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Jeremy Corbyn Easily Re-Elected Labour Party Leader


Jeremy Corbyn Easily Re-Elected Labour Party Leader

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Jeremy Corbyn scored a "monumental victory" on Saturday, easily being reelected leader of Britain's Labour Party.


Of course he can win, just like Bernie actually did, if they keep the election free from fraud and people like Rowling campaign for him instead of being scaredy cats.


So the oligarchy is against him including the plutocrats in his own party. Big deal.

With six weeks to go until election day in America, and with early voting already underway in many places, a large majority of voters don't like either Trump or Hillary.
61% of Americans think that Trump is a lunatic and 56% think that Hillary is untrustworthy and a liar.
66% of Americans say that they will be voting against either Trump or Hillary because they can't stand one or the other of them.

The two major political parties (private social clubs) have offered the American people two of the worst presidential candidates in our countries history according to the public.
Both the Republican and the Democratic Party are an anachronism because they are an abject failure.

Mr, Corbyn seems to be facing similar party problems within his own country.l


They must have free and fair elections in England.

Meanwhile, we have known for a long time that easily-hackable voting machines and tabulators are still in use in the U.S. http://www.counterpunch.org/2016/05/16/clinton-does-best-where-voting-machines-flunk-hacking-tests-hillary-clinton-vs-bernie-sanders-election-fraud-allegations/


From Tsipras to Corbyn and Sanders: This is not the Left we want


I love it, "private social clubs". Every poll I get I don't vote for either although I will end of holding my nose and voting for Hillary. If she emails me I always demand that she come out against Obama and TPP and TIS which will destroy sovereignty and any chance for climate sustainability that she said she is for. Sorry Trump is too much evil. I do like that he isn't on the Russian hyper war mongering.


The benefits of actually voting for a party leader instead of accepting the Presidential nominee and their platform, cronies, etc. Sanders and Warren should be debating the Dim's direction and policies, not the Clintonista Clan. Real change is extremely difficult under a Corporate " pay to play " set up. Good win for Corbyn and progressive causes, everywhere. Maybe it will encourage the 99s to pursue a purging action of DINOs. We, in the U.S., would benefit from 4-5 major parties in the elections. Here's to hoping Corbyn will enlighten us as to getting there, and soon, too.


You have to remember that while those machines in the USA are hackable and the election process easy to commit fraud with Americans capable of such would NEVER do such a thing. As Obama himself suggested even speculating on such a thing is whacky conspiracy theory.

The Russians on the other hand are capable of anything so if there is fraud it has to be the Russians. Now that the Democratic view of the world.

The point of view with the Republican party is that the only peoples that will commit fraud are black or hispanic voters. It a color thing.

With the Democrats zealously guarding the process against those evil Russians and the Republicans guarding the process from within from the Colored vote rest assured elections in the USA will be fair.


To be noted is, "Cory Doctorow writes at BoingBoing that his [Corbyn's] reelection came despite sabotage from his own party and the UK press's efforts to 'to sideline, belittle and dismiss him.'" Ignorant of BoingBoing, what I do know is the Guardian has been vehemently anti-Corbin, constituent of "the UK press's efforts 'to sideline, belittle and dismiss'" Corbin. So I find quotations from the Guardian in this CommonDreams article not only fascinating, but somewhat humorous. Going further into the humorous mode is the clear indication by Corbin's reelection to the Labor Party leadership, is how out of touch with at least much of the UK public the UK press is. Does that seem familiar in respect to at least one North American country I can think of?


Congrats to the UK on their miracle election, now it's our turn - Stein - Baraka.


I suggest, at this point, 'holding your nose' will only cause things to get worse each time you do it, until there will be so little to hold your nose for. The oligarchs will know you are a push-over. imo, she was put in this place for that reason. Judge Clinton only on her actions, and by her actions, she is the 'queen of fracking' and little else, afaik.


Would that fracking were the only evil, at home or abroad, of which she is queen.

To paraphrase another (verbal) evil, we wil have to destroy the party in order to save it.


It will be interesting to see if any of the local constiutencies purge their candidates over this. Some of those Blair Babes are well past time for retirement anyway.


Don't get too excited. The Conservatives are going to gerrymander Labour out of existence. Corbyn's own seat is one of those slated to disappear.


Kudos to Corbyn on his excellent showing up of the Labour Party plutocrats.

That CD can mention J.K. Rowling but can't recognize and name the noted leftist intellectual, (pro-Brexit, too), Tariq Ali standing behind Corbyn says volumes about both Corbyn and CD.


JK Rowling. A writer of children's books about wizards and magic and now a millionairess. So what that she doesn't like Jeremy Corbyn. One wonders what Agathe Christie, purveyor of simple-minded detective stories, or Enid Blyton, authoress of the "Famous Five" stories about five teenage school-girls, or WE Johns, author of the "Biggles" stories, might have thought. What does Superman, aka Clark Kent, think? Maybe Dan Dare and Digby have an opinion?


Anything one reads in the Daily Telegraph is total shite.


Good news.


Great comment @George_III; that reality struck me too. I was about to write something similar: why should anybody sensible listen to the opinion of millionaire author of children's books - and in addition to opinions of singers, actors, or other "stars". This group belong to the privileged elite. Their luxury lifestyle and their need for an unfairly huge share of the limited global resources make their political and economic opinion completely irrelevant for public airing - in my view. They are part of the problem, and cannot contribute to the solution.


The electoral process in the UK is more democratic. A parliamentary system would allow Stein and Johnson and others to be heard. Here, non-establishment voices are actively suppressed. Government becomes dysfunctional. This leads to more "law and order" and more oligarchic control. In other words, Trump is in our future.