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Jeremy Corbyn, Welcome to Europe’s Fight Against Austerity


Jeremy Corbyn, Welcome to Europe’s Fight Against Austerity

Pablo Iglesias

How surprising, paradoxical, even ironic, that much of the media are comparing the Labour veteran Jeremy Corbyn to Podemos. What can the new leader of the old political party founded by British trade unions have in common with a movement born barely 18 months ago in Spain? Basically one thing: the failure of the social-liberal “third way”.


Austerity is the myth that frugality of life is good. What is life?


... as preached by those who, by their own definition, lead very bad lives.


Thank you Pablo Iglesias,

Podemos and recent Spanish Mayoral victories have institutionalized May 15 following Egypt and Madison Wisconsin. Spain helped US citizens find courage to stand and be counted during the occupy era and is still helping define the parameters of struggle by welcoming Jeremy Corbin into a broader European companionship that eluded past English Prime Ministers. Yes, I realize Jeremy Corbin is not yet Prime Minister.

Here I place a kernel of economic theory for consideration. While it is true that corporatists from all political parties have temporarily squelched Greek democracy, Greek politicians also restricted their own freedom by limiting negotiations to a future that would allow more borrowing. Greeks steadfastly refused to notice that geographically close Kurdistan has invented new philosophies of democracy and survived against Turkey without a public purse to borrow from. The Kurds have evolved a form of democracy that does not require a nation that can deficit spend toward a hierarchical vision, right or left.

The strong argument against deficit spending to spur more growth on a finite planet does not root in economics or environmental sciences. Deficit spending destroys democracy first and then negatively effects economics and the environment.

Deficit spending allows governments to do things that citizens would not be willing to pay for with out-of-pocket taxes. For example: Does anyone seriously believe that American citizens would have killed a million Iraqi citizens and caused the current stampede of refugees into Europe if they would have been required to pay for it? Even modern brainwashing propaganda is not be strong enough to overcome real democracy uncorrupted by borrowing from corporatist pirates. The Greeks proved that before Syriza folded.

Distributed human intelligence is an integral facet of big-still-banging. It is entangled with accelerating expansion of our cosmos and is focused using the ancient tool we call democracy. Hierarchies cannot compete with focused distributed intelligence. There is no need to grow faster and faster to infinity on a finite planet with borrowed money if the distributed intelligence of citizens is focused on determining next steps and a plan with actual social positives.

We know that any step away from austerity and endless war will be a step in the right direction. After that we can wonder if some unemployed citizens might want to become involved in food sovereignty and other specifics. Now is not the time to become lost in diversionary details like income caps. This is the time to remove hierarchical bottlenecks that divert social wealth to the oligarchy. We cannot design a new system until all the cheating subsidies to corporatist social theft are removed and we see where we would be without parasites distorting every nation on Earth.


I think the word is "affects", not "effects".

But my real reason for replying is to ask for a clarification. When you talk about "distributed human intelligence", are you referring to the crowdsourcing type activity implemented by services such as the Amazon Mechanical Turk?

I had some difficulty following your thoughts, especially in the second half of your post, and maybe a better understanding of the above question will help. Thanks.


Europe's elite need only look at America to see how to roll out the austerity agenda successfully. It must be done incrementally, and from the bottom up. While imposing severe austerity on those at the bottom, maintain a solid propaganda program to demonize the poor, insisting that poverty is merely a deviant lifestyle choice that must be dealt with harshly. Our middle class and liberals bought it. Democrats ended our former poverty relief programs and took the first steps to similarly end Social Security, targeting the disabled. Chunk by chunk, we continue redistributing America's collective wealth upward, into the bank accounts of the few. We now seem to be at the point where the rich are doing to the middle class what the middle class already did to the poor, and it's evident that no one is going to push back this time.


This is precisely what our middle class demanded for our poor. Bill Clinton threw the poor off the cliff, and liberals said, "Cool." Today's generation so strongly believes in the success of the corporate state that they think everyone is able to work, and there are jobs for all, therefore no need for poverty relief. Who would want to change that?


"Comrades"? Why use loaded words when they simply obscure the reality?


Thanks, you are correct, effect and affect have been life-long fun for me.

Distributed intelligence might be tapped in crowd sourcing, though I don't think so. That idea involves a one direction growing sum which may be sufficient for a given project yet minuscule within a society. Hmm. You have brought up an interesting aspect, crowd sourcing of many projects adds to social culture like petals make a flower. Yes this is related but I am not too clear about it.

Distributed intelligence is also a simple idea: The depth and breadth of human species knowledge and intellectual power cannot be matched by any hierarchy because the hierarchy is a subset. Sure, a hierarchy making spark plugs knows most about that particular job, yet the scope of that knowledge is restricted in its application.

