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Joe Biden, Don’t Let Donald Trump Run as the Antiwar Candidate!

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/03/joe-biden-dont-let-donald-trump-run-antiwar-candidate

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Staying in or leaving from Afghanistan and/or Iraq is above the presidential pay grade, but the candidates are free to tell us what they want so sayeth the second amendment.

Too late. Trump ran to Hillary’s left on War in 2016, he’s doing it again against Biden.

And the author didn’t mention this: ~https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/taliban-sign-landmark-agreement-bid-end-america-s-longest-war-n1145166

Nor, in his haste to focus on Afghanistan and Iraq, did he mention the three proxy and overt wars that Obama/Biden got us involved in: Syria, Libya, Yemen.

I guess that just slipped his mind.

You know why Trump can legitimately run as the antiwar candidate? Because compared to Joe “I’m tougher on crime/Russia/Ukraine/China/Yemen/Iran/whoever-Netanyahu-tells-me-to-kill/you-name-it” Biden, he is.


Yes, Tom, but I would go beyond that:

As I just commented on the New York “Times”, now that we are only two months from Disguised Global Crony Capitalist EMPIRE DAY — time for someone other than me to raise this seminal Election Meta-causal and ‘Cancer of Empire’ factor by the DEMS, eh??:

@Alan MacDonald

Talk about the police negotiating with kidnappers and demanding “Proof of Life” — here’s “Proof of Empire”:

Just this morning Free Speech TV’s “Democracy Now” Amy Goodman, along with many other major TV networks, reported that Emperor Trump demanded that Secretary of Empire, Mike Pompeous, announce that severe sanctions be placed on the ICC (International Criminal Court) and Chief Prosecutor of the ICC who is investigating the American Empire, and that Emperor Trump is escalating his war on the ICC by threatening any investigation of U.S., Israeli, or allied occupation forces.

Now, if throwing that ‘shot across the bow’ of the ICC, which is the only global organization to investigate war crimes, genocide, illegal military; actions, invasions, and terrorism by ‘state parties’ — then my demonstration, march, and protest signs and calling-out this obviously insane Emperor Trump as, not only thinking he is the Emperor of America, but such a megalomaniac as to think he is actually the ‘Emperor of the World’ is clear “Proof of Empire”.

Katherine Gallagher of the ‘Center for Constitutional Rights’ rightly and strongly complained.

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Gallagher ever the DNC Courtier: Biden never seen a war he did not support
or fund. Why does this DNC stooge get a platform to spread his delusions about


HRC had support from the left? Man
the revisionist history is getting traction on this

Don’t expect any significant deviations from the all-war, all-the-time Military-Industrial-Congressional-Complex from Biden, who voted for every defense budget increase, weapons program, and war resolution in 36 years in the Senate, and remember that he was a major part of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for years as well. A committee one gets on by being a tool of the MICC. Another reason I’m not “Ridin’ With Biden”. #NeverBiden.


This article by Gallagher is an embarrassing illustration of why a consistently pro-Empire and pro-War party continues to count on the support of anti-war voters.

First of all, by framing the issue as “anti-war” and not “anti-empire” Gallagher - and the Erlich article he cites to - leave out some of the most troubling saber-rattling and provocation the U.S. has engaged in with China and Russia since Obama’s Administration. Tariff policy isn’t going to mean much if the brinksmanship the U.S. continues to play with China erupts into full-blown war. Gallagher’s frame also excludes crippling sanctions, as if we can be proud we aren’t bombing Venezuela, we’re only starving people to death. Even the Iran peace deal Obama gets so much credit for is based upon imperialist logic. If Gallagher thinks “war” is bad but “empire” is fine, he should be honest and just come out and say it. Stop obfuscating.

Second, it would be an entirely rational observation that even if Trump is as committed “walking the walk” on empire as the Democrats, he is a thoroughly incompetent fool with regard to maintaining it. Four years of Trump have in fact damaged American “credibility” and imperial pursuits, and Trump’s rule will probably lead to the collapse of unipolar foreign relations far more quickly than Biden/Harris. Though affluent American liberals will cringe at this, it may very well be a boon for most of the people on the planet, especially black and brown people. Imperial designs are among those issues upon which, as Glen Ford says, Democrats are the “more effective evil”.

