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Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg Are Not to Be Trusted

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/01/02/joe-biden-and-pete-buttigieg-are-not-be-trusted


No one HERE trusts either. It’s other places that are the concern. I got kicked off HufPo a few days ago. Not doing anything different than I do here. That’s DU(twice) and HP so far.


HuPo was OK until Hu sold out. I noticed that once she did people like Ralph Nader either quit submitting or had their articles boomerang back to them. It ain’t worth nearly as much with Verizon Media at the helm.


It’s worthless. And yes there is an agenda playing out there. Owned by AOL who is owned by Verizon and has major investors like COMCAST. They are not a ‘liberal’ site. They allow self admitted Trump supporters to spread lies and propaganda and harassed me for months before the tombstone. Fine by me.


“Vote Blue, No Matter Who.”
“Any Democrat is better than any Republican.”

Joe Biden has stated that he would run with a Republican vice president if he found the right candidate. Even after that, the “VBNMW” crowd still supports him and will vote for him, even while they say that Bernie Sanders is “not a Democrat, never has been,” implying that if you’re a “real” Democrat, voting for a Republican is preferable to voting for a progressive champion of the working class. Well, that’s been true for decades now, I guess.

I have said and I still believe, that people like the Clintons, the Obamas, the Pelosis, et al, and now, most vocally, Joe Biden, are working toward a merger of the two parties into one megalithic oligarchy that will field one candidate, much like the elections in Maoist China and the Soviet Union. You will then “vote” to elect that person, and he will rule solely in the interests of those 500 billionaires. But it was democratic, right?

I have also suggested in the past that if Donald Trump wants to be absolutely certain of re-election, no matter how the so-called impeachment turns out, that he should just switch parties but keep up the divisive rhetoric and racist dog whistles. As long as he calls himself a Democrat, Democrats will support him 100%, (he has “evolved;” why can’t you see that?) and as long as he still insists we deport anyone who isn’t white, the unsophisticated racist right will continue to support him.

Win-win. Bigly.


(1) Democratic corporate candidates are “incapable of giving a coherent and truthful account of power in the US because they’re beholden to corporate-aligned donors…(2) the basic contradiction — between serving enemies of working people and claiming to be a champion of working people — is an increasingly difficult circle to square. (3) And a barrier to credibility with many voters.”

Yup on all three points. Linked autopsy worth reading.

Norm’s critique of the corporatist Democratic Party is not inherently new. But the ongoing rebellion of its progressive near-half - and failing belief in the party’s claims to serve working people - make his analysis fresh and urgent.


Right you are. It seems to me, however, that the two parties have already merged. They have merged behind the scenes of their putative rivalry. Doing the merger this way is preferable to doing it out in the open.

Washington, DC is ruled by a corporate junta. This junta includes operatives in the leaderships of the DNC and the GOP.


You must have been doing something right! High-Five!


I do not believe I have ever despised a democratic candidate as much as I do Buttigieg. I did not nor would I have ever voted for Hillary and I always disliked the woman for a variety of reasons. I cannot bear to even listen to his voice. I fast forward everything he says during the so called debates. He is insufferable. I keep seeing these stories in MSM like Politco and the Atlantic that the youth vote really hates him too. Of course, the writers blame this on jealousy and immature purity test etc. The mainstream is not concerned that Pete has absolutely NO experience that would qualify him for anything, let alone President. His arrogance and egotistical personality may be worse than was Obama’s. Mayor Pete has all the credentials for huge military endeavors and an obvious connection to deep state chicanery. Mayor Pete would likely be as dangerous as the orange monster and maybe more so. Mayor Pete would be able to get a lot more evil done because the press won’t report it. When Obama was putting people in cages at the border…who knew.



HuffPo is a corporate, consumerist, identity politics, shallow, feckless, Kardashian covert op.
Remember that Breitbart was involved in its founding.
You can see their Oprah act in headlines such as “Why We Just Have to See More Men Without Shirts On,” and other crap.
Their guest columns are a big joke.
I refuse to click on HuffPo or any other corporate media.
It’s an honor that you were kicked off of there.
And most other “progressive” sites aren’t progressive, and will ban you for being progressive.
F them all.


Jimmy Dore on Elizabeth Warren. It interesting that a previous Clinton campaign consultant comes out swinging in defense of Ms Warren.

Bernie Sanders is your only real choice if you a progressive.


You might say that, but I still think the goal is one party (Democratic Republicans?) and the elimination of the need to finance candidates. If a committee or politburo decides on one man (not likely to be a woman) to represent the corporations’ interests it would eliminate the need to spend billions to advertise a candidate.

Then the country would truly be run like a business, with a board of directors nominating a president, and the “shareholders” voting for him or abstaining. This is exactly how it could be sold, so as not to conjure memories of the hated communists, who did it the same way.

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I have been all over the so-called progressive sites,on the net and you are correct and even though I support financially Common Dreams because they are one the best progressive sites that I have found so far… even they are gatekeepers of the 9/11 fairy tale.


Nevertheless, every time we see a poll, there’s Blarney Biden at the top.

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There are, as you know, many such gatekeepers.

Common Dreams will still carry articles by peoples I feel are simply shills for the Democratic party. They also carry articles from true progressives that are NOT shills for the Democrats. There few other sites that do this.

Common Dreams also has readership of peoples who recognize the articles that are just shilling for Democrats who post in the comments section. I am here as much for those comments as the articles. As such they get some financial support from me.


No doubt about it…thanks.

Yes, for me, the best part of CD is, with very few exceptions, the politically perspicacious, street smart, progressive, political commentators on these threads.


I was booted off DU (Democratic Underground?) years ago for sparring with a foul mouth regular who disagreed with some position I took back then. Mostly I keep up on transportation, transit, energy consumption, land-use and development. I regularly face off with “territorial” professionals who don’t allow their assumptions about ongoing infrastructure projects to be challenged. Proving them mistaken or ill-advised is too embarrassing for them and their enablers with the keys to the treasury. I’ve been kicked off Clean Technica and Green Car Congress sites for opposing self-driving car tech. Wired magazine is such crap; no better than Popular Science.


Let us be honest. NO candidate is to be trusted. Every politician eventually sells out their principles to be re-elected. Power is a wonderfully strong drug and politicians get addicted to it quickly.