Distributed human intelligence is part of consciousness which is as much part of the big bang as atoms and quarks and may be some sort of qualitative facet of the strong force that binds atomic nuclei. Since big bang is accelerating it should be viewed as still banging rather than something that happened 14.7 billion years ago. Democracy is the tool humans use to focus distributed intelligence. Consciousness is entangled with accelerating expansion since it is a facet of the cosmos. This is definitional and presents a cosmic scale problem for hierarchies intent on controlling and directing human consciousness.

The human specie itself has a collective intelligence that none can see alone. That power will be focused if we are ever to prevail against all odds and bring peace and healing to Earth.

The most efficient democracies are those with the best ability to focus distributed intelligence that resides as collective wisdom in the citizenry as a whole. A recent example of this was the Greek citizenry which was not swayed by focused propaganda and voted against austerity. And now Jeremy Corbyn in England.

There is no hierarchy that can match the intelligence of Humanity using real democracy to devise a more perfect union and select specific steps out of the current malaise. Using voting in cycles to find and select a first step away from eternal war and austerity need not present a final answer. The first step only needs to be a change of direction, away from pollution and destruction. Further rounds of democratic search will indicate a second step away from illusions of faster and faster growth to infinity on a finite planet with borrowed money.

Avoid specifics like how much money a famous golfer, a corporate executive or a musician should be allowed to earn. First eliminate all the subsidies a rich star or corporation might receive. When the rules are sensible, without subsidies and fairly enforced we will see what society looks like naturally. That is the future time to worry about problems other than removing today's often deficit funded subsidies, which feed current hierarchies doing expensive things that benefit almost nobody and hurt many.

Real democracy does not require a nation. The Kurds tell us this after decades of trial and recent study with the Zapatistas. It is nice if a nation chooses democracy but democracy does not require a nation.


Neither does anything else that is meaningful to life, health, the climate and the planet.


"This failure contributed to a public perception of the two major Spanish
parties as almost identical; they embodied the privileged political
elite, while the welfare cuts they imposed impoverished the majority of
the population".

That sentence encapsulates the post-1979 Thatcherite world in western Europe, New Zealand and Australia. The Blairite Labour Party is well to the right of the then British Conservative Party under Harold MacMillan; The Lange Labour government in New Zealand was more Thatcherite than Thatcher's wildest dreams; the Australian Labour party under Bob Hawke began the run down of social programmes (beginning with the old age pension and university fees) and under Keating as PM moved to the right of the "Liberal" Party as had existed under Malcolm Fraser.


I don't live in the US but was it really a middle class that did the dirty deed? Clinton is hardly middle class.

In any case, the more I think through the whole sorry mess of human civilisation the more I think the real ill is our ability to fool, con, brainwash, deceive and dupe one another in the ways you mention - or more accurately, our willingness to engage in that sort of nefarious behaviour.


"This failure (of neo-liberalism) contributed to a public perception of the two major Spanish parties as almost identical; they embodied the privileged political elite, while the welfare cuts they imposed impoverished the majority of the population."

It's also true inside the U.S.... that is, unless Sanders is able to cut a hole into the duopoly's business as usual which fits this to a T:

"This movement in Spain is an expression of the failure of neoliberalism, the political ideology which destroyed social protections, industry and trade unions, produced speculative bubbles and consumption based on credit, and proved unable to deliver acceptable solutions when the financial crisis accelerated the destruction of public services impoverishing both workers and the middle class."

The plan--engineered by Shadow Elites--is the same (Shock Doctrine) in every nation this entity can get its hands on.


His name is Jeremy Corbyn. Not Corbin.

You wrote:

"...and is still helping define the parameters of struggle by welcoming Jeremy Corbin into a broader European companionship that eluded past English Prime Ministers. Yes, I realize Jeremy Corbin is not yet Prime Minister."


Bull-shit. You'd probably argue that citizens "bought war," and "bought the extortion-by-Big Insurance dressed up as "Obama Care," and "bought" the bailout to the banks, and "bought" the biogenetic alteration of their food stuffs, and so much else.

When Power does what it will because it owns the courts, the media, the military muscle, much of academe, and congress... this idea that what is put into motion reflects the consent of the governed is pure SHIT.

And this type of Meme is used by those who work for, or side with the political establishment that's run by the 1%.

Slaves didn't consent to slavery.

Women didn't consent to not owning property or having no vote.

Latinos don't consent to being tossed brutally back over the border.

Pretending that the dominant culture is a reflection of the "will of the governed" is one of the biggest lies (also known as "Manufacturing Consent," and/or propaganda streaming in 24/7) ever told. And it's little Goebbels like you who repeat it often.


Nice little jig you got going with Fabian. Play good cop in suggesting it was not the Middle Class, but then attribute what a sociopathic sect does unto others to the ENTIRETY of human beings.

Just disgusting... how your little tag team pushes the same repulsive and patently false Talking Points day after day. Someone is financing it.


Oh, go and get some help...


Until we change our hearts and minds, we change nothing of consequence. But when we make that change, we change everything... I think!