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Jeremy Corbyn Launches Bold Progressive Vision to Transform UK


Jeremy Corbyn Launches Bold Progressive Vision to Transform UK

Jon Queally, staff writer

Leader of the British Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn announced a 10-point plan on Thursday designed to "rebuild and transform" the U.K. while undoing the damage wrought by privatization schemes and concerted attacks on the public good.

Corbyn launched his plan with a series of social media messages, including this short YouTube video explaining the need for a national transition:


Could we interest you in US citizenship, Jeremy?


If this goes through and becomes reality, I'll seriously consider moving to England. Good work Mr. Corbyn!


Corbyn announced a 10-point plan on Thursday designed to "rebuild and transform" the U.K. while undoing the damage wrought by privatization schemes and concerted attacks on the public good.

If wishes were horses then all beggars would be riding.

Just how often over the last century are we going to be fooled by politicians claiming control over the economy rather than recognise the reality - that they simply respond to the what the economy does. Marx called unplannable world capitalism the "anarchy of production"


In the sixties London was the swingingest place on the globe. Yeah, Baby! Then we all know what happened. Following the shining example of Marge Thatcher, who warred and trickled down and privatized her native land into what it is today, even the Labor Party was corrupted into a neocon neoliberal gang of expectation reducers. Then along comes Jeremy! And now Jeremy has a 10-point plan! I can't wait to see Hillary's 10-point plan. It will probably be something like this: 1/ Clean energy via Fracking 2/ Economic justice through the TPP 3/ Kids who want to go to college must have "skin in the game" 3/ Safety from super-predatory black youths 4/ Bring peace to the Middle East through war 5/ Find a great job in the administration for Debbie Wasserman Schultz 5/ Get ready for the 2020 election campaign 6/ Make noises about constitutional amendments for campaign finance reform and reducing corporate influences on government 7/ Enhance government responsiveness to big campaign donors and corporate lobbyists 8/ Crack down on uncooperative social and political movements, and jail whistle blowers 9/ Fight terror by terrorizing possible terrorists 10/ Trust me.


The Brits have been ahead of the curve compared to Americans for quite some time, however they also suffer from corporate control over their lives. Corbyn's "10-point plan" isn't quite applicable here as we have yet to implement universal healthcare (the NHS or National Health Service as they call it in Britain), we are far behind the Brits in low income housing and of course our minimum wage is half of what it is in England. Nevertheless it begs to create a 10-point plan for the Progressives here at home. Here is my 'off the cuff' proposal...
Campaign finance reform - Start by over turning Citizens united and then make it illegal for any corporation to donate money or influence any level of government with mandatory sentencing for those who disobey.
Introduce universal health care - Provide free healthcare for all Americans while eliminating for-profit healthcare corporations for ever.
End the War of Terror - Immediately cease and desist from any and all wars, counter insurgency strikes, black ops, drone killings and other acts of violence. Begin downsizing the military at break neck speed. Dismantle all nuclear weapons and demand that all nuclear powers follow suit. Close all American 'forward operating bases' around the globe.
End mass incarceration - Release all non-violent drug offenders. Don't make drug use a crime anymore. Release all whistle blowers and pay them compensation for their acts of bravery. Provide guaranteed employment for all released prisoners. Allow prisoners to vote. End private prisons. Provide alternatives for judges so that guilty party's don't go to jail necessarily.
Revamp our judicial system - Change the system so that poor marginalized people are LESS likely to go to jail. Eliminate mandatory sentencing except for corporate lackies. Only hire policemen and policewomen who are trained social workers, show empathy for all people, place the community needs above internal police cliques and show no inclination to "power tripping".
End our fossil fuel dependency - Recognize the bankruptcy of the fossil fuel industry and begin a national effort to eliminate fossil fuels completely in the next decade. Educate the public about the dangers of global warming.
Free Education - Eliminate "charter schools" and strengthen the public education system. Expand free public education to colleges and universities. Introduce universal day care. Make it illegal for corporations to contact or have any association with schools. Introduce 'political philosophy' at an early age to help prepare younger generations for the evil of investor capitalism.
Provide secure shelter for everyone - Regardless of circumstances, public housing should be available to all Americans who require a place to live. Use the savings from reduced military spending to finance a national construction initiative to provide "home security" for all.
Replace the minimum wage with a living wage - $15 an hour isn't bad, but it still means people will struggle in more expensive urban areas. unionizing the entire work force is a good place to start.
Raise the corporate income tax rate to 90% and install a financial tax on all stock trading - Banks and other financial institutions represent the most unequal distribution of income in the entire country. It is time to rein in this grotesque aberration.

There are still many 'Progressive Reforms' I'd like to include, but I'm limiting it to the "10-point plan" envisioned by Jeremy Corbyn to emphasize the minor differences between American and British citizens.


Big money and power will do anything to eliminate opposition to their domination over society, and the leaders that inspire and represent moral change - the Common Good. Jeremy Corbin is one such leader, others in the US carrying a message of real change have been silenced one way or another while sycophant puppets for continued exploitation, usury, pollution, economic slavery and the parasite debt economy thrive - theirs is a political betrayal and moral failure not worthy of respect, only contempt. Kudos to Jeremy Corbyn for standing tall against the power of wealth - I would that we had such leaders.


Nothing comes easy and certainly not democracy, we the people have dropped the ball and we have to get back in the fray of keeping our democracy a democracy. Bernie is continuing is revolution, it takes time and organization and I am waiting for my local call to action. If I would of been more active I might know what is going on instead of just being able to wait for the call to action.


So you given up? the fight does not get easier, it gets harder. Remember the pitch forks of yesteryears back at the end of the Gilded Age?


So you are a believer that everything Isarel does is right? All the killing that they do is good?


Prepare for the UK to be Cuba-ized.


what's your point? anyone who believes in socialism is tying to get something for nothing? ho-hum..


It is not Corbyn, who should be credited, it is the consensus or many thousands who did the hard work of of transforming the Labour Party back into an organization that would accept Corbyn as its leader. In the UK (and Canada, Australia NZ etc...) it is about Party and ideology - not the cult of the individual.


Hey, jujudahl, Naw, I'm not giving up. In fact, I like your pitchfork idea! Or, since we are in the era of corporate agri-business, maybe we could fire up some of their diesel-belching, 3-story high grain reapers to help make our voices heard!


Anyone in the military-industrial-banking complex is not only getting something for nothing--they are sending the world back beyond the dark ages, whilst bilking the rest of us and demonstrating clearly that they are the most bona fide Welfare Queens.


Sound familiar? "Transforming"? Bernie? Time will greatly love you, Citizen Sanders!


"Our country wasn't run by Brussels, its was run by boardrooms across the world" ?

What is the difference ? Now that Brussels has deemed GMOs safe for the EU, there is no question that "boardrooms around the world" control Brussels.

Lets hope that brexit is a catalyst for reversing the corporate control epidemic that has swept beyond the US to nearly every nation on earth.

At least the UK doesn't have CLINTONCON events like we were forced to endure last week in Philly.


This is the opposite of neoliberalism, someone understands how austerity has been forced on the public to benifit the 1 %.


We don't have her yet.


Yours is a world I would like to live in.