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Jeremy Scahill Tears Apart Corporate Media's "Atrocious" Syria Coverage


Jeremy Scahill Tears Apart Corporate Media's "Atrocious" Syria Coverage

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Independent journalist Jeremy Scahill on Sunday offered scathing criticism of corporate media's coverage of the cruise missile strike President Donald Trump ordered last week on Syria.


Mr. Scahill, you nailed it! I wonder if the producers of CNN will ever allow you back on CNN again!


Jeremy Schiller is a true Independent Journalist.

Zakaria and Williams are Corporate Judases, betraying the American Public to sell the Billionaires Bull$hit Lies.

America, Land of the Free (to Lie at will) and home of the Brave (When the Bombs and Bullets are Killing the Brown and Black People).


The explanation is all in the headline, with the word "corporate". The people who sit on the boards of the media conglomerates are the same - or friends of the - people who sit on the boards of our armament industry, - all members of the intimated club of bloodthirsty exploiters.
If you want to remain employed by them, you better sing their tune, or you will never again find a job with commensurate pay.


Here’s the most interesting—and accurate?!—point that I’ve read so far regarding our recent sending of Tomahawk missiles into Syria (http://www.counterpunch.org/2017/04/07/is-us-policy-to-prolong-the-syrian-war/) :

The evidence is that the underlying U.S. policy — whether the president is Obama or Trump — is to prolong the Syrian war as much as possible. Let Assad off the hook when he’s cornered, hit him when he’s about to win.

This would not at all be unprecedented. Through the 1980s, the U.S. backed both sides in the Iran-Iraq War, which resulted in horrific carnage. See Dahlia Wasfi’s piece from 2015 — “Battling ISIS: Iran-Iraq war redux” — which argued that “Obama’s unofficial strategy to fight ISIS may be that of Reagan’s for Iran and Iraq in the 1980s: a long, drawn-out war to strengthen U.S.-Israeli hegemony in the region.”

When I watched “Meet the Press” this morning—“moderated” by the utterly-stupid John Dickerson!—I learned only about the conventional thinking about the matter—with John McCain offering just a slight variation on Tillerson’s theme.


In general cable news has been a disaster but when it comes to anything military it is even a worse disaster. Things are repeated over and over and the same video clips are shown again and again. It stirs up emotion while taking away time for rational thought. It is best for citizens to avoid watching cable news and get their news from other sources. Cable news is too tied to what presidents want to be in the news. We saw that in the run-up to the Iraq War. There is important military stuff to cover. For example, what is happening in Mosul where the Iraqi army is trying to drive ISIS out of the the city, its last stronghold in Iraq. The focus should on this operation and if it is successful what should be done in Syria which is a much tougher problem. Instead of launching missiles in response to the use of chemical weapons for no clear strategic reason without even consulting with Congress or going to the US Trump should be figuring out how defeat ISIS in Syria. Without a national army to rely on this is a difficult problem. Who is going to do the fighting? Are the Arab countries going to contribute personnel? When it comes to foreign policy Trump is clearly in over his head. Really bad things could happen.


There have always been journalist/editorialists " hawks " in the MSM, including the Public Broadcasting Service. There have always been journalists/editorialists " skeptical moderates " in the MSM, including the Public Broadcasting Service. What has always been very rare, is any journalist/editorialist who is " leftist " or a " radical progressive" in the MSM, including the Public Broadcasting Service. While Mr. Scahill speaks to the present Syria bombing incident by the Trump Adm., all U.S. wars covered by the MSM and PBS have their special cheerleaders in charge, with editorial boards dispensing the pompoms and biggest megaphones to those speaking the most eloquent Establishment Groupthink. They do this for a reason; doing otherwise is grounds for being appointed Burau Chief of The Antarctic region.
Widening the argument of Mr. Scahill, as he scolds CNN, what you almost never hear, as well, is leftist or radical progressive experts being allowed to speak on a whole host of important policy issues. When was the last time you heard Mr. Wolfe or Dean Baker on the Sunday TV shows when the topic is economic policy.
You can do this scenario with any number of topics like Single Payer, SCOTUS & the Justice Dept., Wall St. regulations and the IRS & SEC, the EPA & DOE, et al.
On it goes... Sadly, taking everything reasonable, democratic and moral down the tubes, with not much good for the 99s being the end result.


" Really bad things could happen".

Not could; but when; if this emotionally, dysfunctional, travesty of a president is not stopped before he starts a nuclear war before it is too late. The fact that Trump may at any time launch a nuclear war, just like he launched Tomahawk missiles, in Syria on emotions, with no accountability should terrify us all!


Everyone who can should participate in the May Day General Strike and picket this corporate media with the message to stop glorifying war. My sign: "Single-Payer Healthcare NOT Endless warfare!"


Correction time PonyBoy- "Jeremy Scahill"...
(The reason I know that is I read his excellent book, titled: "Blackwater")
I totally agree with what you say about PUNKS Zakaria and Williams...


Yes, as PonyBoy pointed out, Jeremy Scahill is a real Journalist in the true sense of the word- Scahill didn't sell himself out for the big bucks that Zakaria and Williams have wrapped their predatory lips around...
The whole point of this saga has been lost on Zakaria and Williams, and that point is: Who committed this dirty deed?- Cui Bono!
This gas attack incident has NOT been properly investigated and the perps have NOT been positively identified- So,these two clowns, along with the rest of the "Corporate Media" clowns are nothing short of FOOLS for praising Trump and his knee jerk decision to jump into this fiasco in total ignorance!
What the fuck is going on in this country where you have all of these Media jerks praising not only the weapons used but the President that so recklessly decided to deploy them?
Reminds me of the vicious Fox News reports and the foolish leap into the Afghani/Iraq War, incidently, where this all began...


I saw the interview this AM and couldn't believe what I was hearing. Great journalists like Jeremy Scahill are taboo for the MSM. I hope they will have him on frequently, but its likely they will blackball him for saying truths that could compromise media/war oligopolies and their


No, they won't compromise Scahill's honesty or credibility-
Eric Prince would have done that long ago for Scahill's scathing book-"Blackwater"...
Jeremy Scahill is no stranger to War zones and has earned his respect- And screw the MSM, war oligopolies and their sponsors....


Thanks Bones, this damn phone of mine changes things I type. I typed Scahill, and it changed it to Schiller.

I just did it again and had to correct it.



If a real investigative journalist 'followed the money', they might find out who is profiting from last Thursday nights con job.

Or, they might get killed. Heart attack, car accident.
Something like that.


Keen observation there Mrs. Ann !!!


Yes- I hate typing on those finger restricting phones also-
At least now I know you are not attention deficit disorder along with being a bad speller : )))


Like Michael Hastings eh...


Probably not, but Scahill most likely doesn't even care- He is somewhat an honorable man-
But, you can almost always catch him on Democracy Now...


Well said! When was the last time you heard Mr.Chomsky on CNN?