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Joe And Mika Owe America An Apology


Joe And Mika Owe America An Apology

Peter Dreier

Most media reports have portrayed Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski as aggrieved victims of Donald Trump’s Thursday Twitter tantrum. It can’t be pleasant to be attacked so personally by the president, but Scarborough and Brzezinski are fighting back. On their MSNBC show “Morning Joe” on Friday and in an op-ed column in the Washington Post entitled “President Trump Is Not Well,” they chastised Trump for his vicious and vulgar attacks on her appearance, for referring to her as “low I.Q.


Hillary Clinton should apologize to the country for bringing us Trump. So should the entire Democratic Establishment. They foisted upon the electorate the most uninspiring candidate possible in HRC, while Bernie Sanders generated huge enthusiasm and passion everywhere. But they hid him and lied about him, and were never, ever going to let him be the nominee. If you haven’t read the Podesta Wikileaks, and you don’t know about their Pied Piper Strategy, check it out. You’ll see that they and their media allies were pushing for Trump, because they saw him as too preposterous to win, and therefore as an appropriate foe for the uninspiring, uncharismatic HRC.

So sure, are Joe and Mika a little culpable? Yeah, maybe, but HRC and the Dems are the true culprits. It’s time for an apology.


Yes, Joe and Mika need to apologize to all of us for supporting Trump in the beginning of his campaign. An apology highlighting how very wrong they were would go a long way and might even influence a few more of his supporters.


You’ve not-so-succinctly explained why I began avoiding “Morning Joe” about a year ago, though MSNBC is on mostly from 9 into the afternoon as background to my days. But to headline a demand that Joe and Mika apologize for doing their jobs — as entertainers more than journalists — is classic victim-blaming clickbait. The problem is that all three are in the entertainment business, and owe apologies to none of us who fooled ourselves into thinking they were about something else.


Hedges interviews Chomsky:




Nothing like history to rattle our present impulses. Thank you, Dr. Dreier.


Oh yeah, they’re working on an apology this very moment.


I wouldn’t blame the media that much for Trump’s victory in the election. Trump won because he had a wining message which was basically this a country for white people. He connected with millions of racists and although he lost the popular vote by about 2.5 million votes his racist message was able to flip enough blue states to win. Without an overt racist message it is unlikely he could have won Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin regardless of what was said on “Morning Joe.”


The Republican Party Establishment, the Democratic Party Establishment, the Main Stream Media, and Hillary Clinton herself all owe this country an apology for the crimes they committed which gave us this So-called President.

Many in the above groups should be incarcerated and made examples of.

Those who continue to vote for and support these two most corrupt political parties are aiding and abetting the crimes these so-called politicians have committed and will continue to commit.


The idea that Hillary Clinton brought us Trump is complete nonsense. Do you honestly believe that someone to the left of Hillary would have done better with right-wing white middle-upper middle class Trump voters? Are you old enough to remember what happened to George McGovern or Michael Dukakis?

With regard to electoral politics, the left is in the same position the right was when Goldwater was destroyed by Johnson. The left need to popularize its message, while it moves further left. But for now, more losses will happen until it starts to win. The 2016 election was pretty much a foregone conclusion regardless of who ran once Trump won the nomination.


Agreed. Sadly, in the USA, there is no serious news programming - only entertainment. And the most available alternative - the internet conspiracy-rumor-sphere, is even worse.


The Dynamic Duo: Mika defends her " Hard Power " father’s foreign policy at every turn. Who is another European transplant, like Kissinger in so many ways, with a very different set of prescriptions for America’s role around the world. Joe is just another Republican male who knows more about Alabama football than he does about Alabama’s horrid and dismal history. They’re both rather milquetoast on the issues, but they do represent the white upper classes who regularly watch them. A power couple who like to sound like their concerned about the real issues facing the working and underclass, but are suck ups to people like the Trumps/Kushner clan. These people love money, not this country.
These are two people who should know better than most; if you keep rolling around in the mud with boars and sows like Trump and his plastic mannequin of a daughter, you shouldn’t be surprised to find yourself smelling of manure.


