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Jeremy Corbyn: Global War on Terror 'Simply Not Working'


Jeremy Corbyn: Global War on Terror 'Simply Not Working'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn said Friday that "we must be brave enough to admit the war on terror is simply not working," and called for a "smarter way" to cut the risks of terrorist attacks.


Seems like a fresh air of truth and honesty. No wonder he is being attacked from all sides. the truth is dangerous to those who push for wars and engagements all over the world. These are very much the same type of things said by John F. Kennedy and we know that he was brought down by those who wanted ongoing militarization of the world. I hope Corbyn is safe and the people will rally to support his message. If only the U.S…


I guess truth and honesty is the same thing. I should have said “truth and sanity.” My edit time was up so here it is.


If I told you that less than 5,000 US citizens have died due to terrorism since September 10, 2001, including those killed on 911, would you believe me? You should. During that same time frame approximately 450,000 Americans have been killed by their fellow Americans with guns - mostly handguns! I was drawing and listening to a scripted TV show where a supposed terrorist act was committed and our government wanted to get at a company’s servers that stored private information for a fee. Of course there was no probable cause for the government to seek such information from the company - just the typical speculation that there would be incriminating information on the servers. The company’s lawyer in the opening statement repeated the government misdirection that terrorism is a modern fact of life in their thus far successful attempt to elevate terrorists as the ultimate and most destructive “boogie man” of all. Terrorism is hardly new. I saw all of the sides use it during my time as a participant in The Vietnam War. While I want to think of myself as a civilized man I harbor no such illusions. I have experienced just how thin the veneer of civilization actually is when it gets down to money, pride, kind, country, life, death and taking care of the kids. First and foremost terrorism is used as a political tool by all sides. Commit terror to make a political point and react to it to further control the general population by keeping them in a state of fear. As horrible as terrorism is we must keep it in perspective. In the US over 92% of us die each year of natural causes. Everyday approximately 3,287 people die worldwide in automobile accidents (in US over 1600 children 15 or under die each year). In the US: over 100,000 people die in hospitals due to medical mistakes and/or acquired infections. Over 100,000 people die due to accidents in our homes. And so on. For every life of a US citizen ended by terrorism over 1,000 more individuals died of ordinary, vanilla gun violence since 911. While terrorism is one of the most vile crimes one can commit it is hardly a force that can only be reckoned with by giving up our freedoms to a police state as we are now very much in the process of doing. I live a few miles from one of the largest cities in my state. However as much as I want to die in my sleep I am not afraid of terrorist, soldiers or “that man with a gun over there”. If anything I am much more afraid of dying due to medical mistakes and/or disease that are the direct and proximate result of or being hospitalized by my doctor. I live life dangerously I DO NOT place non skid sticky patches in my bathtub! Long live freedom - the Hell With Fear. Besides it is the leaders of our country that keep this convenient for them meme alive to better oppress us with!


George Eaton, editor, New Statesman: “most voters oppose western adventurism and believe it has endangered the U.K…”

Western Adventurism? That’s what you call it? Like it’s a holiday in the Bahamas scuba diving for sponges, or something. It’s a freakin’ 20-year long murder-spree for the enrichment of Senator Feinstein’s husband and all the other vultures in the US and UK.


Global war on terror not working?

Excuse me, it is working as exactly has it has been planned to work!

“If we are to protect our people we must be honest about what threatens our security.” Jeremy Corbin.

There is your answer, Jeremy!


Fortunately Kennedy stopped Operation Northwoods or we might have been more terrorized by our US government than anyone. The US Govt seems to be an old friend of terrorism including Northwoods, the Phoenix Program and things like CIA associate Luis Posada Carriles likely bombing of a Cubana airliner in 1976 which killed 73 people including all the members of the Cuban fencing team. Funny, but the US seems to have helped this “terrorist” escape justice.


Part of today’s hard news should have been the video of Iraqi Army torture and murder of civilians, trained, armed, paid and directed by our American military. The Iraqi army does what the Marines were forced to do when we invaded, cleared house to house killing everybody who fought back and divided Baghdad in two with a 30 foot wall just like Belfast. BUT common dreams missed it. As always common dreams refuses to tell the truth about America terrorizes the Mideast, stealing oil and creating a gazillion terrorists. Pathetic. One last thing. Quit blaming corporate Democrats. They do all need to go but they do support global warming, public ed, federal land, normal tax rates, social programs and can be trained to stop eternal war and corporate serfdom. To say the parties are the same is a lie. But today’s news is American proof from ABC showing America torturing and murdering Iraqis and common dreams and 90 percent of corporate mass media have censored it like oil nazis. Happy hunting!


While the ‘Global War on Terror’ has absolutely failed to end terrorism, and has actually increased it by terrorizing people in at least seven Muslim countries, it has been a spectacular success for the corporate/Wall Street war profiteers as well as for the greedy, power-mad politicians who want to keep us fearful so that we are willing to sacrifice our rights for alleged ‘security’.

Unlike the first Cold War, which had to end when the USSR collapsed, this means of keeping us controlled and intimidated can go on forever.

It’s a gold mine for the war profiteers and all the National Surveillance States, including the U.S. and U.K.


