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Jeremy Corbyn: I Would Kill TTIP


Jeremy Corbyn: I Would Kill TTIP

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn took aim at the TransAtlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) a on Thursday, saying he would kill the controversial U.S. and EU trade deal should he become prime minister.

His comments came during a speech in London campaigning to remain in the EU just three weeks ahead of the Brexit referendum, which Corbyn has framed as an "era-defining moment" for workers' rights.


As Dearden points out in the second to final paragraph of this article, defeating TTIP is part of an ongoing struggle. The corporations stand to gain so much power and make so much money with these deals that no amount of money is too much to spend to push them forward.

Politicians like Obama know that if they can push TPP, TTIP and other "trade deals" through they will be able to command lucrative speaking fees, higher than what the Clintons get, for many years to come.


Laws need to be revived to enable people to flow across borders as easily as capital flows across borders.


Kill the damned thing! It sucks! We don't want it!


All very well. But do you really want Asia and Africa to freely immigrate to the USA.? There are about 3 billion people living in shit and do you really want them to stop living in shit and come to the USA?


The relevant part:

progressive MEPs and civil society from across Europe have been
instrumental in getting to the point now where the defeat of the deal is
a real possibility. Left to their own devices, the free-market
fundamentalists of the UK would waste no time in cooking up something
even more odious than the EU-U.S. deal,"

The TTIP deal appears to be falling apart finally. An EU exit would give our Tories free reign to cook up something far worse.


Jeremy, by standing against Brexit you support the lobbyists. EU needs a hard restart.