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Jimmy Carter Speaks Out Against US 'Oligarchy' and Trump's Diplomatic Failures


Jimmy Carter Speaks Out Against US 'Oligarchy' and Trump's Diplomatic Failures

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Former President Jimmy Carter has once again taken aim at money in the U.S. electoral process, saying Tuesday that it makes the nation function more as an "oligarchy than a democracy."


Jimmy Carter continues to be the best ex-President we’ve had. I wish the 92-year old Carter could have shared his wisdom and commitment with the 50-year old Carter.


Perhaps the problem with the 50-year old Carter was that he was surrounded by ‘advisers’.


Jimmy Carter: " The advice he’d offer Trump is to keep the peace, promote human rights, and tell the truth."

Keep the peace? Not profitable!
Promote human rights? From a narcissistic, ego-maniac? Impossible! Tell the truth? Trump couldn’t tell the truth even if his life depended on it!


“I know what the North Koreans want,” he continued. “The North Koreans want a peace treaty with the United States. We’ve only had a ceasefire since the Korean War was over. What they want is a firm treaty guaranteeing that the United States will not attack them or hurt them in any way unless they attack one of their neighbors, notably South Korea. But the United States has refused to do that.”

I doubt even one in ten American adults realize this is the crux of the problem. Our media & leaders portray the North Korea Problem as something that for no apparent reason arose yesterday. Or the day before. With absolutely no understanding of the history behind the problem.



And, Carter Doctrine and wage-killing Greenspan policies notwithstanding, the 50-year old Carter wasn’t too bad compared to the absolute rogues gallery that would follow him…

Review his “Crisis of Confidence” speech - could you even imagine a US president doing this today?

He was the first president the 20-year old me voted for and I don’t regret it.


Carter to Trump, “keep the Peace, promote human rights, and tell the truth.”

This is great advice Jimmy, to someone who has done just the opposite for the first 7 months of his presidency.


I agree. I have always believed that, had he had a second term, he might have been our best President since FDR. He is a good man, who mostly tried to do the right thing. It has seemed to me that all Presidents spend the first term learning many things the hard way. In a second term, they either become better, or worse, depending on their character. I will always believe that Jimmy would have been a great one in a second term.


Wow, the 20 YO me voted for Carter also. BTW, in HS I was the McGovern campaign director for '72. He lost by a landslide at my HS also :frowning:


The only problem with the 50 year old Carter was that he wasn’t willing to become corrupt enough. He thought honesty, forthrightness, and humility would win the day.


Don’t fool yourself, they know only too well the history and truth of the situation but choose to purposefully ignore it for other reasons.


I voted for the People’s Party candidate (Peace & Freedom party in California where I lived at the time) in 1976 but then voted for Carter in 1980 because I considered Reagan such a threat.

One thing I think the 92-year old Carter would tell the 50-year old Carter was to include the Palestinians in the Camp David talks. If he had done that and also altered his policy toward Iran at an earlier stage - history might have changed dramatically. Unfortunately, the Shah’s hold on our oil supply in conjunction with the public perception of the oil crisis made that an impossibility for anyone trying to hold the Presidency.


While I agree with you that anyone in a position of authority who knows the history willfully ignores it, preferring to use the situation to sell more arms and continue to pursue the hegemonistic strategy of encircling China and Russia, I stand by what I said. Your average 20-40 year old news anchor likely knows nothing of the history, simply reads what they’re being paid to read. And I would be shocked if more than a handful of senators and congresspersons could explain what the real problem is. They are all products of the American so-called education system that doesn’t bother to teach these things.


Congresscritters are scripted by those who fund them, rarely read any legislation they sign, rather relying on the lobbyists who write the legislation to tell them what is in it.

Wrangler Ron, the Bush clan and the current White House occupant are proof that too many Murkins fall for the hype that lands cowboys and TV personalities in elected office.

Forty years ago politicians like Jerry Brown, Carter, and upcoming politicians like Nader who were advocating conservation and other virtuous strategies were demonized by the corporate media whose mission continues to include promoting manifest destiny even more vehemently than it was promoted during the 19th century.


In my lifetime, few people can hold a candle to Jimmy Carter, President of the United States. This man has done more for MANKIND to improve conditions in the world, to assist in eradicating disease, to further diplomacy than any human being I can think of. Even people like Martin L King, Ghandi and Mandela did not have the opportunities and abilities to swing into action the way that Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter have done their entire lives -Ghandiji came very close, very close indeed. But Jimmy and Rosalyn have done more to improve life for Americans and global citizens, too, than anyone I can think of. They have lead their lives in the effort to assist the planet, the world populations, and the USA. They are my heroes. I hope they live on and on and on, in good health. Our world is better because they live!


Doesn’t seem like the American people liked Carter’s character. They preferred to stick their heads in the sand and bring in a charlatan named Ronnie Reagan and the big downhill slide began.


Yea, Brown was moonbeam. Carter was wimpy, etc, etc. After all - he wanted us to cut back and conserve. The corporate elite certainly can’t allow that type of thinking. What might happen?


They couldn’t bear to part with their gas guzzlers, which have made a strong comeback, by the way.
Americans can’t seem to change, absent catastrophe!


It’s off-putting to read this kind of gratuitous, as well as pointlessly insulting, commentary directed at a consistently well-meaning and courageous American. It reflects poorly upon this forum. Given the horrific administrations and legislators we’re tolerating nationally and state-wise at present, I find your words vacuous and thoroughly beneath the mission of Common Dream-ers.


All you say is true. That makes it even more critical and bold to say it. Trump will never be able to claim he wasn’t told what would be best for him to do. He might wake up some morning having forgotten Carter was the one who said it and take credit for thinking it himself. Carter won’t begrudge him the lapse, especially if it ends up making him act wisely.