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Jeremy Corbyn Pledges Fracking Ban, Energy Co-ops in Green Labour Agenda


Jeremy Corbyn Pledges Fracking Ban, Energy Co-ops in Green Labour Agenda

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Jeremy Corbyn on Wednesday introduced a green energy agenda "for the 60 million, not the big six," referring to the country's major gas and electric suppliers, and said a Labour government would "act to protect the future of our planet, with social justice at the heart of our environmental policies," if elected to power.


Corbyn is emerging as the next leader of the Free World. He's right on all the issues, but unlike Bernie he's not going to back down. The leadership vacuum in the USA can't last. The next President will probably be Trump or Clinton, it doesn't matter which because either will implement the same corporate agenda against the popular will. In the 2020 election the incumbent will suffer humiliating defeat. Corbyn will be Prime Minister by then, showing the Americans how green policies can reinvigorate the labor movement. Voters are getting fed up. Millions of production and mineral extraction jobs have been lost in the USA and Great Britain, weakening unions and the middle class in both countries. The key out of this fiasco is green energy, retooling the country top to bottom for a clean energy future will replace the lost jobs with interest. The American Progressive and Labor Movements must realize they want very much the same policies and band together to push for green infrastructure. The new energy sources will be local, our food will be grown locally, our manufacturing will be local. California can grow onions, so why are the onions in the supermarket from Chile? How much fossil fuel is burned needlessly transporting commodities half way around the world?


Right on, Ponytail. I wonder if I will live to see the US leaders speak like Corbyn? Nah, I wouldn't bet money on THAT happening. Obama is scrambling now to do the bidding of those whom he hopes will be his new bosses--does anyone out there think he will come out & support those brave Native Americans out in North Dakota, putting their lives on the line to protect their land and water? Nah, Obama and Shillary and Horrible Trump never met a dollar they couldn't worship.

Just like Shillary never met a war or a weapons system she couldn't drool for.
The US of A, land that worships the almighty dollar, where capitalists will sell you the rope w/which to hang them. I just hate it when people say "God bless our troops!" Yeah, God bless them as they come home broken in body mind and spirit. To those who worship nothing but money and power, we mere mortals are nothing but cogs in a wheel, or cannon fodder.

It is wonderful what Corbyn has pledged. I believe he will do all in his power to have his words and plans come true. I wouldn't believe our current crop of poisonous politicians [w/a few worthy exceptions] if they told me the Earth was round. I have been weeping off and on since I heard of the desecration of NAs sacred spaces. I have also made it my business to not only make donations to those excellent non-profits like Earthjustice, Food and Water Watch, Union of Concerned Scientists, National Resources Defense Council which are working to save what they can of our precious Earth before the profit-mad capitalists poison all our land and all our water. I also made donations to Democracy Now! and the brave Amy Goodman who was filming @ the site where dogs where biting protesters.


The Canadian NDP needs a Corbyn. Finally a leader who is prepared to fight for the environment and social justice! Canada's NDP fell into line with Conservative restraint policies. The BC NDP is asleep. Is anyone out there?