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Jeremy Corbyn's Bold Vision Puts UK on Verge of 'Amazing Political Upset'


Jeremy Corbyn's Bold Vision Puts UK on Verge of 'Amazing Political Upset'

Jon Queally, staff writer

As it looked as though U.K. election might be heading towards shocking results and a hung Parliament, Labour leady Jeremy Corbyn called on Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May to resign while declaring his party's campaign "has changed the face of British politics."


[quote=“CommonDreams, post:1, topic:42335”]“Based on exit polling and early returns, indications of the shocking outcome were being widely viewed as a rejection of May’s Conservative Party rule and a win for the bold, progressive vision Corbyn asserted — despite internal party tensions — as the Labour leader.  If the trend holds, said journalist and Labour supporter Owen Jones, ‘then this is the most incredible amazing political upset in British history’.

U.K. to humanity – we just killed neoliberalism!
— Paul Mason (@paulmasonnews) June 9, 2017

Labour’s change is now permanent.  A party committed to radically transforming Britain in the interests of the many, not the few.  https://t.co/ph3s485mGj
— Owen Jones (@OwenJones84) June 9, 2017

Though final results have yet to be determined, British politics were nonetheless turned upside as it appeared that May and the Tories failed expectations and would likely be unable to claim a majority in Parliament.”[/quote]

Ah, YES!   If only it could happen here!!  (Bernie tried, but he was sabotaged.)

Amerika needs a LABO[u]R party to replace BOTH halves of our present Korpocracy!!!   And soon – if the DamnocRats allow the RePooplicans to get away with their present efforts to turn Our Commons over to the common thieves of Wall Street, it will take several decades to undo the damage.


Maybe, just maybe, Americans will wake up. Congratulations to Jeremy Corbyn and hope that you can continue to fight the good fight. Two articles come to mind that I read today:




Common Dreams’ early headline is perhaps overly triumphant, we’ll see. But already the campaign has flummoxed the powers-that-be.

Here’s to speaking the blunt truth, and building on that foundation.


about time. :slight_smile:


As the British elections loomed closer my brother in law’s favorite right wing sites amped up their demonization of Bernie Sanders (and everything else they label socialism) in anticipation of a Corbyn win.

If Corbyn does prevail we will witness a US right wing propaganda blitzkrieg like we have never seen…alarming the faithful that commies have taken over the UK and the US is next.


What is a scarier thought is that liberal news like Rachel Maddow will likely be right with them. It is a scary trend we are seeing that it seems both right wing and centrist liberals are both wrapped up in Russia fear mongering. I truly wonder how long until we will see a new story that Trump has sent NATO troops into Russia, or will we just be radiated atoms before we even get to see such a headline.


Well, I know a fair amount of centrist Dems who are also worried about healthcare and the environment too.


I am sure they are but sadly those issues don’t seem to be getting nearly as much media attention as Russia.


Congratulations and thank you Mr Trump.

Direct Democracy


I so agree. The Democrats should be cleaning out their own stables and preparing a new vision of a socially just future. Instead we get this endless avalanche of conspiracy theories designed to cover up the failures of Hillary Clinton and the triangulating centrists.


Last night, Joan Walsh, who works for the Nation and MSNBC, was compelled to trash Bernie. Check out her twitter account:


She starts by retweeting someone complaining about Sanders supporters for something that he thinks will happen and Joan calls them a**holes, brags about her jobs and makes it clear that anyone to the Left of Clinton isn’t welcome in her party. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a party reject its own base this hard before.


Yes! Now if 'merica wakes up, Bernie Sanders, after Orin Hatch, becomes president of the United States.


Check out quotes by John Kenneth Galbraith, statements of his availabile on line, and especially that the elite will destroy the country before they surrender any bit of their obtained privilege. That will place that phony creep mainstream shill Walsh where she belongs–on the way to the shitter before she messes her pants. Now with the Corbin victory in England, the neoliberal elitist establishment is terrified a populist wave will expose their racist-based grip and they might actually have to earn their status, or, more likely, lose it.


Not to pile on, but will anyone join me in a posthumous “Fuck You, too” to Maggie Thatcher?


When will the voting public realized that the Tories in the UK, and the GOP in the USA, have nothing to do with representing the people and are representatives of sly and rapacious capitalists against the people?

Both of these fraudulent parties, which have no business in a democracy, should be relegated to the dust bin of history.


Mainstream Dem and budding lefty here, here to celebrate!!

The tories may still cling to 10 downing street, thanks to a bunch of ulster loyalists whose informal coalition provide the tiniest of majorities, but the victory is still ours. This was supposed to be the death knell of the left in the UK, the solidifcation of the brexit alt right mentality.

Ha! :fireworks: :tada:


Question for me was will leftest Corbyn’s victory go the way of Syriza in Greece, remember who holds the reins of money, controls the banks, and the media, it isn’t the left!
The dirty little secret that isn’t so secret is the status quo, of “those that own it will run it”, while they tout democracy from the Ivory towers of the institutions, and choose the candidates the masses will vote for.
Power from their view is their birth right, the little people cannot be allowed to get their dirty little hands on it and the sycophant neo- liberal politicians they own, do their bidding.


Agreed. My Ex was in Liverpool in March for soccer. Everyone he talked to hates Trump and couldn’t believe how “dumb” the American voters were.


this is where the Left case for Brexit kicks in. You’re right: A genuine progressive win in an EU banker state would be largely symbolic, similar to Syriza.

But with Brexit, Corbyn would actually have real power not totally subject to the rules of international financiers. In other words, the manifesto would be achievable (and the corporatists know this which is why they worked overtime to crush Corbyn).