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Jill Stein Takes Pennsylvania Recount Fight to Federal Court


Jill Stein Takes Pennsylvania Recount Fight to Federal Court

Nika Knight, staff writer

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein plans to take her fight for a vote recount in Pennsylvania to federal court, Stein announced late Saturday, after a state judge ordered her campaign post a $1 million bond.

"No voter in America should be forced to pay thousands of dollars to know if her or his vote was counted."
—Jill Stein


What is the State and Trump afraid of, if their system isn't "rigged"? How obvious is obvious?


Wow! A real live article on Jill Stein! Written by an actual Common Dreams staff writer! And it even manages to sound objective! I guess I'll have to wait for the comments to roll in, to find out about how much of a horrible human being she is this week. Can't have too much time go by without someone blaming her for destroying our country.


Actually, it was those who advocated the need to keep Trump out by not voting for Stein in just a few key states, like Pennsylvania, who got savagely attacked here.


There was once an Apache warrior, Lozen by name, who was also a woman - and "a shield to her people."


To say "Judge makes outrageous demand for $1,000,000 bond" qualifies a site for categorization as propaganda site & consideration for a Fake News award.

"A computer science professor from the University of Michigan explains how" Change that to "ALLEGES HOW"
How about Alice in Wonderland? How about puts forth ridiculous theory to try to get a recount? A Man from Mars may have alerted the voting machine by ethereal osmosis in the night.


It is against the Scientific Method to hinder any sort of inquiry into Truth.

The American Medical Association, for example, was a Scientific Organization until the Industrial Revolution's Robber Barons bought into it, placing their own Overseers in positions of Power "To make sure that their money was well spent...". turning it into purely an arm of the Medicine Selling Industry.

Truth must prevail in our National Elections, how can anyone, Legitimately, try to Prevent that from happening.


How odd is it that we must jump through bureaucratic hoops and raise millions of dollars so we can trust our election results?

It would only be odd if one were talking about an actual democracy.


Neoliberals need to learn how to get their own votes. I guess that was the problem for Clinton. She couldn't win even against Donnie-tinyhands. Neoliberalism is dying. We have a choice--democracy or fascism, Clinton represented only Wall Street so she lost.


Jill Stein is a fighter!!! I have the utmost respect for her. Keep fighting, Jill!!!


Damn good question.


Why Jill Stein wants to verify the election results is way beyond many here. They should go out and protest and chant "We want blackbox elections!" and "Don't count the vote!"


The savaging of Stein, without acknowledging the unconstitutional and extra-legal activities of extremist groups supporting the Republican Party, is certainly " a tell " about how morally elastic our legal system is. We cannot say, with any certainty, that Stein cost Hillary Clinton the 3-4 states being contested without examining and verifying that all votes are treated equally.This includes provincial ballots, undervotes and absentee ballots, etc. Also, voter intent, btw. The anomalies simply cannot be explained away by the likes of 538 or dickheads at Slate Magazine, either. Political axe-grinding or pencil-neck number crunching doesn't have a place when considering who sits in the Oval Office or Congress, as well. The system of elections and vote counting in the U.S. is broken, and subject to partisan monkey wrenching, just like our political economy. The 99s, and their sympathizers in minority communities, should not merely fade into the sweet night, here. They should join Dr. Stein and the millions who are with her on this quest , And, fight for complete transperancy and reliably accurate elections. With an openly crypto-racist Attorney General, and a businessman who's family has already been convicted of discrimination regarding housing and employment, their lives may truly depend on voting, legal protestations and other constitutional protections. Count the votes!
The silence of most politicians on this issue, is also a tell, here. The deal-cutting has already begun in the halls and behind closed doors in the U.S. Congress. The lobbyists " who shall not be named " and the front groups who gave $ billions to the two UniParty candidates in the debacle of Election 2016 are not anyone friends when it comes to voting or fair and accurate elections. Thinking of them as hoodwinkers and bamboozlers is always the safer course.:wink:


Your assertion is absurd.

The writer of the article did not claim that the judge made an outrageous demand. The writer quoted Jill Stein.


A law professor who taught a graduate law seminar I was enrolled in four decades ago would signal the end of each class by saying: "No matter what we discussed today, remember that it really boils down to how much justice can you afford" ?



Her dogged insistence on counting only states that could then throw the election to Killary is just a little too transparent. It appears she may have always been a stalking horse for the dims. Where is her acknowledgement that the people of the US actually voted for a non-establishment candidate in key states, where are the recounts in the States that are even more suspect, California, New Hampshire?


California? Dog whistle much? Btw, Florida's recounting may well be on the way, too. Anomalies abound, to be sure. Without justice there can be no peace.


WTF! This is totally incoherent.


"The Trump campaign also is trying to block the recount in Michigan".

Why? Trump has claimed the popular vote was "rigged" and that he actually won the popular vote. So I would think if he really believes that over 2 million votes that went to HRC were fraudulently cast, Trump would welcome and contribute funds to the recount!


If in fact this is the case, and that is also questionable, I'd say that no one else in the Green Party has the balls (pardon the pun) to do it. She is doing it to counter a bogus Green count, not for the Queen of Darkness. She (Clinton) is history and good riddance to her. And what the hell kind of handle/avatar is"donthaveanynuff"?