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Jerusalem: This Alliance of Israeli and American Extremism Will Spark Cycle of Revenge


Jerusalem: This Alliance of Israeli and American Extremism Will Spark Cycle of Revenge

Richard Silverstein

Words are almost impossible to describe the surrealism of Monday's developments in Jerusalem and Gaza. On the one hand, US President Donald Trump, speaking by video from the White House, his daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner led the American dedication of the "new" American embassy in the holy city.

They were accompanied by two Christian evangelical pastors, Robert Jeffress and John Hagee, who offered prayers at the dedication ceremony. Both have espoused explicitly anti-Semitic and Islamophobic views in the past.


Jewish, Christian, and Muslim religious extremists are having profound effects on the world and appear to be gaining power. This instance in Israel us yet another example. I think Richard Silverstein analyzed the situation quite well. I think the view of the settles is that according to the Torah the land in the West Bank was given to the Jews by God. For them that is the end of the story. They feel entitled to that land no matter what anyone says. It is an uncompromising view and outside of national laws and treaties. I think many Evangelicals agree with this assertion. This is what may be the basis of the bond between two groups. Zionism was started by secular Jews in Europe but it has been taken over for the most part by very religious Jews. The Israeli government consists of members of the right wing Likud Party, many of whom are probably more extreme than Netanyahu, and members of small extremist religious parties. The Likud Party needed to join with the extremist religious parties ot form a majority in Parliament. It all adds up to religious extremism having tremendous power in Israel. And this seems fine with Trump and his Evangelical supporters.


The US has been made worthy of contempt by its controlling parasite, Israel.


What must be understood is the extreme mutual cynicism of “Evangelical Christians” (who are neither) and secular but power-hungry Israelis. Jeffers and Hagee were there, I’m sure, by Pence’s doing. He didn’t get his Rapture when he went to Korea (twice), so he’s falling back on the strategy of building up the establishment of the state of Israel, as much as possible on the biblical map (which is a fantasy, so impossible). What’s most cynical about it is that the Pences, Jefferses, and Hagees expect for all unconverted Jews to be not just left behind, but destroyed when Jesus pulls themselves out of their clothes to go to Heaven. And of course the Netanyahus don’t expect that, but they find the Christianists useful suckers to support their power. None of them give a fig about the Palestinians.

Saner heads must raise our voices and stop the madness.


Enabled and emboldened, Israel now marks 70 years of statehood and over half a century of illegal occupation in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights. Today, Israel’sillegal Jewish settler colonies are the spear-tip of what critics call its slow-motion ethnic cleansing of Palestine. Its Jews-only settlements and roads, separation wall and ubiquitous military checkpoints are, according to Jimmy Carter, Desmond Tutu and others, the foundation of an apartheid state. Its periodic invasions of Gaza, with their 100-1 death toll disparities, their slaughter of entire families and enduring economic privation, are globally condemned as war crimes.

Yet through it all, the Palestinian people endure, despite the overwhelming odds against them. The more honest voices among earlier generations of Zionists foresaw this. Echoing Ahad Ha’am’s 1891 warning that “the natives are not going to just step aside so easily,” Ben-Gurion later acknowledgedthat “a people which fights against the usurpation of its land will not tire so easily.” Seventy years later, neither Palestinians nor Jews have tired so easily, and the world is no closer to solving the “Palestine problem.” Meanwhile, Jews, Arabs and the wider world brace for the next inevitable explosion. This is colonialism’s deadly legacy.

However, let us all take heart, because President Putin has decided to resolve the Palestinian anguish; He President Putin, has a “long game” strategy, to do what the “great Satan” America, has no intention of doing. He will do this with the least possible blood-shed, he will do this by maneuvering the Jewish Government into that position known as “the rock and a hard place”, and they will be forced to evacuate all Jewish settlers out of the United Nations agreed Palestinian State, and other “occupied” areas. Syria had to be cleaned up first, that is all but done and dusted; We can already see the Syrian people defending themselves more assertively, soon, we will see the Golan being returned to Syrian control; the Political scene in Lebanon has now turned in favour of this plan; time for seat-belts, it now commences in earnest. If the Jewish Government threatens with it’s nuclear weapons, it will be because they must now forsake their Greater Israel" project, in favour of a “Greater Israel” suicide, and this is possible if we accept that the Jews are indeed a Nation of psychopaths. However, this part has not been prophesied by Abraham or their God; it is not “written”.


US ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, whose family foundation has donated significant funds to an Israeli religious group, Kommemiyut, is seeking to overthrow the secular Israeli state and replace it with a theocratic monarchy, ruled over by a descendant of King David

So much for why we support the ‘only democracy’ in the mideast…


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