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Jobs Are No Excuse for Arming a Murderous Regime

Jobs Are No Excuse for Arming a Murderous Regime

William Hartung

If the Saudi government is indeed behind the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi there should be consequences—political, military, economic, and reputational.


Hartung sez: “… as part of Mohammed bin Salman’s much-touted economic plan, the goal is to have a full 50% of the work generated by Saudi arms imports done in the kingdom by 2030. U.S. firms are already jumping to comply with this mandate by setting up subsidiaries in Saudi Arabia and signing off on the assembly of U.S.-supplied weapons there.”

Hmm. So U.S. taxpayer largess will continue to flow to “U.S. firms”, but not so much to U.S. labor. Guess that will derail future congressional “defense” budget approvals, right?


It’s worse than a shame that it took the death of Khashoggi, to open the eyes of Americans and the world to the fact that our government arms murderous regimes, and aids in the slaughter of it’s helpless enemies.


This is what addiction to oil gets you.

Oh, this and global climate catastrophe.


Excellent article! Our economy is way too dependent on production and sales of the instruments of death and destruction. What has become an endless gravy train for “Defense Contractors” and their investors, is leading to universal misery. The far wiser thing to do would be to invest
in badly needed infrastructure in our own country, something that would provide lasting benefit
to the people.

We could start with the Hurricane Michael devastation.


Here’s Moon of Alabama on the Saudi, etc. intrigue.



The murder of the Journalist aside, the ongoing genocide in Yemen , the long history of the Saudi’s supporting terror groups and Fundamentalists, are reasons enough for these arms sales to stop. If it takes the murder of a Journalist to lead to the suspension of arms sales, what does this say to how the Western nations value the lives of CHILDREN in Yemen?


Good luck breaking up the weapons building cabal. The MIC has very strategically built the system to include almost every populous area of the country. If we ever regain control of our govt., because of high paying job popularity, this would be the last system to be disassembled, not the first.


The correct narrative if Trump was honest: It is not the jobs that are important to me, but I do not want to jeopardize the billions of $$$$$ of future Saudi investments for the war profiteers!

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If this piece is to be re-published further editing of a well crafted article is required. THRONE ???
“The Khashoggi case merely underscores the approach of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the power behind the “thrown” in Riyadh who is the most ruthless and reckless leader in Saudi history.”

WAR what is it good for except rape, death, pillage and increased wealth for the already wealthy and their cohorts. The piece in the link gives a good account of this news worthy item with even more details than coverage in Al Jazeera. The histories of war read like a novels of changing sides according to who is more compromised at the moment and who has more to gain by specific alliances.


The two situations are not analogous. Bernie is unsurprisingly going to make sure his state isn’t left out of the pork buffet. I’m not sure he was in any federal position when the F-35 was initially conceived, but he has spoken negatively about the plane as well as clearly stating our military budget is too large and our foreign policy too screwed up many times now. If a bill comes up to propose cutting our losses and scrapping the plane altogether, then we can see how Bernie votes and then I’ll change my mind if he votes the wrong way (and note that he was the only non-republican to vote against the military budget recently - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0KIYV-0II4 is Jimmy Dore’s take on this).

In the meantime, he, Khanna, and Mike Lee ( R ) are the assets we have - F-35 Bernie complaints are old and not worth fighting over compared to what we have the potential to stop. Choose your battles.

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The Saudis are like the rich drunk uncle at the annual family reunion. Don’t piss him off because you might get some dough when he croaks. Except in the case the Saudis have oil and the US is addicted to their oil. Time for a new uncle. F,k the oil.

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The Golden Rule, “Them with the gold and the guns makes the rules”.

6 gun groups that aren’t for white right-wingers

Soon after the Saudi attack of a school-bus atrocity, Spain announced it was cancelling its missile contract to Saudi Arabia

But then the Saudis said it would retaliate by cancelling its order with Spain for a number of warships which would cost Spanish shipyards big job losses.

Spain quickly reversed its decision to ban the export of those missiles.

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Omgg…”…the power behind the thrown…”.

Am I the only one who’s sick of the beyond-poor journalism skills?

Thanks, Mary. I posted a disgusted crack before I read through the comments. If these writers are too busy or are too stressed meeting a deadline and can’t even proofread their short columns on CD, how the hell do we know they’ve got their facts straight?

DAMN! Stood my hair on end!

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Conservatives kill babies in Yemen today and want to kill liberals here.

If conservatives can disarm libs, they win the war.

Being a soldier is safer than being a civilian.

I’m on the fence here but how about Rape Victims Pistol Group ? Men might not be so ready if they were faced with a pistol in their gut. This is how far we have come but the judicial system has not and does not work for the ordinary worker citizen.

I had experience shooting rifles as a ten year old daughter and again as a senior accompanied by my son. Guns do give a sense of unreasonable power therefore being armed truly requires good mental stability. However we have returned to the frontier days living under the influence of perpetual war, fear and extreme inequality and in essence under a police state.