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Jerry Brown's Climate Plan Just Another 'Handout to Big Oil,' Green Groups Say


Jerry Brown's Climate Plan Just Another 'Handout to Big Oil,' Green Groups Say

Jake Johnson, staff writer

California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) is adamant that his newly unveiled package of legislation aimed at extending his state's existing cap-and-trade program through 2030 is an essential step forward in the fight against climate change, but prominent green groups are characterizing the plan as yet another massive giveaway to large polluters.


"Cap-and-Trade" was always a fraud to use tax dollars to normalize and subsidize pollution. How anybody who considers herself/himself "green" can support such a transparent scam is beyond belief...or maybe not.


How more ridiculous you get then attacking Jerry Brown on climate. He is one of the leading politicians in the world fighting climate change. There are many governors who are climate deniers. Attack them, not one of leaders in the fight against climate change. Cap and trade works. Nine northeastern states have used it successfully for a number years. If the climate justice movement is going to waste its time attacking the leaders in the fight against climate change what hope is there? Jerry Brown is also leading the fight against Trump on climate change. He needs support because Trump is very unhappy that California is going its own way and several other states are joining California in defying the federal government.


I work in the environmental industry now and this article is just another round of misinformation nonsense spewing. Under CEQA now, in California, all major projects have to do climate impact analyses. Impacts have to be mitigated below a level of significance and that, more than anything, is driving utilities, public agencies, and companies to change their practices and it is reducing emissions. At the moment, my new office is now covering its parking lot with solar panels as part of this process. It really is working and Brown should be given credit for it, not raked over the proverbial coals. It's tiring to read these jaded half-baked articles written as if the only constraint in life is "selloutism," rather than you know, legitimate and real constraints.


It is said that on the night stand of Gov. Brown's bedroom are the various writers Peter Singer, J.S. Mill, Bentham, et al. He's been doing his homework, has insomnia or is thinking hard about how to run the 6th largest economy in the world.
They're all in the Utilitarianism School, btw. Though, to be fair, they wrote on many aspects of organizing a modern society.
" the most good for the most people ".


Nonetheless, hydraulic fracturing ('Fracking') IS a 'Clear and Present Danger' and should be banned through-
out California IMMEDIATELY!!  It is not only a direct danger to water supplies in the neighborhoods where it is carried out, by increasing the availability of gas and oil it lowers their cost and thereby increases their use, and thus their competitiveness with renewable energy.


As I recall, Brown's family has owned oil interests in Indonesia for a long time. That's where the family gets its money.

Of course Brown would favor the oilgarchy.


Unfortunately, at Common Dreams there will magically appear people screaming exactly the opposite of reality, sometimes "just cause." Trolldom of an older, very rehearsed quality...


The crap being slung at Brown here is one reason I don't visit Common Dreams more often. Many of the posters here were the same crowd hiding out during the 1980s when I was an undergrad at UC San Diego. Nothing much was being accomplished in reaction to Reagan during the decade, but a lot of purist complaining. Meanwhile, young guys were being attacked just for being gay and living in on-campus housing. Because of the idiocy of the AIDS scare. It was a very negative intro to progressive politics. Quite a few posters at Common Dreams seem almost stuck in that era-lots of purist stuff, maybe not so much action. "In an ideal world--" well, we are not there yet. I would like to see ONE of these bitching folks try to do Browns job for ONE day.....


Is it from his wife's side? Never heard that, and I've read a couple books about both he and his father, even looked at his governors records at USC and his father's at Bancroft.


Right. Cap and Trade is a token economy for pollution and while it may result in some degree of reduction it does not protect high pollution areas. California has reduced some types of air pollution. that is a big step To be fair we do get a lot of China's pollution as it circles the globe. We definitely need a better plan for point source pollution from industry.


Yes, that is a fact and I believe Edmund G. Brown, the father, made several trips to Indonesia. They did business under the Suharto regime - which wasn't know for its great democracy. Jerry has also used a state agency to survey his own ranch for oil. Seems corrupt to me.


Jerry Brown of today is not the Jerry Brown of the 1970s. Used to love him...now don't trust him. I've watched him as he changed his colors - especially during his term as mayor in Oakland. His "progressive" credentials are really in doubt if you look closely but then he is good at re imaging himself and today he appeals much more the the "centrist" element. I guess he saw how far being a real "progressive" gets you in the US as a politician. I can tell you some stories about Jerry that would make you take a double look at him. Do some research. he is not who he used to be.


“Great democracy.” an understatement. Hah. In 1965, the U.S. overthrew the regime of Sukarno, because he wasn’t to their liking. Around 500,000 Indonesians were killed as a result of CIA work in that country.

I believe your characterization of corruption is absolutely correct.


Fifteen years ago the Institute of Medicine, the medical branch of the National Academy of Sciences, said that the health care system in the United States is not sustainable in the 21st Century. The only sustainable system is a national improved Medicare for all program. However, we will not have it nationally until we have it in a state or two. As Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis said in the 1930s, “The states are the laboratories of democracy.” Several states are working toward that goal-- California, New York, Colorado, Nebraska, and Ohio (SPANOhio.org); perhaps some others. Sooner or later, the richest country will join the remainder of the industrial world that now provide health care for all of their citizens.


Brown has always been fiscally conservative, the “moonbeam” label not withstanding. At the same time, he’s been an immensely consequential governor on the budget, infrastructure, transportation, renewable energy, and healthcare. It hasn’t been since his father that we’ve seen a governor do what he’s done, like all of it or not. People forget, the state water project was highly controversial, I-5 was stopped in several cities due to protests and opposition. Yet, we’d never give those up today. Historians rank Brown’s father as one of California’s best governors now. I can only hope we see a governor as bad as Brown in the future.


Is fiscally conservative using state resources to survey for possible oil on your own land?


I hadn’t heard about that before, very interesting. Based on the 2015 LA Times article I read, which was based on an AP report, it sounds like Brown’s report was put together based from existing public data. The map in it was the unusual thing, if one of the people quoted in the article is correct.

The thing is, if Brown requested information per public records, that isn’t wrong per se. We all have a right access well information and can do so here:


The AP article is a little vague about his actual request though. I also wish it provided more information. There’s a difference between surveyors examining his property and just collecting public data via shape files etc. It’s also possible, since the request came from the governor, staff did a little extra on their own. Having worked in the legislative sphere, I can attest to the difference in information presented if it came from the Speaker’s Office or a committee versus a legislative aid. Some follow up reporting would be nice, whatever the case.

Either way, very interesting. Thanks.