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Jewish Advocacy Group Denounces Trump's "Good Bloodlines" Comment About Anti-Semite Henry Ford

Already do, that asshole is known, and referred to as “FuckFace” in our home, and discussions. A fitting moniker for a worthless piece of shit. Oh, biased much? Absolutely!

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Of course Trump would subscribe to the “good bloodlines” concept. How else could someone with a business track record of multiple bankruptcies and his own knowledge of his cheating of others through lawsuits and non-compliance with business practices maintain his sense of superiority. He must believe that he has attained the presidency due to his own bloodline; his innate genetic ability. Not because he was born with the silver spoon and all the advantages that affords.

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They will never allow it. They must be expelled by a political takeover and purging. And the concept of “corporations are people” must be sent to the dustbin of evil and wrong-headed ideas. Corporations can be considered people when they start putting themselves on the front lines of the endless wars they support and foment. Otherwise, they should be considered as what they are, organizations motivated by greed only, with no consideration or impetus towards the public good.


He’s not prejudiced, he just hates everybody who is not rich; and at that maybe everybody he is not related to.

He does like Jewish lawyers, Roy Cohn was his mentor. If you want to understand Trump understand Roy Cohn anti semitic Jew, gay bashing queer, mafia lawyer, Joe McCarthy’s counsel; who ended his career being disbarred on four counts.


I don’t think he hates everyone, but his self-interest is above all else.

Awards/ honors

Tree of Life Award - Jewish National Fund

Algemeiner Liberty Award - for contributions to Israel

Friends of Zion Award - Friends of Zion Museum

Temple Coin featuring Trump from Mikdash Education Center in honoring Jerusalem as the
countries capital.

Beltar Trump Jerusalem renamed in 2018


The first Corporations were in fact founded so as to build public works like Hospitals and Universities. They were non profit and were formed to enhance “the greater good” of a given society.

They were then hi-jacked in the 1700s so as to generate profits for the small few and to extend Colonialism to foreign lands.



Thanks for the link.

There is the constant ‘ick factor,’ even when viewing a picture of this miscreant.
I have never felt that there was a ‘there’ there in listening to him pontificate.


There is a terrific recent book, Title escapes me at this time, detailing the Trump’s AND as a bonus, the other dicey clan, the Kushner’s. The Jared Ivanka union was pushed by Donald Trump, possibly as a matter of convenience.

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a terrific car, in every way, at a price $20,000 less than a comparable Mercedes, BMW, Audi, with arguably better Customer Service.

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The headline says “denounces remark.”
Can’t we just ignore trump, then we don’t have to respond to any of his (fill in the blank)?

In my view Trump will not need the Brown Shirts all he needs is the Republican, Party and to run against Biden.

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Like dynastic marriages in Queen Victoria 's time??

Absolutely on target, except I’d say he does hate everyone including himself, except MAYBE Ivanka. I doubt that there is ever a single moment of insight for Dump.

Enviously admiring somebody is not the same as liking, much less loving, somebody.

A must-see, especially for people with no previous knowledge about Roy Cohn, is the movie “Where’s My Roy Cohn?”. He was everything you say and then some. When one sees the movie, he can SEE the Cohn influence in Dump’s every behavior. IMO, there was more than a mentor-mentee bond between the two, but so far, I’ve not read any allusion to a “deeper” relationship.

If anyone gets the movie disk, watch the extra features, too. Very elucidating. The only good thing about Roy Cohn is that he finally died and that gives us hope that other monster miscreants will die, too. (My fingers are crossed for several of them now, starting with Dump, McConnell, Miller, surviving Kochs, Mercers, and company.)

I’d downvote this post if I could.

There was recently a program like the History channel with a Roy Cohn documentary. It began before his relationship with Tail gunner Joe and ended with the trump stuff. Two peas in a pod. Deny, deny, deny.

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Ok, your objection is noted.

Huh? The “Brown Shirts” are in the “Democrat” Party!

“…historians and lawyers researching class-action suits on behalf of former prisoners of war are busy amassing evidence of collaboration by the automakers with the Nazi regime…American managers of both GM and Ford went along with the conversion of their German plants to military production at a time when U.S. government documents show they were still resisting calls by the Roosevelt administration to step up military production in their plants at home… A U.S. Army report by investigator Henry Schneider dated Sept. 5, 1945, accused the German branch of Ford of serving as “an arsenal of Nazism, at least for military vehicles” with the “consent” of the parent company in Dearborn.”

*New York lawyer Mel Weise said that although the parent company in America knew what had happened at its German plant, it never fully broke its connection with Germany and that it still re-employed key managers after the war. *
*He said the firm has a responsibility to those forced to work in its name. *
“They were out for profit, pure and simple,” he told the BBC. “They didn’t care how it was earned and who was abused in the process.”

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Maybe we should all stop thinking in terms of “bloodlines” and start thinking globally. As long as religion depends on bloodlines, it is hypocritical to complain about them.