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'Jim Crow-Era Tactics' Rejected as Texas GOP Racist Voter ID Law Smacked Down


'Jim Crow-Era Tactics' Rejected as Texas GOP Racist Voter ID Law Smacked Down

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In what is being called a "huge win for voting rights" and a resounding defeat of "Jim Crow-era tactics," a federal judge on Wednesday struck down a major voter ID law passed by the Republican-dominated Texas state legislature on the grounds that it would place a "disproportionate burden" on black and Latino voters.


Good for the judge. At least some still care about civil rights.

“Civil rights groups have also expressed alarm at the Brennan Center analysis,” why would they be alarmed by the analysis? As far as I can tell, the analysis was accurate. It’s what the analysis showed. in other words, it’s the results depicted by the analysis that should be the cause of their alarm. It’s a bit like taking aim at the messenger.


Just called Justice Ramos’ office and spoke with her case manager…extending my heartfelt gratitude for her advocacy for all residents in the state of Texas and that her action establishes a vital precedent for combating all such laws meant to disenfranchise primarily minority voters, which is a gift for our nation.


I voted in 3 different countries (incl the US). The US is the only one where people have problems with showing id. If I walk into a voting station, how does the election official there know who I am if I don’t present id? I just walk in and say I’m John Smith and they believe me?


The problem does not lay with “showing id.” The problem is that the state of Texas would only accept certain forms of identification (i.e., gun licenses the majority of which are issued to Caucasians) and would not allow others, such as school/university id cards. Besides, photo id’s for people in far off rural areas are difficult to acquire, especially when many issuing offices are either closed or moved without notice. Many older folks can no longer drive and do not have valid driver’s licenses or passports, which makes it difficult for them to get to an issuing office. In addition, the cost of acceptable photo id’s has increased beyond the means of many who live in poverty (in my state, an “enhanced driver’s license” will become mandatory for boarding airplanes as of Jan 2018 and that cost me $108). Think beyond your universe/experience and/or read the text of the case. Voting procedures also differ from state to state: in my state, we vote by mail.


Wow, $108? Your state is fleecing you. Oh well, that’s what you have to go thru if your state issues DL without proof of citizenship or legal residence, i guess. At some point the piper has to be paid. Renewal of TX DL is $25 every 6 years. TX state id is $16, not bank buster by any measure.

Let’s put it this way. If someone is all gung-ho about voting they’ll get some form of acceptable ID. Almost half of us don’t care to vote anyway.


Proofs of citizenship (state-issued birth certificate or passport) AND legal residence (utility bills, e.g.) are BOTH required to obtain a DL or personal ID in lieu of a DL in my state. They who choose not to have an enhanced license will not be able to board a flight or enter into any federal building in my state. Nor will they be able to enter Canada or Mexico.


Nonsense, for 180+ years no photo ID was required to vote. Photo ID did not become common in the US until the 1970s. My first driver’s license was just a piece of paper. If you think people in India have to have a photo ID to vote you would be wrong.


Then it is the fed gov who is messing with you. Either way it sucks.


Is it Jim Crow? Not too long ago we had a conversation in our country that each vote should count and today arguments over people who have entered and are living in our country without becoming Citizens who without some control on voting could change our laws without ever becoming American Citizen’s? How does each vote count if we are not sure each person is only voting one time? With both those questions floating around how much faith remains in the results from our elections? When a news poll is in conflict with the results the public is left to wonder which one is wrong and if one side or the other has played a game! In the end we need to have faith in one side or the other. I can’t see our media improving, you?
Right now in Texas, I checked, just for ID they run from $6 to $21 depending on age or new or replacement while if you want to drive with it the price will go up. As for the others I have no way to check but the State needs to fix one issue and the people need to come to grips with the other issue. It is called meeting in the middle or compromise. Important above all is no one is left out of voting and the vote is secure so when the results are announced if a news paper has a different result the people know with confidence the polling was wrong and not wonder if some one played with the numbers. That is the worst thing that can happen in a democracy. losing faith in your fellow citizens, then turning on each other. We stand united of fall divided. Unite


As usual, I’m gonna go spiritual on this. Say, what’s gonna stop your bigot soul from being incarnated in your next lifetime into a race you most despised in this one? Remember, God is in charge. Kindest intent. ~garry