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Jill Stein and the Green Party Add More Ballot Lines This Week


Jill Stein and the Green Party Add More Ballot Lines This Week

WASHINGTON - Jill Stein and the Green Party filed their petitions for ballot access in 3 more states this week: Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Utah. The campaign is confirmed on the ballot in 28 states, and awaits state government confirmation in 7 others where we have filed in the last month. 12 more states have pending deadlines where we will be filing between now and September 9.


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This is great news. Ballot access is one of the dumb things we need to address to get a legitimate voice into our elections.


Now, if only it would get even a tiny mention on mainstream media.


Jill and Ajamu will be on CNN 9 pm EDT, August 24.


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Actually, the Green Party town hall is on CNN on August 17, not August 24.


js is NOT legit -- she's an M.D. who dog whistles at at anti-vaxers, she's destroyed Green party. !0 years ago they had a lot more people running. Since she took over it's become the js show. The kicker is that, just like nader did to us in Gore v bush, js may well GIVE US drumpf. This is NOT the time to vote for purity, this is the time to vote for one of the two visions that can ACTUALLY win. If js lover OUR country a tenth as much as she loves herself, she'd drop out of the race.


Factually incorrect. I look at CNN, RCP, and their ilk frequently and there are TONS of articles on js. CNN is hosting a town hall with her (the idiots) and are advertising it bigtime. Why are you telling people there is a blackout when there ISN'T one. js is our nader. Think where we'd be IF nader hadn't run and Gore THEREFORE would have. js may very well give us drumpf and that, my fellow American's aint cool.


The ballot access press release here is 2 months out of date. Current ballot-access status can be seen on Jill's website, under the "VOTE" drop-down.
As of today, voters will be able to choose Jill in 47 states (albeit only by write-in in three of those states--Georgia, Indiana and North Carolina). The other three: your vote for Jill has, as of today, been locked out in Nevada, South Dakota and Oklahoma. Do not despair: those 47 states' electoral votes are enough to provide Jill a victory, if all the people who say "I'd vote for Jill, but she can't win" would just VOTE FOR HER! Who might put aside the phony fear manufactured by the ruling duopoly and vote in their own interests, and those of the Planet, for the greater good instead of for the lesser evil? How about the 45 million student-debt slaves, who Jill would free (by forgiving their debt)? The Berniecrats still angry at the theft of their votes by Hillary and the DNC? Voters looking for an alternative to an orange clown or a lying warmonger? All of the above? Just the students and their parents would constitute a plurality. This election, because of social media, may just be a "black swan." Improbable, but there for all to see.


But "Jill can't win, so what's the point?" If everyone who said "I like Jill, but she can't win," just VOTED for her, she would win. I urge all such voters to pledge their votes to her, and watch the number of pledged votes grow on her website. (As a newbie, I can't directly post the link, but just click the "VOTE" dropdown to find it. (Vote count is currently growing at over 100 per hour.) Afraid your vote for Jill will be (as Obama recently said) "a vote for Trump?" Go to "burn my vote dot org" (no spaces) and partner with another non-duopoly voter. No one can accuse either of you of influencing the duopoly vote totals.