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Jimmy Carter Speaks Out Against US 'Oligarchy' and Trump's Diplomatic Failures

Considering that the Democratic Party has marginalized Carter for decades, why would Trump or any other GOP operative pay any attention to anything he says ?

Being POTUS is nothing more than an extension of Trump’s acting career. “Best” in Trump’s mind is being able to feed a daily ration of fresh raw meat to his base and get their mindless applause. Trump will never “wake up” thinking about how he has negatively impacted anything or anybody, or what anybody with any critical thinking skills thinks of him.


Not sure what you mean. I have lots of respect for Carter’s post-Presidency. The way he put Habitat for Humanity on the map, helped democracy and advocated for peace to take hold in a number of countries though his work at the Carter Center, and their work on eradicating the Guinea worm are monumental (and as you say courageous) activities.
But that doesn’t change the fact that he did a number of things as President that I was on the streets demonstrating against (his policies with respect to Iran, East Timor, Angola, and El Salvador were particularly on my mind at the time)

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Agree, and he probably would have won if he hadn’t been back-doored by Raygun’s team with the Iran deal.
President Carter was a great and honest president, especially when you consider that he had once worked for Navy Intelligence, worse than the CIA.


He was one of our better PRESIDENTS, also.

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When Carter and Reagan ran their campaigns were funded entirely by the public financing from taxpayer checkoffs.

That’s how it should work.

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I won’t dispute that - but that is a very low bar to pass.

I appreciate Carter’s support of Bernie, and countless contributions he has made to the world.

I would like Carter himself to reveal exactly, explicitly why he started the Carter doctrine. If he has and I have missed it, someone please post a reference.

I have enormous respect for this man. Yes, his presidency had plenty of flaws and as many have pointed out here in these comments, he has changed quite a bit in a positive way from his younger self, but even so he is a wonderful force for good and has truly progressive viewpoints which he shares in the media - and any voice, especially an ex-President’s, that espouses progressive viewpoints in our media today can only be a good thing. I admire his energy - still going strong at 92. After such an active life, I think if I were his age I would find it hard to motivate myself to get out of my easy chair :slight_smile: Bless the man.



Americans can change.

It’s the “Murkins” that struggle with change.

Jimmy Carter is the most selfless human being on the entire planet…bar none.
At 92 he still oozes goodness.


You were much smarter in 1972 than the so-called “adults”. Boy did they blow a great opportunity!

USA has had some very good presidents, people who really knew what they are doing. Mr Carter strongly advises that the USA talk to NK as human beings, respect them; and personally i find this is the way it should be done. You can see just how far this has all come, that USA has not talked to NK since President Bush. Kim must be feeling a bit left out of things. I do not believe for a second that Kim wants all out war; sure, he mighty pissed at the USA and his thoughts have been in the open of late. Thoughts have a tendency to grow multiple arms and legs, they have a tendency to travel on those arms and legs too and soon enough these arms and legs can be what he’s talking through but because USA won’t talk to him his thoughts have become audible. He’s at the stage where his thought want some kind of detente even to the point of the USA being ‘turned to ashes’; as a human being myself, i know how thoughts can be translated into possible scenarios, and imaginations, especially when the one person he NEEDS to be talking to is ignoring him or just throwing counter threats out like conjecture. But thats all they are, they should be kept under wraps and not bandied about in the public domain where other people can wildly exaggerate them into what ever doomsday scenario they can find, and then adding fuel to the fire by telling everyone around them that its going to end up like this, or that.
How many times as a person have you fallen out with someone, and in the fullness of time that person reaches out an olive branch to get you talking again? maybe it was something close to your heart that you fell out over, and you don’t feel you can leave it there, and when the olive branch is in your grasp you don’t take it because you feel there is unfinished business there? Often, its pride thats in the way, and often not knowing how to deal with a situation doesn’t help either. Personally i might enjoy some time away from the person; but the longer its left undone, the harder it is to sort out; because pride gets in the way. Pride is a strong emotion, but it can do damage too, just like anger. It has to be kept in control. I have always found that a situation CAN be worked on by talking about it.
I feel that Mr Trump has alot to learn. I’m not going to argue with anyone on this. Because i have been on the outside, looking in and i have seen just how it has become. Both sides have their tempers roused but are at a loss for what to do about this. Neither side wants to lose face. I think there is an awful lot more than face being lost if this isn’t discussed as normal human beings; we have all the evidence of this on our TV screens whenever Kim launches another missile. Has it to go down the road of tension, tension, tension; pent up to such a degree that it literally ‘explodes’? Thats not losing face thats losing everything and it spills over to the rest of the world, it affects millions of people as the armies of their countries start launching missiles at each other, the collateral damage will be irreversible. Thats losing everything; its Everyone losing everything; not just face. I think they are very badly in need of humility. Its not losing face; its being able to sit down again and talk. Thats positive and all we are seeing so far is very negative. even destructive. Nothing gets done by hurling insults and threats at each other over the fence.
Mr Carter is absolutely 100% dead right in what he says. Every person on this planet is a human being; all human beings need respect, they require it, they demand it. This is NOT going to go away, the longer it goes on the worse its going to get. it needs to be put to one side for a while to cool down and while that happens BOTH sides need to talk. It doesn’t have to be Donald Trump goes personally to talk to Kim, Trump has some good people (as long as he doesn’t keep firing them or making it so they have to leave), i’m sure that much more can be done in negotiation than in throwing stones. I can’t help wondering if Mr Trump thinks he alone has to do it ALL himself? He has some good people in his corner, people that CAN help to get this whole thing into perspective. I suppose in his business head he feels that he HAS to do it all himself; but he’s not in business now, he is in a position where he has many people to do specific tasks for him, i just wish he’d let them.
Like anyone, i have fallen out with people myself; who hasn’t? But do you sort it by not going near them again; not ever talking to them again? NO. you sort it by talking about it. The longer its left undone, the harder it is to get back to. I have first hand experience of this. In 32 years of marriage i have come through it by talking, sharing and working things out, no matter how painful it might be at the time, and time is a good healer too.
In a way its a shame Mr Carter wasn’t president again, he has so much experience, intelligence and wisdom to give. I just wish that many could learn from him.

Look, the actual oligarchy formed the Council on Foreign Relations in the 1920s, since then they have been building a base of control across all the government branches and the media. Look at all administrations including Carter’s and you will find hoards of these vermin along with their bretheren from the Trilateral Commission and other such “think tanks”. Brzezinski was one of the worst, admitting to creating Al Qaeda and continuing to “advise” CFR approved candidates later on. They really don’t care which of the two parties they control takes power, they win either way. Except they somehow did not take in Trump, or Bernie for that matter. Its probably that their loose collection of beliefs about how things should be done don’t jive. The oligarchs generally believe in stealing money from those with less by a crooked monetary system, in controlling people with unpayable amounts of debt, in a police state so their debt slaves don’t get out of line, in endless war based on lies they tell. But these vermin did not give up trying to infest Trump’s administration with their flunkies, and frankly, Trump is probably not up enough on the way things work that he could pick them out and reject them. He is on the same page with them on the police state thing though. So lots of chaos and CFR media written reports and gullible people to believe them will keep us agitated.