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Joe Biden Clarifies He's No Bernie Sanders: "I Don't Think 500 Billionaires Are the Reason We're in Trouble'


Joe Biden Clarifies He's No Bernie Sanders: "I Don't Think 500 Billionaires Are the Reason We're in Trouble'

Jon Queally, staff writer

With the so-called "invisible primary" reportedly already underway among Democrats for the 2020 presidential election, former vice president Joe Biden on Tuesday staked a bold familiar position for the party as he tried to straddle the fence between the reality of extreme inequality and the apparent need not to offend the mega-rich who play such an central role in how the economy—and society more broadly—currently operate.


So the people at the top of the economic food chain buying our political system to ensure that it operates solely for their benefit while it screws the rest of us aren’t the problem, hu, Joe? Guess who I WON’T be voting for. You can take your neoliberal economic policies and stuff them, Joe. We so desperately need new blood in our political leadership as right now both parties no longer represent America.


Biden, part of the problem of dem party.


If Democrats go with Biden they will lose, so they might go with him.

Na. It’s got to be identity candidate: Kamala Harris.


Just go away.


Does anybody actually attend these “events?” If so, why?


Translation: One percenters, you have nothing to fear from me, so fire up those super pacs!

“Hey Joe, where ya going with all that cash in your hand?”


It might be the free canapés.


Old diamond Joe’s toast has been buttered on both sides by the oligarchy for his entire politcal career.
They didn’t call him the senator from Capitol One by accident. That moniker was earned through years of well paid cronyism.


If anybody in the room was saddled with student loans—no longer dischargeable through bankrupcy, thanks largely to good ol’ Joe—a free can o’ peas is about all they can afford for dinner.


Sorry Joe, trickle down equality just doesn’t work. You are correct on one point though, you are no Bernie and I want the Real Deal. Thank you very much.


It’s amazing to me that the Dems just don’t get it. Most people don’t want the status quo. That’s why the current fascist got so many votes. The Dems will run Biden and they will lose. Doesn’t Mondale in 1984 scare any sense into the Dems? Geez!


No Joe, you indeed are not Bernie Sanders. I have my beefs with Bernie, mostly about him sticking with the Democrats. But on his worst day he is better then you. We need a revolution people.


Billionaires aren’t why we’re in trouble. We’re in trouble because of bought-off members of Congress, like Biden, who betray their constituents by passing the legislation that makes the transfer of wealth from the working class to the owner class possible. One $Billion = 1,000 $Million; think about it.

In 2005, Biden helped pass legislation to make it impossible to discharge student loans through bankruptcy. http://www.ibtimes.com/joe-biden-backed-bills-make-it-harder-americans-reduce-their-student-debt-2094664

Biden’s legislation also “prioritized credit card debt repayment over child support repayment, forcing women who are owed back support to negotiate with credit card companies over the debts owed by their exes. Furthermore, the term “debtor” was changed by the BAPCPA to “household” so that the new means test would take into account the total earnings of an entire household, rather than one debtor – including, for example, a teen daughter’s babysitting money.” https://www.salon.com/2015/10/21/joe_bidens_greatest_betrayal_the_one_senate_vote_that_makes_it_hard_to_support_a_biden_run/

Biden is right about one thing: he’s no Bernie Sanders.


In a way, boring ass, Status Quo Joe (I’m patenting that name for Mr. Biden so I can make billions!) is right. 100 billionaires aren’t the problem. The problem is that capitalism creates 100 billionaires due to the exploitation of the working class. So, no, billionaires aren’t the main problem. The capitalist system that generates them from the unpaid labor of the working class is.


In his remarks on Tuesday, Biden said, “I get in trouble in my party when I say, ‘Wealthy Americans are just as patriotic as poor folks.’ I found no distinction.”

Relax, Joe, the people actually running your party are with you all the way on this one. They wouldn’t be in power, otherwise.


Even Biden is now offering free college tuition. Clearly there is a strategy to promise freebees in order to combat the progressive wing of the Democratic Party. Andrew Cuomo has already done it in New York so he is one step ahead of Biden and Sanders.


He’s right. It’s not just 500 billionaires. It’s 500 billionaires and their political toadies in Congress who write things like bankruptcy laws that perpetuate the wealth divide.


Great, Lrx is going to post. Wonderful. Any rate, thanks to this asshole for his bankruptcy bill. Who would look at this system, and the decades long economic trajectory that the country has been on, and the complete failure among the establishment policy wise and think anything needs to really change? Massive inequality, growing private debt, stagnating wages while healthcare, college and housing continues to cost more and more, crumbling infrastructure, the environmental crisis? Yawn, here’s some crumbs peasants, I am now the adult in the room.

You know, Democrats are only about 30% of the public now. The Republicans got about 25%. Why do we allow these two groups of people, people that have supported politicians time and time again that continue to make things worse, to continue to make their shitty decisions and then chose among their crappy nominees? People that have left both of these parties need to get serious about radically changing the system and the economy, so a social revolution, and they need to get serious about supporting other parties, i.e., a political revolution. Enough with mediocre and empty assholes like Biden, and enough with parties like the Democrats that say that they are for this or that policy wise, but never put people in power that want to do those things. They’ve had their chance, they failed, and they can’t be reformed or reasoned with. Let them keep their party, and watch them all go down with it.


“freebies”? What an empty person you are. The very idea that my little boys could go to college and not come out massively in debt isn’t a fucking “freebie”, there would be clear macroeconomic benefits of doing something like that, it is what any moral society with the collective wealth we have should do. And those policies don’t just please people on the left, they are popular with people across the ideological spectrum, as people have tried to get into your thick head. And who the hell believes Biden cares enough about that or anything else that would truly benefit working people enough to fight for it? Someone else that caucuses with your rotten party actually does, but Biden doesn’t. It is no different than Obama saying he’d get his walking shoes on and support teachers when the time was needed. He never meant it, and he never cared, which is why he didn’t do the heavy lifting to make it a reality.

LOL! Yeah, he’s one step ahead, by supporting a policy Sanders led on. Cuomo invited Sanders at one point when he announced that for what reason? Cuomo has no chance at the nomination, he’s a dinosaur and so are you.