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Jo Cox Killing: Questions Emerge Around Suspected Attacker's Ties to Hate Group


Jo Cox Killing: Questions Emerge Around Suspected Attacker's Ties to Hate Group

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

As tributes pour in for British lawmaker Jo Cox, new information is emerging about potential extremist group ties held for years by the suspected killer of the "champion of refugees" and humanitarian who "fought for a better world."


How come there is no mention of the word terrorist in regards to this killing? According to Merriam Webster - Terrorism - the use of violent acts to frighten the people in an area as a way of trying to achieve a political goal. Is this not the dictionary definition of terrorism? Oh I forgot - apparently white people don't commit terrorist acts.


The assassination of Jo Cox is a crime of vast proportions and the "conspiracy" goes far beyond the killer to the people who use political manipulation and incitement to their own advantage, and profit, as is the case with media/press racist rags! The same goes for political opportunists that don't really give a damn about truth, only about their positions....

"Does anyone have any doubt at all that if Cox’s suspected killer had been Muslim, yelling “Allah Akbar” instead of “Britain First,” then every media outlet on the planet would be describing him forever as a “terrorist”? The fact that they are not doing so here sheds great light into what this word really is." - Glenn Greenwald


Expanding "domestic" terrorism such as we just witnessed with the assassination of Jo Cox has been a very predictable result of more governments around the world becoming controlled by global finance that disempowers more and more working class people.


The extremist center nurtures terrorism, then pretends it does not do so, then hides that it allows and encourages this, then attacks those who want the extreme center disenfranchised.
The KKK and other extremist groups still operate with impunity. Fascist governance does the same (Pubs and Dems included as parties).They create hatred and anger and mistruth in their delusional 'freedom', then use these to perpetrate atrocities while centrist politics sleepily wanders along looking the other way.
Ho hum, just another day.
Things could be very different and much more peaceful if we abandoned the hegemon and delusions of the dominating shitstem.


And, the supposed " centrist " gov'ts want the real center-left and leftist citizens to lean in and get shot by Fascists. Surrender Monkeys who would expect the Police State, who are usurping your civil rights daily, to protect you from the likes of extremism and racists need to understand history. The Alphabets are not your friends. They like their Plutocratic Elites on the ruthless and heavy side. These poor suckers like their work because they believe, in their heart of hearts; in economic, political and religious Predestination. Your " goo goo good gov't " ideas are not remotely on their elitist agenda. This poor woman actually cared and the goons killed her. Expect a lot more of this. And sooner rather than later, too.


Good Grief - can you not get a grip here ? This was a lone act of madness and as sad as this situation is, to label it "far right" and suggest "further attacks" is scaremongering and journalistic incompetence .


The killer is tied to groups which use The Turner Diaries as a playbook. Around the globe, too. And, . the grip you may get will be from the rope around your body, as "kindred spirits " drag you behind a pickup truck. Or, shoot up a peaceful protest or..... And, those acts are just the knuckle-draggers clumsy attempts at messaging. The smarter ones are in the LE, Judicial, Political and Corporate world. And there's lots of them.


Yes, Interpol, the FBI and other law enforcement agencies have become expert at infiltrating terrorist organizations, so like Al Quaida, successful terrorist organizations no longer have organization charts, they simply win the hearts and minds of like minded people who operate independently, kind of like contract employees without a contract, carrying out the terrorist organization's mission.

The 1990 MP assassination perpetrated by the IRA was the old model. The IRA could not exist in today's terrorist environment.


It was a targeted political assassination. Classic terrorism, 1890s style.


I think it was certainly" terrorism" . That Mateen was an ISIS acolyte is a different question. He, like Sick Boy in S. Carolina, are the products of many things. All very terrifying to most but not surprising to many, either. Blowback is going to be a very harsh mistress. And, then comes ?


LA Times 6/18--Thomas Mair described by neighbors and family "a loner who talked about gardening or the weather....."one of Mair's brothers said he too was struggling to come to terms with events."My brother is not violent and is not at all that political," Scott Mair 49,told reporters."I don't even know who he votes for. He has a history of mental illness,but he has had help."

In 2010 the Huddersfeild Daily Examiner quoted Mair as saying he had been volunteering at a day center for the adults with mental health issues." I can honestly say it has done me more good than all the psychotherapy and medication in the world",he told the newspaper.

And its interesting how the southern poverty law center comes out with this obscure information--he bought a manual on handguns in 1999????And he subscribed"reportedly" to a South African patriot magazine in the past?????

Jamie Diamond was in England warning people of the consequences if they vote to exit the EU.This vote will have a major impact on big banks and trade deals.

Why would this guy do this when the vote to leave was way ahead in the polls-and the word now is was -----

Look what the EU has done to Greece-look at what Obama,Ryan and Clinton are about to do to Puerto Rico,look at what has been done to Detroit and Flint----THESE PEOPLE ARE RUTHLESS!


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