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Jimmy Carter Latest Ex-Democratic Leader to Back Single Payer. When Will Current Ones?


Jimmy Carter Latest Ex-Democratic Leader to Back Single Payer. When Will Current Ones?

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Speaking to a large crowd just before a Sunday school class in Plains, Georgia, former President Jimmy Carter said he believes the United States will ultimately transition away from a for-profit system that leaves millions uninsured to a Medicare-for-All style system that guarantees healthcare to every American as a right.


“Eventually” isn’t soon enough. How many people have to suffer and/or die before they are afforded what should be their right as humans beings, if not citizens and taxpayers. We are spending untold billions on wars and destruction and death. Why isn’t this money, our taxpayer dollars, being used for life? Where are all those “pro-life” voters? Where is the “liberal” outrage at the endless wars?


I actually relish the thought of the D-Party continuing to wait (and wait…and wait) until fully supporting Medicare-for-All is “politically feasible.”

Because by then they’ll no longer be feasible as a party.


You may be right, but I wouldn’t “relish the thought” as you put it, on account of the thousands, if not millions, who will suffer, or die, from the lack of health care while we wait.


Medicare For All --and pay for it by slashing “Defense.”


Well, in that case, you’d best be ready to do something about Tester, Manchin, and Heitcamp negotiating–and getting hoodwinked into–support for Trumpcare. They were all teary-eyed listening to McCain’s deathbed conversion speech on bi-partisanship.


Thanks for removing his relish. It wasn’t very thoughtful.
He’s party to the Green Party relishmaker’s guild. Which a quick spin over to Counterpunch reveals they relish selling a recipe for disaster. Both the Zeese and Ford article’s make the fight between the Trotskyists and the Stalinists look like playground scrapes. "Sacrifices must be made " except they never explicitly say who gets it. ( Read Hartung’s piece about what Homeland Security really entails. ) Leaders like Gen. Lee Runamuck advised Custer along the same lines.Though I rather liked the outcome in that particular battle, it didn’t end well.
Congrats to Jimmy Cater for pushing on here. That he spoke at Sunday school was a nice touch. His remarks were relished by many, I’m sure.


Hey, mrsann, I thought you’d poo-pooed the Greens and their irrelevance by now.

But an article or two bunched your bloomers.

Where you standing these days? In the Better Deal camp? After your buddy, Pete, warned you about getting fooled again? Or are you smoking some of that McCane feel-good bud? Warning, friend: that stuff’s sold in back alleys by the Lindsey Graham, yo.


Sorry about the typos, etc. I respond at breaks when working, in between doing pet duty, following the Gigantes- you get the picture ( besides the b- ball ).
Anywhooey: Sen. Sanders isn’t 100% solid, imo, but his approval ratings have been up to 57%. Which is amazing given the current situations. At some point, if I was the Green Party, which grew from the subset of the environmental movement, I’d be supporting Sanders wholeheartedly. But, that’s just me.
No one has won a federal election, with a bunch of people infighting with each other, over who got stabbed in the back with more force. Possibly Trump, but he’s a true, really bizarre Republican Party problem. The Democratic Party doesn’t have a lunatic problem; they have a cowardice problem, a fear of fear, itself. Which can be remedied in the upcoming election cycles, imo. If not, those adjustments will occur organically.

Constantly trashing Sen. Sanders, and posting articles from Fox News about his wife ( presuming guilt, imo ) and so much more, should disincline Bernie from even taking a meeting with the Green Party, at this point. But again, that’s just not his style. He’s focused and that’s a good thing for all proggies. And, 75-80% of all Americans, as well.


Based upon your closed mind, you’ve earned my pity.

Based upon your willful ignorance, you’ve earned my contempt.


Oh, and us REgressives understand basic math to this extent: One sixth of our GDP is health care spending. And considering the fungibility of money, there are better ways to allocate that chunk of fiat money.


Bernie’s ultimate loyalty is to the Ds. Thus, when push comes to shove, he pragmatically practices the art of the possible. Standard and even understandable operating procedure from a practical standpoint in our system.

On the other hand, the system itself is broken. Bernie knows that the great unwashed body of citizens has lost control of it, and a wealthy cadre of oligarchs has taken it. His campaign broke with fundraising orthodoxy, he unabashedly called out the billionaires, he went the extra distance on policies like Medicare-for-All, free college tuition, and a living wage.

Yet, in the end, he was cowed back into the status quo. He’s just a (D) in (I) clothing. In personal terms and despite his foreign policy stances, I consider him a hero. But if the duopoly is all he can countenance, I’ll continue looking for leadership elsewhere. Because by limiting himself to the art of possible, Bernie limit’s possible itself.


So should my single model, upon which I base all my opinions of possible jealth care systems, be your recommended Cuban example? Because that’s what I mean about a closed mind, Mike.

Or should I base it upon the ‘disgraced’ CBO score you refer to, which is mathematically absurd considering total US health care outlays–public AND private–will be well under $4 trillion. So moving to Medicare-for-all will somehow nearly double that? Where’s your link, or are you willfully ignorant? Here’s mine:


Point 1: Please show where you think it is working now. Don’t tell me Canada where wait times for necessary medical procedures AVERAGE 5 months.

It;s true that for some procedures, wait time is long, but everyone in Canada can go to the doctor, not put it off because of not having the money to pay, and have better health because of preventive care. Canada has better health outcomes than the US, and the truth is no one in Canada would trade their system for ours. So, give me some facts on what operations and the wait times for them from Canada? This infor comes from AARP, which sells health insurance, so it has an interest in fudging information, though it does not:

Also, see this: https://www.amsa.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/WaitingTimes_primer.pdf

Your point 2: Also, there is great pressure by the right wing in Canada to make health care less efficient, less funded, and have more problems so as to allow the profiteers move in on it.

