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Jill Stein Joins Forces with Berner Rebellion Inside and Outside DNC To Bring Powerful New Critical Mass to Political Revolution


Jill Stein Joins Forces with Berner Rebellion Inside and Outside DNC To Bring Powerful New Critical Mass to Political Revolution

PHILADELPHIA - PHILADELPHIA - Dr. Jill Stein, presumptive Green Party presidential nominee, joined forces with thousands of Sanders delegates who took to the streets outside the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday to show their outrage at the DNC’s callous, backstabbing treatment of the Bernie Sanders campaign during the primary race - as evidenced by recent email leaks - and of Sanders delegates during the convention itself.



Jill Stein, like all other progressives, makes a huge and unforgivable error by basing her campaign on job creation. Job creation is the modern delusion. It all comes down to government make-work projects. Like China we should be build cities with skyscrapers where no one lives and nothing ever happens just for job creation? What happens when the world is filled with make-work projects and all the resources are used up. It's madness which neither Stein nor Sanders ever understood, not to mention Clinton and Trump. We are living in an era where technology is so developed that all the needs of the human population of earth can be met without full employment. So should people just starve. No. What is required is the Basic Income Guarantee. There is a worldwide movement for this that Stein had better figure out fast because it's in the Green Party platform she supposedly represents but maybe never read. Wake up Jill!


That headline reveals a bias that comports with wishful thinking not political reality. There is no "new," "powerful," "critical mass." There are former supporters of Bernie who are choosing their second choice candidate, and there are those who were more sincere in their support of the Greens following their first pick.


Nonsense. The political reality is the Green's have a great platform that most of the country has no idea even exists. The "statue quo" forces you conjure up have nothing to do with the inability of the Greens to market themselves more effectively. Bernie almost single-handedly pushed the entire conversation in this primary contest, possibly in both campaigns, to an awareness of progressive causes. Now that he didn't get the nod from the Democrats, a minority of his voters are running to the Greens waving their platform as if it is received wisdom from on high… Why didn't they just get behind the Greens to begin with?

If the Greens can build on the start Bernie laid out for them and promote themselves better in the states they can gain recognition and maybe get support for their platform. The reality is, right now, they are virtually unknown in many parts of the country.


One of the reasons Bernie was able to become more recognized, and that was still a major work in progress as his next step would have been swaying all those independents and Democrats that don't vote in primaries and have conservative ideas about "socialism," was because he was running with the Democrats. There is a party infrastructure that he took advantage of. He also has recognition and respect, as far as it goes, in Congress, whereas Stein and the Greens have none of that. That is not to say it can't come, but not in this cycle. Not now.

For all the reasons I've stated in other posts to lose to the Republicans and give them the SCOTUS nominations will set back progressivism decades. I respect the Greens but to lose this election to the Republicans simply isn't an option. Too much is at stake. Roe v Wade, climate change, economic issues. Foreign policy is the hardest thing to fathom because so much about it, the intelligence, the information the public doesn't and can't have, is beyond our ability as the public to judge well. In broad strokes we can debate and protest but the nuts and bolts are beyond our reach. That is a function of the world and times we live in and deeply disturbing. I firmly believe Clinton has to win this. We are in for a lot of seriously regressive BS if she doesn't.


It's not our headline - it's a press release.


Actually the headline was quite correct. It was stating the reason why Stein and others were there. You may disagree with their ability to actually create that critical mass - but the headline is not really biased.


Got it. Thanks.


You're right. I only learned of them through CommonDreams. Jill Stein 2016 is trying to get 100,000 signatures on a petition to "include all Presidential candidates who have qualified for enough state ballots to be a choice for a majority of voters." I just signed that petition. As of now, they have 54,625 signatures.



THANK YOU -- CD -- for publishing this article on Jill Stein and her Presidential Campaign!

And thank you for including the link to her website at the bottom left corner of this article.

I sincerely hope that CD will consistently continue coverage of Jill Stein and her campaign every week from now on.

Your regular readers want this coverage, Jill Stein deserves this coverage, and the nation and world will benefit from weekly coverage of Jill Stein and her campaign (because she is the peace, environment, and equality candidate)!

Remember: the U.S. corporate media hurt Bernie's campaign by refusing to report on Bernie for many months.

Please do not hurt Jill Stein's campaign by choosing to not report on her campaign (or by reporting only rarely).


Actually, 54,626.

Thanks for the tip.


If you want to give her her Ralph Nader moment, that is your choice. Not me...


Fair enough. I only later recognized the piece as a press release and not that CD was offering it as editorial.

That was my mistake.


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Caring... that a conservative SCOTUS doesn't overturn Roe v Wade, gut the regulatory authority of the EPA, SEC, CFPB, or other regulatory agency authorities that serve the public interest. Those are two big things that affect attitudes toward healthcare and life on earth in all sorts of ways. Not wanting a bombastic, narcissistic, aggressive, inexperienced and intemperate demagogue having access to the nuclear codes.

A couple of big reasons to care about the attitudes that might help this nightmare come to pass...

Oh, btw, I don't love Clinton. That presumption is your projection, not my feelings. She is highly qualified, and is the best candidate there is. Stein has no chance to win, and running to show may very well give Trump the Presidency, making everything I presume you would like happen very, very unlikely.


"Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost." —John Quincy Adams