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Jeremy Corbyn Talks With Naomi Klein About Creating a Better World


Jeremy Corbyn Talks With Naomi Klein About Creating a Better World

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"Social justice isn't copyrighted," U.K. Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn told Naomi Klein in an interview published at The Intercept on Thursday.


When the birth rate exceeds the death rate, a better world gets more distant.


Curtail excessive consumerist waste, and a better world for everyone comes within reach.
There is enough for everyone's need, but not enough to satisfy the oligarchs' greed.



When birth rates exceed death rates, nature culls to restore a balance through famine, disease and conflict.

Liberal science restores dynamic population balance through birth control until peace is established.

Conservative anti-science restores dynamic population balance by killing us off until their domination is established.

Technological fixes work until conservative berserkers gain the upper hand.

Direct Democracy


"I want a foreign policy based on human rights, based on respect for international law, recognizing the causes of the refugee flows, the causes of the injustice around the world."

A breath of fresh air!!!


Embracing a low-carbon life is not a technological fix, it is a cultural fix.
On a per capita basis, China and India contribute far less to AGW compared to the "West".
We need both birth control in the east and consumerism/energy profligacy control in the west.



I can agree with much of that. However, a low-carbon life is both a technological and a cultural fix.

Recycling often requires technology and a culture should use biodegradable materials. Manufacturers should pay cradle to grave costs of recycling their products instead of having the public do it for them. No recycling cost to the manufacturers simply encourages them to produce more plastics and such instead of returnables and compostables.

Planned parenting is not accepted by most religions. These conflate abortion and contraception when the latter is the best way to prevent it. Misogynist religious laws to control women's bodies are probably the greatest obstacle to controlling unsustainable human population growth. It is now at 7 billion and is slated to reach 9.5 billion in 2020. The result is more war, immigration, resource depletion, global warming, famine, crime, species extinction and so on.


No really, we've over populated the earth and it is not sustaining all people. Droughts and food shortages even thought Big Agr and Monsanta have fed us w/chemicals and lies that they could feed the world with there wonder chemicals and seeds that are killing us.


A better world will never happen with a political party system, for it is outdated, divisive, and bought off. Time to end the political party system for it takes away the people's voice, for it is a false democracy. Time to bring in THE COUNCIL OF THE PEOPLE and put all the decision-making powers directly into the hands of the people, then the people would have a voice. That would be a true democracy and it would make a better world. That would be a real and true revolution for the people!


Droughts and food shortages are not caused by overpopulation. Enough food is produced globally to support more than the current population. If we really did have a global food shortage, global population would not be rising. Instead, around the world we see reduction in the rates of abject poverty and increases (albeit unevenly spread) in lifespans. In fact, population is rising most precisely in those areas that experience the worst poverty.

How the West can talk about overpopulation as we continue to flippantly waste 1/3rd of our food production while consuming the lion's share of global resources is truly beyond me.


You sound precisely like Robespierre, and that should frighten any historically literate person.


Oligarchs take most of our resources and leave growing populations fighting over leftovers.

Direct Democracy



You want a lower birth rate? Educate the women and give them a place in the work force. Look at Iran, Russia, China. A society of educated women gives low birth rate. It is not about religion. It is about the opportunity that an educated woman's income provides to the family. Maybe also the pride of a woman in her work.
This is why funding of education in poor areas is so important, especially for women.


But how is it produced?


Cause and effect is primary and you have to look at whole picture and not just short term. Monsanto and big agr claim they produce enough food but does it get to the people that needs it? No. Drought worldwide or in areas of the world has been caused by overconsumption of fossil fuels and yes by the developed nations and especially US overconsumption of all kinds of crap. But I would say we agree on more than we disagree just from different perspective.


Monstanto doesn't produce food, they produce chemicals and seeds. And anyways how is it the responsibility of the people who grow food to make sure it gets to "the people that need it?" That's not "big agr's" or any other kind of agr's job.

Agriculture's job is to produce food, and we're doing it more efficiently than ever. There are plenty of negative side effects, driven largely by consumer demands and limited available labour, but luckily for us there are some tremendously positive shifts, both within conventional industry as well as towards organic production.

Overconsumption is not the same thing as overpopulation. When you start talking about the problems of overpopulation, you start flirting with some extremely dangerous ideas, and they aren't new ideas. Overpopulation is the new face of eugenics.


Monsanto seeds and chemicals that produce food for big agricultural. They both claim that because of their GMO/seeds and chemicals they can feed the world. No they are not doing it more efficiently! They are in cahoots to control the food supply. They are killing the soil, we have dead soil and chemically laced food. Soil and nature is resilient if we would just follow the farming practices of yesteryear these huge conglomerates are producing not much of value but better for people who are starving to death but it seems it does not get to them.

Locally and regionally feed your communities. I had spinach/broccoli/kale all the last two winters, of course not enough to sustain me but I could cover and probably would of.


Peacewalker, I see that you are a Newby to Common Dreams, however, the wisdom of your words here qualifies you as a learned elder.


It's a bit much to blame all the sins of the world on a high birth rate. War, resource depletion, global warming, crime....much of what you list has been pursued by western capitalism. Fossil fuel production, including fracking, dirty coal, and heavy oil benefits the western democracies mostly and fuels a lifestyle that most of the planet have yet to enjoy.

Not saying that population growth isn't a concern; just bloody tired of first world men identifying it as our most serious problem...particularly after the dirty wars of the last couple of decades...........and the absolute indifference I still see to the crimes in Palestine, the bombing of Yeman, and the sytematic interference by neo-liberal western governments in the affairs of other countries.

Why not give population a rest for a while, and work to eliminate war, weapons manufacturing, and the willingness of western governments to condone violence in the Middle East and elsewhere.

That is doing more to deplete the resources of the planet, and make large tracts of the earth unliveable, than live births......and until we change our violent and wasteful lifestyles, its a bit hypocritical to go on about rising birthrates in the poor parts of the world. They are the vicitms of our resource grabs....not the causes of most of it.


Jeremy and Naomi ROCK!