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Jeremy Corbyn Was Right in 2003, and He Is Right Again Today


Jeremy Corbyn Was Right in 2003, and He Is Right Again Today

Andrew Mitrovica

Two speeches. Delivered 14 years apart by one British politician, Jeremy Corbyn. Each connected by one word: truth. The shame: the world failed to heed the wisdom of the first speech, and is unlikely to heed the wisdom of the second speech.


The truth is out there to be discovered, but the powers that be do their best to suppress it. Good for Mr. Corbyn. I hope the British electorate embraces his truth-telling.


Boy does the Western world ever need this guy now. The Murkans (actually the Dems) torpedoed Bernie, and the French rigged the first round against Melenchon, which means that Corbyn is our last best hope, at least for the immediate future.

Makes one wonder about all the terrrrrst attacks as the fateful day approaches.

Jeremy may just be the man to straighten things out.


I would gladly swap our "President, VP, Cabinet, and about 1/2 our Senate for 1 Jeremy Corbyn right about now!


This Murkin progressive “was right in 2003” and every year prior and subsequent.

Unfortunately, in Murka being right plus a buck (in 2003) bought a cup of coffee. The only thing that has changed in that equation during the past 14 years is the rising cost of a cup of coffee.


People regress and knee-jerk right when they feel threatened.


Yes, the youth are the greatest wt. behind Corbyn, and it was precisely that youth that was targeted.


Corbyn’s detractors still believe the myth that “might makes right.”
That has never held true.
Beating people into submission is never the way to bring about change.
Let’s face it, endless war brings endless profits for military contractors and that’s why Corbyn’s detractors and their murkin counterparts refuse to acknowledge their folly.