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Jewels from Guiliani


Jewels from Guiliani

Christopher Brauchli

Quick, send in the clowns,
Don’t bother they’re here.
— Stephen Sondheim, Send in the clowns


After stating the issue hypothetically," he does not believe" Rudy went on to state what he did know, he knows that Obama, a black man does not love him, a white man. How can he be so sure? I think the psychology of projection would explain it. Giuliani knows that he has no love or respect for those of other races, particularly black men. He sees the racial divide as insurmountable so he simply assumes that blacks must likewise hate him because he is white. It is classic dog whistle racism which makes him the target of what he assumes is inevitable black racism against whites and acquits him of any part in the process of string up this poisonous hatred. Giuliani is just the victim of black resentment against the dominant white race which is of course not his fault. The really pitiful thing about this attitude is that this is the overwhelmingly dominant view of the majority of citizens in the 70 percent Republican, almost all white suburb of Pittsburgh where I live. I won’t tell you it’s name but I will say that Family magazine calls it one of the best places in America to raise a family. We are so special, God surely has cast his favor on us.


The People had nothing to do with this law passing. It was Obama’s quid pro quo for FIRE (Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate deep pocket entities that funded his billion dollar campaign).