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Jeremy Corbyn Unveils Radical Plan to Help the Homeless: Buy Them Homes


Jeremy Corbyn Unveils Radical Plan to Help the Homeless: Buy Them Homes

Common Dreams staff

In an interview with the BBC's Andrew Marr on Sunday, U.K. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn outlined the policy his party will immediately pursue to tackle "disgraceful" and "wholly unnecessary" levels of homelessness if it wins a majority in the next election.


My gawd how I love this mans mind. While living in Phx a year ago there was a report about there being permits for 400,000 units within the metro area, not one of them for low income people, not one! There is a very real housing shortage and we are deporting the people who build house’s, how Dumb is that? It’s really stupid!


US military budget = $824.6B. This could buy 4,123,000 houses priced at an average of $200k. But according to Reuters, there are about 500,000 homeless in the country.

So if they all get a $200k home from the military budget, there would be $724.6B left over for the military.


And they would not even have to buy or make $200,000 homes; it could be efficiency apartments for far less.


Or it could be multi-million dollar chateaus collected from the wealthy as fines from white-collar crimes that result in homelessness.


It could be Trump’s DC hotel after the courts order him to give it up or resign for violating the emoluments clause.


In this country (USA), we had a frontier–and people, the Oklahoma Sooners, raced madly to get their square. The breath of death (the dust bowl) buggered up their best efforts and so they clawed their way to California. Since California keeps trying to be subsumed by the sea, that game stops. There really is no frontier. Here, or in the UK. Ayn Rand’s bullshit has to stop. I’m tired of handing out oatmeal bars from my car. The recipients need to be dignified with something like Corbyn suggests. If I ever hear the term “welfare queen” again, I might just hemorrhage.


And I can tell you now what will result: thousands of “decent” (so called) hardworking people asking why they can’t be given homes too. And off they will trot to vote Tory, which will ensure nobody gets a home, including them. Sir Thomas More had an interesting alternative: give everyone a home.


Activists on the US left seriously need to be sending delegations across the pond to the UK to learn how the working class left organized and reclaimed the Labour Party, and get trained on the methods to do it over here.

Sure, there are major organizational differences between the US Democratic Party and the UK Labour Party - starting with the Labour Party is an actual membership organization where funding comes from the membership dues and most of the dues-payers are ordinary working class folk, and the party leadership is elected by all the membership. But there are also many similarities between the organizations too.

Let’s get organized.


Yes. Broadly-based benefits always work better than means-based benefits.

Maybe in this case, the program can be expanded to a publicly subsidized guarantee that nobody, will pay more than a quarter of their income for a standard basic home (i.e. the subsidy would not apply to luxury features - extra bedrooms, hot tubs, swimming pools etc), with the limit sliding down to, say, five percent for the very poor - and free for the unemployed.


My idea probably goes against all of economic theory, but I wonder, why should the economy keep rising and rising? I’d like to see a “Jubilee” whereby all debt is totally forgiven and a reset button is pushed. We start out at a “fair” price for commodities, a reasonable wage for all workers, a redistribution of lands and wealth, a drastic cut in the military budget, and a dissolution of any power held by Wall Street. In other words, we end the capitalist system!


If we have 2 loser candidates fpr president in 2020 I will write-in Jeremy Corbyn!

Now understand, if Bernie runs again I will definitely vote for him, but he’s about the only one I’d consider voting for.


We live in Omaha and our house is valued at 130k so the cost of a house would definitely depend on what city it was built in – might actually be able to build a house for every one of those 500k homeless. Also, some cities are experimenting with building tiny homes for their homeless – they could definitely build enough tiny homes for all of them!


My favorite line in Dr. Zhivago is that Bolshevik woman who tells Zhivago “Thirteen families live in this house” – whenever my husband and I drive past a sprawling, 3 story mcmansion that’s what I say. :hugs:


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In case you hadn’t noticed, the duopoly is in bi-partisan agreement that doing things to help the poor is impossible because we need a military budget as large as the next 30 largest combined.

In fact, huge increases in the military budget are pretty much baked into the next two appropriations, with Democratic approval. So don’t expect any help for the homeless to enter the discussion–just wonder how many cuts to the safety net we’ll need to pay for tax cuts and more bombs.


It’s not at all clear that the UK left has reclaimed Labour, but it is currently the dominant force. Clearly Corbyn, because of his integrity and low-key charisma is a huge factor. However, the front benchers (UK DLC Blue Dogs) have yet to mount a serious center-atatck and could very well leave the party en masse (or worse, threaten to and win massive concessions). Never underestimate the vicious, mendacity and perseverance of liberals.


The “economy” is a false construct because the Federal Reserve (run by capitalists) can “create” money at will. Unless/until currency is tied to real economic activity, casino capitalism rules.


Good point.


Here it is:

One of my favourite movies.