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Jeremy Who? The Bernie Sanders Phenomenon at Home and Abroad


Jeremy Who? The Bernie Sanders Phenomenon at Home and Abroad

David Coates

If you watch virtually any major American news channel right now, you could be forgiven for thinking that the only political development worthy of note was the on-going presidential campaign of Donald Trump. But you would be wrong.


Hey, Nicholas-Ephraim... This "bud's" for you:

"It should instead inspire Americans with progressive values to join the Sanders campaign, and their UK equivalents to support Jeremy Corbyn - the better in both countries to help strengthen their message and their programs. Neither of those programs is yet complete or perfect. On the contrary, there is much work to do on both. But each constitutes an important launch-pad for the regeneration of a strong center-left; and each needs to be honored (and supported) as such."

Well-constructed analysis, Mr. Coates. I hope we'll be seeing more of your work on Commondreams.

"The center-left politics of the 1990s, heavy as it was with triangulation and class accommodation -- collapsed in the financial crisis of 2008. Its day is done, as is the credibility of anyone associated with it. The Democratic Left needs a new message, a new vision and new leadership. All three are beginning to emerge - and in the end we will all be better for that."

Note that Greece, Spain, U.K., and within the U.S. movements are emerging intent upon pushing the pendulum that's been held in place by the Right back towards Leftist ideals including Justice For All, Equality, and programs that benefit persons rather than corporations that mostly plunder this planet.


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At least Corbyn has had the gumption to talk about foreign policy. It is pretty shocking that Sanders has not given the gigantic financial sucking machine, that is US military adventurism around the globe which is a huge impediment to implementing the domestic policies he advocates. (At least for those who believe in the primacy of the fictitious, man-made construct that money is.)


Bernie and Trump are attractive to many because they don't take, or need Wall Street "contributions".
They both seem to get to the basic problem, getting the money and revolving doors out of politics.

Both candidates would rely on tweaking taxes to achieve their goals. Bernie's progressive taxation may not work unless Citizens United is revoked first and political bribes, graft and revolving doors are deemed prosecutable crimes with stiff penalties. And Bernie will have a hard time getting his programs through the Republican Congress and SCOTUS. Not so Trump.

Lawrence Lessig has an intriguing agenda: He would let the people, not the politicians, make the laws by referenda. No politicians, no corruption.


To hold the current political center of gravity where it is, or better still to pull it back in a progressive direction, necessarily requires therefore an equivalent pull from each and every one of us.

From your lips to Goddess's ears. I didn't think I would be moved by Presidential politics after the Obama Deep Betrayal. But I seem to be starting to "feel the Bern"!


Trump wants money out of politics? Sorry I don't get your point.


Bernie Sanders and Corbyn cannot get anything done without more support from the other government bodies. Even if Americans voted in Progressives into Congress, stacked the Supreme Court with justices that served the public interest and had an overwhelming majority of Americans behind them, I'm still not sure that anything could be accomplished. The system is so thoroughly rigged by special interest groups, particularly our wealthiest corporations, that the influence of mainstream media, existing government contracts with dubious corporations and our surrender of our authority to corporate America over the last several generations, may make change an insurmountable challenge. With our global climate ticking time bomb, massive nuclear weapon stockpiles and a thoroughly divided public about how we will usurp the corpocracy, we may well end up accelerating our return to slavery before the Earth finally rids itself of the most destructive species evolution has wrought... us!


Nor do you hear Sanders pounding on his chest like Trump and the other button-down-suit "warrior" Repugs in their insistences on bombing, destroying, plundering, and showing naked barbaric levels of dominance (and/or domination). Give the man time. If he gets his foot in the door, his economic policies could well prove the means to cut down the gargantuan military make-war budget.

You and Nicholas are here to insist that the man is not a friend of workers, Progressives, or those who want a more just and humane nation. But in making THIS argument--since no one who holds your perfect world views is on the radar... you open the door for another chimp. And the world--and by that I mean, real and decent people in all nations AND Mother nature--can ill afford that!


Sure... argue for annihilation and/or Armageddon in order to make Sander's campaign appear impotent.

Bottom line: Change has to begin somewhere. And in many nations, citizens are friggin fed up with Banksters-corporate overlords and the politicians in their pockets RUINING their lives, livelihoods, and local lands. And people ARE mobilizing and on multiple fronts (in various nations) opposing the draconian policies of Shock Doctrine neocons.

Sanders IS making waves. That's why the Hillary camp and its connections to Big Media guarantee him virtually no coverage, or bare minimum at best. They FEAR those ripples!


If we try we may fail.

If we do not try we have already failed.


On Trump on the issues, he says he would ban soft money; but allow unlimited personal contributions. (Jul 2000):


Trump is not taking Wall Street money and criticizes politicians that take lobbyist's bribes. If we had to choose, maybe half a loaf is better than none.


I've wondered about this and the giving of time. Still, 1,200,000 Iraqi citizens were killed by American citizens who funded the war on a deficit-spending credit card. This seems a big enough issue to develop a back-up plan just in case Hillary wins and Bernie backs her or another democrat. If Bernie awakens we the people then we need to figure out what to do if he fades and partisan war mongers replace him.


Lord help us if the the only "left" that is stirring is the Democratic Left ...


Well if the Dem Left needs a new message, a new vision and new leadership, all it has to do is join the Greens ...


Yup - as Stein would say - the politics of fear has gotten us everything we were afraid of - the politics of fear that keeps us stuck in the duopoly ....


Well actually there is someone much closer on the radar than Sanders - Stein ...


Really, i thought TPTB were so overwhelming that it was impossible for we the people to make change - because if it were, then we would have some responsibility for doing so, doncha think?


Simple, vote Green ...


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