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Jill Stein Challenges Hillary Clinton to Debate After 'Russian Asset' Smear

Bring it on!
Tulsi v Hillary!!!


No offense I hope to gossiping high school hallway snipes …


Makes you wanna fly the u.s. flag proudly, don’t it?


In the lesser of two evils. Evil always wins -
and this

On a side note - I luv that photo at the top of the article - HIL-arious


AND !!!

moderated by the League of Women Voters!


Phred, I miss the League of Voters moderating the debates. Those were the good ole days!


@David Carson

Putin’s trolls also shilled for Sanders.

Facts are facts.


Where are the candidates speaking out on this? One would think after Tulsi resigned her party leadership position in 2016 to defend Bernie, he would be the first person rising to her defense. Proof that the “progressive” candidates are sheepdogging people.

The Daily Beast speaking out is fairly amazing considering Chelsea Clinton sits on the board. This was a bridge too far for even Clinton cheerleaders.


Oh, please.

She still won the popular vote by 3 million votes and thew election was still stolen by Putin.


HER certainly couldn’t object to THAT, could HER?


Hillary, go the f@#$ away, bi@#h, and take Chelsea with you. You and Bill have done nothing for the last 30 years except sell-out decent, working and poor Americans, help overthrow a democratically elected Socialist in Central America, and cheat the one candidate who could have beaten Trump out of the Democratic nomination. You’ve done more than enough damage to this country. Maybe you’re the Russian “plant” in our system?


Third parties inserted to make a statement but with no chance to win, the Democratic curse. It’s happened before (Ralph Nader). These polarized one-issue types are cutting off their nose to spite their face. The fact that they don’t deny Third Party aspirations, but want to debate, just supports Clinton in my view. Guess we’ll see what happens, but anybody who votes for a Third Party is voting for Donald Trump.


I was totally unimpressed by Jill Stein in 2016.


Must be hard for you to comprehend that we have meddled in elections throughout our history. I think the Ukraine thing is something about that, isn’t it? Be that as it may, if ending our regime change wars is favored by Russia, then they compliment Tulsi and themselves. Embracing stupid is not smart.


Why bother with a debate? Who would watch? Both of these women are politically irrelevant in the upcoming elections.


Clinton’s spiteful and dishonest remarks only make me feel further relieved that I did vote for Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka in the 2016 general (after she cheated Bernie Sanders and Bernie Sanders supporters in the primary). I see myself as personally attacked by these comments - and I don’t need to vote for candidates who are abusing me, as a voter, and inviting others to do the same. She’s like Trump calling upon voters to attack, for example, migrants. In this case, McCarthyite red-baiting. Shows NO leadership - the opposite.

Stein is a long-time peace advocate whose single payer platform was rated superior by PNHP to even Bernie’s. (She got an A+; as I recall - Bernie got an A. Clinton got a C or C- on healthcare, Trump a D or F.) She’s a physician who knows this issue on Medicare For ALL inside-out. And frankly, everything else I’ve heard her otherwise say on issues is quite rational. During her campaign, she called for full cancellation of student debt - a position now taken up by Bernie w/far more support. But she was advocating this position in the 2016 general. And I was - and still am - proud to support this position. She also advocated a guaranteed basic income via the Green Party Platform - a superior proposal to Yang’s because (although it was annually 2 thousand dollars less, as I recall - but I stand to be corrected), it’s truly unconditional and universal because doesn’t require people to give up their welfare. (Though I think a real UBI should be a lot higher than both proposals - it’s supposed to also be “liveable,” but this is another discussion.) And there is also … their Green New Deal. So on the basis of issues, it’s really insane to me to hear people considering themselves progressives attacking Stein and the Green Party - who are, also and significantly - corporate free. While the Democrats - especially Clinton - are totally sold out to Wall St. And this isn’t just smear bullshit like the corporate wing’s Russia crap - it’s fact.

What I don’t get, however, on the Left, including Greens, is why more people aren’t calling out Clinton for herself making Trump president. Now, in this case, it really (and also) is another matter of FACT. She’s been scapegoating people like Stein (and Bernie) and Bernie supporters when the DNC’s leaked emails show that they colluded w/MSM to not only to rig the DP primary, but the GOP primary, as well. IOW, Clinton and the DNC with their MSM sent Trump more than 50% of the way to the White House. Fact. He was a long-shot clown by their own analysis - but they deliberately empowered his campaign along with the far-right. They explicitly discussed this, and colluded with MSM to do so, in their “Pied Piper Strategy.” So if “helping to get Trump elected,” in Clinton’s book, makes someone a Russian stooge, that’s what she is! Because, furthermore, she made his collusion w/the Russians a centerpiece of her campaign along w/the rest of his vile sociopathic characteristics. So - more than anyone - since she supposedly knew or believed this about him - why did she put the nation and planet at such risk? Why did she hand us over to Putin? And in her own strategy? She is the one who failed to campaign harder in the swing territory - against even Bill Clinton’s advice. And against advice by the Bernie campaign - who she similarly scapegoated like Stein. The Bernie campaign wanted her to win during the general. Bernie campaigned for Clinton harder than she campaigned for herself. And Stein - Stein helped her campaign challenge the outcome in the swing states. They called a full audit, too, of the entire election. Clinton wouldn’t have even challenged it in the swing states at all except that her own supporters pressured her to do so and donated to the effort. Clinton was ready to sit down and take defeat that easily. What a fighter, huh! (eye roll) Now this is something Clinton really could have taken on with her money and her wealthy backers and her power. (Unlike Bernie’s loss in the primary - where he couldn’t change their rigged outcome - but he fought to use the issue as leverage for changing the party and its process. She didn’t do anything with it but waste people’s time and money, and go hide out in the woods. Bernie has been out there fighting publicly still and since.)

So again, to me, this only further shows who and what Clinton is about. I am further relieved I voted for Stein - and I certainly don’t plan to vote for Biden if he’s the nominee. In which case, I plan to go third party left again - probably, this time, for Gloria La Riva and Leonard Peltier (who Obama didn’t let out - th e longest held political prisoner in the USA - almost 45 years in our gulags - while they grandstand about “democracy.” It makes pre-revolution France and the Bastille look like nothing.)

Enough is enough with this Russia crap. Red-baiters: vote on your own.


…“running a drug ring out of that Mena runway”. Actually it was the CIA that was running cocaine into the country to fund the Contra terrorists, not Hillary herself or Bill. The Mena site was training Contra pilots and shipping weapons; but also became a CIA drug smuggling op. If the Clintons knew about the drugs is unknown; but the CIA gave ten percent of the ops budget to fund Bill’s industrial development program, which help keep him if office. Hillary publically opposed the contra war but privately liked the cash helping hubby politicallyt- a testimony to her utter decadence and hypocrisy.
On the Russian agent wrap: Hillary must be having PTSD from losing to a reality TV con man. She is definitely losing her mind decompensating to the level of that rummy, Senator Joe McCarthy. Keep it up and she’ll end up like him.


Don’t feed the troll.


Hi bruce bennett:
And don’t forget the worst one-----when she was speaking outside and had sound making machines pointed towards this outside of her garden party, so the reporters outside would hear nothing that she said while courting the corporates. : 0


The Clinton’s are the skeezyest couple to ever occupy the White House. It’s time they were called out for their bullshit. Stein would destroy her, and would never even have to stray from truth.

It’s time we spent some real time investigating Clinton’s. As bad as Trump is, the Clinton’s have acquired more net assets than Trump, in about the same time, without having to resort to dads money. How did they do that honestly? Servicing the Public pays best, I guess.