Yes, Trump had a “wining” and dining image. The first poster is quite right about the democratic party causing Trump to win. They and the press undermined B. Sanders at every turn.

So it was all about racism, eh? I saw a young African-American woman a few weeks ago vehemently defending the Donald, and the next day I saw a young African-American man doing the same thing!

Those people in Wisconsin, Michigan, etc., actually thought that the manufacturing jobs were really going to come back. Yes, they are in for a big, big disappointment.
It’s a mixed-up, muddled up, shook up world.


Another problem with the “tweedle-dum vs tweedle-dee” debate, or painting both party leaders as equally to blame, is its basic republican playbook tactic. Specific distinctions should be made between party differences and record. Commander in Chief Clinton’s war record is very contrary to Bush’s worldwide catastrophe; economic stability during Clinton years vs Boom & Bust Bush years. Without distinctions made, the debate is even less informative and more combative.


Lola for Preznit!


[quote=“Lrx, post:8, topic:42917, full:true”]“I wouldn’t blame the media that much for Trump’s victory in the election. Trump won because he had a winning message – which was basically ‘this a country for white people’.”[/quote] Not even counting the RePooplican propaganda machine – Fox “News” – the media gave Tweetle-Dumb’s message Billions of Dollars Worth of free coverage, probably ten or twenty times as much coverage as they gave Krooked Hilliary, which in turn was fifty to a hundred times as much as they gave Bernie.  Of course a word was left out when Tweetle-Dumb changed his core belief to his main message for the masses: “rich”,
as in “This is a country for RICH white men.”

[quote=“Chloe1, post:2, topic:42917”]“Hillary Clinton should apologize to the country for bringing us Trump.  So should the entire Democratic Establishment. They foisted upon the electorate the most uninspiring candidate possible . . . So are Joe and Mika a little culpable? Yeah, maybe, but HRC and the Dems are the true culprits. It’s time for an apology.”[/quote] It’s clear that Joe, Mika, the MSM, HRC, and especially the DamnocRatic Establishment managed to ‘hoist themselves on their own petard’ (blow themselves to kingdom come using their own MOAB).  Unfortunately,
it’s the rest of us non-rich folks (even those who are white) who will be paying the price – and for many years
to come.


A study of Google search data by Seph Stephens-Davidowitz (see his new book “Everybody Lies. Big Data, New Data, and What the Internet Can Tell Us about Who We Really Are” ) shows a strong correlation between areas Trump did well and racism. Additional analysis showed no correlation between racism and unemployment. Sanders would have had the same problem as Clinton running against a racist. The one advantage Sanders would have is he wasn’t targeted by the right wing over many years as Clinton was. Her image has been very distorted by years of lies. Bernie was pretty much an unknown until recently.


Much of this analysis is wrong because it underestimates racism in the US. Alternative explanations to racism are popular because the extent and depth of racism in not appreciated. Trump’s main message is the United States is for white people and others should be considered as second-class citizens. I think people on the right heard that message much clearer than people on the left.


As you should know, correlation is not causation. Every poll during the primaries showed Bernie Sanders beating Trump by double digits in the general election.

What Bernie had in common with DT was awareness of a failing middle class and other economic issues. Democrats tried to smear B Sanders on racial issues.

This was really a sick thing to do because Sanders had actually put his personal safety on the line in the civil rights movement, was right down there in the violent South agitating for civil rights. H Clinton had done absolutely nothing remotely connected with this, yet the Ds tried to attack, and somewhat succeeded in attacking, Sanders on racial issues. There are even pictures of him supporting civil rights in the South.

Now, Hillary’s husband definitely hurt many Black people with his “welfare reform” cheered on and voted for by REPUBLICANS.

Now, who are we again? By google search?


Yes, the true meaning of “Make America Great Again” was clearly heard, and its coded message understood, by a great many people as "Make America white again.

You can blame the media, the DNC, Hillary, and anyone else up to a point. Mostly, however, you would have to blame the enduring soul sickness of racism in a very large segment of voters who voted for what was guaranteed to sound good to them.