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Jeffrey Sterling vs. the CIA: An Untold Story of Race and Retribution


Jeffrey Sterling vs. the CIA: An Untold Story of Race and Retribution

Norman Solomon

A dozen years before his recent sentencing to a 42-month prison term based on a jury’s conclusion that he gave classified information to a New York Times journalist, former CIA officer Jeffrey Sterling was in the midst of a protracted and fruitless effort to find someone in Congress willing to look into his accusations about racial discrimination at the agency.


What did Mr Sterling expect when he went to work for an agency originally nicknamed “Oh So Social”?


Thank you for the detailed, report, Mr. Solomon. This is the stuff straight out of Kafka’s, “The Trial.”

In the spirit of, “First they came for…”

When a govt. blocks entrance into Defense testimony whatever impedes its own narrow pre-fab case, it mocks any premise of a fair trial. Increasingly, that is the case. For this idea that “we” are “at war,” particularly when the series of wars begun were begun on the basis of wholly fabricated pretexts–allows State Power to disallow evidence, facts, data, and testimony… so long as it be cast under the growing shadow of “National Security.”

The Inquisition would envy the high tech tools and tactics being used by our very own judicial “sages” and “law” enforcers these days.


Mr. Sterling’s experience with members of congress raises questions as to whether they understand their role as our representatives. More so, however, is that he was ignored by the Congressional Black Caucus and the national black leadership–even to this day.

Finally, how can you escape the race card when General Petraeus, whose crime was actually proven to be a serious breach of national security, got only a small fine and no prison time?


Another sad example of ‘the illusion of inclusion’! My country tis of thee. Sweet land of liberty.