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Jeremy Corbyn and Women's Experiences of Austerity


Jeremy Corbyn and Women's Experiences of Austerity

Emily Wight

As a full-time PR officer and the only parent in her household, Kate Shadbolt’s two-year-old son needs nursery care 40 hours per week. Taking into account her tax credits and child benefit, childcare still costs her £600 per month. “I’m privileged enough to have two degrees from world-class universities and a higher than average salary, so I’m often left wondering how others in a domestic situation similar to mine, earning less, are able to juggle the costs of family life and childcare fees, while working full time”, the 27-year-old says.


Imagine what a different world it would be if there were lots of Jeremy Corbyns and far less Scott Walkers, et al.

Childcare! Equal pay for women! Equal representation in houses of power! How radical can you get!

But all those “moderates” who pretend to be revolutionaries find this subject as tangential and irrelevant as do their right wing “counterparts.”

Women’s rights and EQUAL representation in all houses of media, congress, academe, corporations (which likely would not exist in such an equitable societal design), and religion… would be the MOST radical rearrangement of society imaginable; and then, upon a BALANCED (Yin-Yang as intended counterparts) foundation, what wonders (genuine pro life… from Nature’s roots up!) might come.


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