Trump will always be able to run as the antiwar candidate, because most Democratic electeds and the entire Democratic leadership are committed to empire, and the war that comes with it.

…Someone tell Tom.


It has apparently escaped sheepherder Gallagher’s attention that Donald Trump has “walked the (anti-war) walk” a hell of a lot more consistently than Barack Obama did – which, of course, isn’t saying much, considering how Obama needlessly resuscitated the moribund GWOT agenda and expanded it from two wars (that he’d vowed to end) to seven.

Certainly, Trump is no peacenik. He’s escalated the New Cold War that Obama, intelligence operatives, and neo-McCarthyite Democrats launched over the last few years (ably assisted by the Russiagating corporate media). He’s also continued President Obama’s “pivot to China,” ringing China with warships, missiles, and bases. And he’s scrapped treaty after treaty, including the INF.

But he’s also fought the neocons, tooth and nail, especially John Bolton (neocon #1), who he eventually fired.

And he’s repeatedly attempted to withdraw the last U.S. troops from Afghanistan and Syria (and talked of doing so in Germany and South Korea).

And he’s occasionally made some feeble attempts at international diplomacy: in the Koreas, with the Russians, and with Syria.

But most significantly, it has somehow escaped Gallagher’s attention that the modern holocaust of Middle Eastern Muslims has dramatically slowed under Trump’s presidency.

How can anyone claiming to be “liberal” or “anti-war” deny this fact? Who the fuck are these “liberals” who have systematically erased these millions of civilian deaths – pitching them into the Memory Hole like the worst Good Germans of the last Holocaust?

Consider, the abysmal records of Trump’s three immediate predecessors (who didn’t initiate this holocaust but most assuredly put it into overdrive):

  1. Bill Clinton – Per the WHO and other credible international organizations, President Clinton’s draconian, potable water-denying sanctions condemned “well over a million” Iraqi civilians to death, the vast majority of whom were babies and toddlers. As The Guardian has reported, Denis Halliday, the Irish career development worker who oversaw the program at the U.N., asserted that U.S. sanctions satisfied “the definition of genocide” (after he’d resigned in disgust, along with two colleagues, sickened by what they’d seen): ~https://www.theguardian.com/theguardian/2000/mar/04/weekend7.weekend9

  2. George W. Bush – As Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J.S. Davies have written, citing peer-reviewed articles and credible studies, America’s illegal 2003 invasion of Iraq (enthusiastically championed and facilitated on the Democratic side by one Joseph Biden) has claimed the lives of some 2.4 million human beings: “…our calculations, using the best information available, show a catastrophic estimate of 2.4 million Iraqi deaths since the 2003 invasion.” Ironically, that article appeared in Common Dreams, today’s cheerleader for the blood-soaked Democrats who took over the neocons’ agenda after Bush/Cheney drove it into a ditch: ~https://www.commondreams.org/views/2018/03/15/iraq-death-toll-15-years-after-us-invasion

  3. Barack Obama (the most tragic case of all) – Although Obama had campaigned in 2008 as the “liberal” who would “end” Bush’s wars, he instead became the “centrist” (far-right warmonger) who would needlessly rescue and expand the neocon agenda that Bush/Cheney had utterly discredited and demolished. He would continue the “Redirection” of the GWOT (first reported in 2007 by Seymour Hersh) shifting tactics from large-scale, boots-on-the-ground operations to: “pinprick” missile attacks; dramatically escalated drone strikes (killing 90% civilians per Akbar Ahmed’s acclaimed “The Thistle and the Drone”); and the use of Salafist militant proxies, creating with our despotic Gulf allies, a second mujaheddin for the purpose of overthrowing the governments of Libya and Syria. Those operations resulted in two failed states, open-air slave markets, over ten million refugees, and well over 500,000 deaths: ~http://invitation2artivism.com/a-striking-lack-of-empathy-part-iii-the-neocons-keep-killing-americans-keep-snoozing-syriasly/

