin his life, justify that prison sentence? It is nearly impossible to phatom a real reason for the punishment other than rank and status.



Smarmy, cheating, lying, power-crazed white guy gets off with a slap; principled, loyal, intelligent, work-a-day black guy gets jailed. A "sterling’ example of white male supremacy.