Or Great Britain where the NHS parks ER patients outside in parking lots to cut down on reported wait times. And wait times are even longer than Canada.

Like Canada, in Britain, everyone is insured and gets preventive care, and no one in England would want our system, which you seem to argue for. Not sure why since statistically is does not compare to either Britain or Canada. No one in those countries have to put off seeing a doctor, no one goes bankrupt due to health care costs, and no one has to wait until their illness is bad so they have to go to emergency when the cost and dire effects of the illness are at its worst. So what do you say to those points? You think our system is better? Tell us why.

Point 3: Or please Cuba? Where you can go into a “hospital” and pick up multiple infections, are required to bring your own dressings and linen and medication is non existent.

I win’t even address the bulk of what you see because it is utter nonsense. I will say that Cuba has developed some important medicines, and that the lack of some has to do with the US embargo and our country’s attempt to make the Cuban people suffer.

Your point 4: Even the disgraced CBO says a single payer system would requite a minimum of $32 TRILLION in the first decade in ADDITIONAL spending. And if they’re copping to $32T, bet your last donut it’ll be 2x or 3x more or even higher.

Funny you would give validity to a source you think is disgraced, but look at this article, which is backed by studies done independently:

You should know that all industrialized nations that have national healthcare of some form, though all differ in how they deliver it (See documentary, SIck Around the World, which is very good and gives the good and the bad), all are cheaper to administer than our current system, some almost have as cheap. Keep in mind that everyone has health care in these countries. Taiwan in the 90’s looked at systems around the world when they wanted to have a universal healthcare plan for everyone and chose our Medicare system, a single payer system, as the model. We could save a ton of money, and though we would pay through taxes, we would still pay less per person. Why do those opposing never mention the money saved from not paying premiums, co-pays, and deducibles? Disingenuous at best.

Point 5: When will you REgressives ever understand basic math? Where’s this money going to come from? The Tooth Fairy? More mindless fiat money?

The money comes from everyone. If we want a society that is based on the basic human instinct for shared responsibility, a shared sense of community, and a shared sense that we are all in this as citizens together, then let’s make our society one worth living in for everyone. Though I am not religious, its seems to me all religions share in this senitment.

A large part of the problem is self inflicted health care needs. Why am I on the hook for the epidemic of obesity, drug addition and diabetes? As far as I’m concerned, if you don’t have the good sense to maintain your health, then please, just die.

That’s the same question that was asked of Jesus on a few occasions. “Who is my neighbor?” The story of the Good Samaritan pretty much answers your question, but even if not religious, if we do not allow people to die because of health care needs, we are creating a society that makes it one worth living in. I have two friends, both of whom were injured while in Europe, one France and one England. They received medical attention, one at no cost, and one a minimal cost while there. I don’t want to live in a world that treats one another as worthless, and one that makes individual wealth the bar for getting health care (not health insurance, which is not what we need).

Point ^: Further, get the damn government out of health care. Allow us to buy catastrophic health insurance. Don’t force me to buy coverage for maladies I’ll never experience like drug addition treatment or pregnancy. Make employer health insurance taxable so that sensible employees will not have Cadillac policies but will instead choose to pay for the small stuff. Lord.

We can have good basic coverage, and if you want to buy extra health care, then those type policies will still be available. But I keep seeing a theme in your complaints, one that does not recognize how we are all connected as citizens, and all connected as human beings. With single payer, businesses will no longer have to provide health insurance, which will make the cost of business less, so the business community should get on board. And workers will no longer have to negotiate heatlh care as a part of their employment package and can concentrate on wages and workplace issues.

Point 7: But nooooo, for REgressives that means the dreaded personal responsibility gets involved. Better to let government take control. After all, they’ve done so well with everything else right?

No, single payer is privately administered through existing hospitals and doctors,etc,while being publicly funded. We can make the health care industry more efficient, promote good heatlh amongst the citizenry, and help keep the cost of prescription drugs and costs down. We as citizens fund the NHS, which does much of the research that private companies profit off of. Why not hold those same companies responsible to the citizens?

Let’s keep the discussion fact based, and not based upon emotion and ideology, particularly the false ideology that we exist as individuals with no connection to those in our society. The world just does not operate that way, though some would have you believe this false narrative.


The US system also has wait times, Mike, and they keep on growing:


My favorite president of my life time.
The dismantling of separation between investment and service banks started under him, but I am not clear about the exact history, so not sure I can pin it entirely on Mr. Carter.


Boom. Nice post.

Mike said I denigrated him. After he attacked us as REgressives.


Please go back to your studio, and don’t worry about entering your proselytizing on these pages. I am sure you have a bombastic echo chamber somewhere.

Government couldn’t possibly be the people who built your highways, or operated the military.


Where are all of the living Ex-Presidents?

Why haven’t they spoken up for the American people when they clearly see the injustice of everything done this past six months?

Oh, that’s right.

They too want to be paid.


If the Democratic National Committee can’t get their beady little brains out of the last miilleninium and endorse single-payer health care, then they shouldn’t be leading my Party. They will kill the Democratic Party with their cowardly, regressive thinking. We will be left in dust by a seriously crippled Republican Party, and we will have the DNC and conservative Democratic lawmakers to thank.