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Jewish Nation-State Law: Why Israel Was Never a Democracy


Jewish Nation-State Law: Why Israel Was Never a Democracy

Ramzy Baroud

The head of the Arab Joint List Alliance at the Israeli Knesset (Parliament), Aymen Odeh, described the passing of the racist Jewish Nation-state Law as "the death of our democracy."


Nuff said.



The US is making the same choice. Trump;. The one difference is the US has been clearly a democracy where everyone was supposed to be treated equally and have full rights but that is now changing. The US is headed toward becoming a nation in which only white Christians have full rights. A Christian racist state. For Americans it is far more important what is happening in the US than In Israel. This is particularly true for Jewish Americans who can no longer be sure they will be accepted in the US. The battle against white nationalism is on in the US. There isn’t that much we can do about Israel. After years of terrorists attacks and the right wing stoking fears it appears that the Israelis are giving up on democracy and focusing on a establishing a state for Jews. But there is a lot we can do about preventing a white Christian nation from being established in the US. As US citizens we can vote, protest, and do whatever we can to fight for democracy against white nationalism. The large number of non-white immigrants who have entered the US and the terrorist attacks by jihadists have led many Americans to give up on democracy and follow Trump. It will take an all out effort to save democracy in the US.


If the wrongdoing one is criticizing is Jewish (by organized Jews for the benefit of Jews), an entrenched and ongoing part of Jewry, then it is anti-Semitic. Are we allowed to condemn them for it, or must we give them a unique free pass,on wrongdoing, just for Jews? Remember the holocaust!


Figures that a stupid shit like you would fail to understand that the USA has never been a democracy. Read your constitution.


This is the country you find by finding the world’s drain pipe. There you will see these s***** people circling the drain. Bye!


Two example’s among near countless, exposing the racist brutality, depravity, and violent repression by the “Jewish state” that has intentionally targeted journalists, EMS workers, UN observers, civilian infrastructure, children, and American citizens along with unarmed protesters. Never has the US government protested or sanctioned the Israeli entity, they reward it with far-over the admitted Billions annually when all is counted…over $5 Billions…an annual tribute that shows our craven lap-dog status and the treasonous subversion of the US by supporters of Israel above all else!

The zionist entity was conceived in racist exceptionalism and ethnic cleansing that has grown into cultural destruction of the Palestinian people and once vibrant culture, mass murder of unarmed Palestinian and International protesters, use of banned and indiscriminate weapons against civilians, wholesale destruction of Palestinian infrastructure, homes, orchards, water resources, and overt theft and colonization of territory under Israeli occupation in violation of International Law, Humanitarian Law, World Court decisions, UN resolutions & Charter, and all norms of moral behavior!



This is why we need to remove every congress person here in our country who holds citizenship in Israel as well.


There is much that I take issue with in your comment, but I will stick with addressing this quote above. You are so wrong. Israel would not be able to continue its crimes without the backing, and huge financial support that the US gives it each year. Without the US having its back, Israel would be forced to seek a just solution, and peace, with the Palestinians. Period.


Yes. And let it be remembered that the US, as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, has consistently deployed its veto power on Israel’s behalf, even as Israel has consistently violated UN resolutions since its founding.


The US government gives 10.3 million dollars(this obscene amount doesn’t include all the weapons we gift them) to Israel every stinking day, for what??? Under the Sygminton Amendment (in addition to 4 other constitutional amendments)giving any aid to a county who has or traffics in nuclear weapons & has refused to sign the NPT is illeagal, period! The US government is aiding and abetting war crimes, besides committing war crimes themselves. We have vets living in cardboard boxes,committing suicide at alarming rates; American citizens being poisoned with lead; being told we can’t afford to give our citizens healthcare; children living in cages. I am embarrassed to be an American and ashamed to be a Jew! Israel stole the land from the Palestinians, just like our government stole this country from the Native Americans and the Mexicans. I couldn’t agree more with the comment about removing duel citizenship individuals for those in our government. You can not serve two masters, sadly Israel owns the majority of those who claim to serve the citizens of the USA.


This begs the question: Should those with dual citizenships who are currently holding office in US Congress in a country that strives to be a democracy still maintain their legislative authority given that they ALSO agree with the citizen status classification of Israel? This is a serious conflict of interest.

"The Israeli legal system is based fundamentally on the determination of at least two classes of citizenship: Class “A” citizenship for such citizens as are classified in law as “Jews”, and, as such are allocated in law a privileged access to the material resources of the State and the social as well as the welfare services of the State only because they are classified in law as “Jews” versus Class “B” citizenship for such citizens as are classified in law as “non-Jews”, namely, as “Arabs”, and, as such, are discriminated against in law with regard to their right to equal access to the material resources of the State as well as the social and welfare services of the State, first and foremost their right to equal access to land and water only because they are classified in law as “non-Jews”.

But subject to Class “B” citizenship above, there exists in the State of Israel by force of the Absentees Property Law of 1950 also Class “C” citizenship for such Arab citizens of the State of Israel who are present inside the state, yet classified in law as “absent”. These Arab citizens are indeed present inside Israel as taxpayers and voters who cast (or refrain from casting) their vote in the election ballot - but, being classified under the said obscene law as “absentees” - they have been denied all their rights to their properties (e.g., lands, houses, corporations, shares, bank accounts, bank safes, etc.) such as were valid until 1948. Some 20 per cent of the constituency of the Palestinian Arab citizens of Israel, approximately 200,000 persons, are classified in Israeli law as Class “C” citizens, namely, as “present-absentees”.

Also, subject to the said Absentees Property law of 1950, the Israeli legislator (the Knesset) determined in law a Class “D” citizenship, namely, the denied citizenship of some 750,000 1948 Palestine refugees and their descendants currently numbering according to UNRWA figures over 4 million persons."


I’d go further and say without US weaponry, it’s very likely they would have never taken over Palestine. And certainly wouldn’t have defeated Egypt.

Just to piss them off (not that they care what I do), I’m going to refer to the land as Palestine from now on. Wish news outlets would do the same.


Beside that we need to ban AIPAC as the proven obvious agent of a foreign power!


Absolutely. I forgot about AIPAC. Duh!


Israel continues to shit all over the memory of the holocaust victims.



Israeli supremacist racism and hatred murders another Palestinian child…the whole world is watching….BDS!


An easier and better solution would be to follow the lead of Australia, where dual citizenship is allowed EXCEPT for elected government officials. A wise and fair solution.


Ah! It’s always fun to come to Common Dreams. I suggest, to save money and team up with allies, this site should merge with Stormfront.


Zionism and Stormfront movements are identical in all respects. Each think they are the true exceptionalist overlords and accuses the other of being “the evil ones” that must be wiped out.