I hope Corbyn becomes the next Prime Minister of Britain. But it must be remembered that it isn’t just the current Conservative Party’s willingness to play along with the continuously U. S.-led “war on terror” agenda of “regime change” via military violence in the Middle East that seeds violence within Britain. It’s also domestic “anti-terrorism” policies and protocols heavily invested in Islamophobic bigotry:


I’ve been cautious of Jeremy partly because my politics are more progressive than socialist, and due to main stream rhetoric that questioned his ability to lead. But facts are fact, he set out a very bold agenda based on ideals and supported by facts, and he stuck to his guns. He gave Britian a clear choice and has shown real courage in leadership. One can’t help but be impressed. Wow, to give such a honest speech just 4 days after a bombing killed 20 people took real courage; he knew the response he would get from the chattering class.

It is interesting to see the power of honesty and it’s ability to reduce your foes (Theresa May, Boris Johnson) to carnival clown status. The swift downfall of the conservative party and in particular Theresa May is stunning and I’m wondering whether their is a modern equivalent. Jeremy is part of the new global wave of politicians pushing back against corporatism and neoliberalism. I’m not sure he can pull off a win but he has earned my respect. It is time for the whimpy corporate shrills like Tony Blair to sit down and shut up.


Terrorism is the consequence of colonialism on the part of European countries, including Russia, and interference in the Mid-East by the United States. The people of the Mid-East have endured decades and decades of violence and chaos through our foreign policies. No one specific country has to be targetted as long as it is a Western nation which kowtows to the US.

Specifically, the plight of the Palestinian people, deprived of their homelands by the Balfour Declaration, giving away those homelands to create Israel was a declaration of war on Muslim people. It continues into today that the US , though it says it wants to broker peace between Israel and the Palestinian people, is blatantly a one–sided best friend and supporter of Israel. The hypocrisy of that charade is enough to enrage the many who have waited for justice all these years.

Past events have been succeeded by more interference in Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Yemen. We ally ourselves with countries which are traditional enemies with other Arab countries and set ourselves up for more ill will and hatred. It is in ‘our interest’ to have these policies. Then we call those who are negarively affected by ‘our interest’ terrorists when they strike back. They don’t hate our freedom. They hate our power to use them as pawns, not caring who suffers for our interests. It is called revenge.


Corbyn isn’t saying anything that Boris Johnson hasn’t said. Or David Cameron. Or Stella Rimington, former head of MI5


It is very sad what had happen in Manchester and no one should give an apologize for that but honestly speaking Corbyn is right.
Why? England and France organize a war in Libya against Khadafi and every one was happy without thinking about the future consequences;you cannot stand up and go to remove another countrie president and kill him by creating a civil war that makes almost one million death and be expecting leaving in peace.
There is actually a civil war and a slavery in libya due to the intervention of european and american and it should be clear to all of us that young pepople have and will always have a feeling of revenge against the agressors.
The uk politicians should learn out of that because if you cause someone a pain he will like to pay you back;sad that Manchester leke other capital are paying for that.


I am in agreement


We only have to answer 2 questions to really understand the truth:

  1. What is a true dictionary (the primary tool of the science of language) definition of a terrorist? (Source: Oxford English Dictionary, OED)

a `terrorist’ is defined thus:

  1. As a political term: a. Applied to the Jacobins and their agents and partisans in the French Revolution, esp. to those connected with the Revolutionary tribunals during the `Reign of Terror’. b. Any one who attempts to further his views by a system of coercive intimidation; spec. applied to members of one of the extreme revolutionary societies in Russia.

  2. The USA is the most coercive, intimidating, and feared military power on planet Earth.

  3. Who is the world’s leading terrorist?


Religion obviously plays a major factor though. Look at US intervention in Latin America. No terrorist attacks resulted from that.


In this article by Dr. Nafeez Ahmed (https://www.theguardian.com/environment/earth-insight/2014/jun/16/blowback-isis-iraq-manufactured-oil-addiction) there occurs this very much “on target” statement: “If we really wanted to shut down Isis and its ilk for good, we could start by dismantling and disentangling ourselves from the geopolitical and financial infrastructure of oil hegemony that incubates terror. In the current context, bombs promise nothing more than the road to escalation.”


Corbyn is spot on–a highly intelligent, logical, poised, and balanced response. The officials trying to deconstruct his mature statement with their single-track emotions like hatred reminds me of a parent trying to work up a spate of anger at some badly-behaving kid who they don’t know how to love, care for, or respond to, so they degenerate to hatred, chiding, verbal abuse, or physical violence themselves, thus initiating or perpetuating the cycle. The ministers rants fall short of emotional credibility and historic logic. What terrorist acts have transpired on American soil could be seen as pitiful, belated, mistargeted, and ridiculous, small-scale responses to the large-scale terrorism of persistent US invasions, foreign interference, assassinations, economic aggression, etc…

None of it makes any sense in spiritual terms–aren’t we supposed to love and forgive, without all the emotional filters, intellectual baggage, and defensiveness?


And what would be the proper response of Salvadorans to US funded death squads machine gunning their villages, assassinating community leaders and local labor leaders, their heroes, and torturing certain people? Is religion a balm, an escape clause from life, or something more uplifted, real,or involved?

I’m wondering, asking you–honestly, how do yo think you would respond to these situations? Go and pray while leaving the offenders free to range about the country and commit their wanton acts of terror and violence? What would YOU DO? TERROR IS NOT JUST SMALL-SCALE ACTIONS BUT terror is not just small-scale actions but ANYTHING THAT CREATES INTENSE AND UNJUSTIFIED FEAR, anything that creates intense and unjustified fear like US bombing large areas of Vietnam’s territory and half of Cambodia-- Kissinger’s baby–his recommendation to bomb Cambodia, the carpet bombing of half of Cambodia?