Two other relevant articles: ~https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2007/03/05/the-redirection

and ~http://invitation2artivism.com/subcontracting-foreign-policy-to-gulf-countries-is-never-a-good-idea/

Donald Trump is an unmitigated monster and a truly deplorable human being. He is every bit as racist as the Republicans I grew up fearing and loathing (and the Democrats who would make their worst nightmares of welfare “reform” and The New Jim Crow come true).

But although he’s loosened the rules of engagement – with appalling results in Mosul, Iraq and Raqqa, Syria – it is nonetheless true that, under Trump, the carnage has slowed to “mere” scores of thousands of deaths, including the death toll in Yemen, where Trump has simply continued the genocide begun under Bush and Obama.

It might seem crass to reduce this discussion to numbers, but the numbers, frankly, are staggering: Trump’s three immediate predecessors are the genocidal butchers of no less than FOUR MILLION human beings, nearly all of whom were Arab-Muslim civilians.

(That’s two-thirds the number of Jews that Hitler killed in the West’s previous Holocaust – and for obvious reasons, these Muslim casualties are never, ever discussed in our Fourth-Reich nation… except in the extreme margins of our political discourse.)

My question for the sheepherders: Do these millions of lives not matter – at all?!!

In the land of Trump Derangement Syndrome, populated almost entirely by warmongering, Russia-obsessed “liberals,” did these millions of human ever exist?


Where did I write that?

Man, is shoddy reading comprehension gaining traction on this site.


@wudangmountain has had similar shoddy reading comprehension in other threads, expect to get some shit and abuse and word salad if he thinks you are disagreeing with his understandings.

Look I realize that your entire life is posting on social media and I also note
you edited your comments. But why not hold RandB hand for him before
he or she breaks down and has another hissy fit.

Actually he said that Trump CAMPAIGNED to the left of HRC who is a far more dangerous warmonger that Trump in my humble opinion. And history doesn’t repeat, but possibly rhymes as Trump is campaigning to the left of Biden in 2020.

Right, I agree but that does not render illegitimate Biden’s long career
as someone who shoots first and asks questions later. Biden has always
been in bed with MIC. That is hardly going to change if he wins.

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You really need to pull back from making assumptions/speculations about other posters here. Skeptic and others have been posting here since the beginning of Common Dreams. Further, it isn’t a “crime” around here to edit a post for clarity or spelling or whatever…

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I remember years ago when the Editor of CD asserted publicly on this forum
that many of the posters had multiple sign-on identities including one
who had over a hundred sign-on identities, and would often make a post
and then hit his or her own post with ‘likes’ from his or her other identities. (One reason why I use
my real name posting under my tag.)

No assumption, fact. One of the reasons I left after they changed the format years back.
‘Skeptic’ in his current appellation has over 10.5K posts. Seriously, I don’t
take credible anyone who does nothing all day but make posts here, or anywhere
else for that matter. And your last sentence does not defend against my assertion
of the original context of my claim. If you want to believe people here have
no political agenda to influence the election, you have not been paying
attention to the articles presented here over the last twelve years.

One more thing: it is entirely ‘rich’ how people come
to defend the ‘fake left’ on cue. Years ago I distinctly remember
some current players were adamantly right wing and did not
hide their true sentiments; but years later, are born again
leftists but always using a single caveat and disclaimer while
attacking Dems on long winded position pieces while concomitantly
issuing a ‘single’ disclaimer against Trump. Seriously, it stinks
of blatant partisanship. One would think any truly discerning
reader would have enough personal intelligence to say so. Take
RandB as a case in point resurrecting my own critique again him
weeks ago now employing it against me. Pure Trumpism!

the problem here is that Biden is a committed war monger of the first order who cannot run as an anti-war candidate–so once again --if you are tired of America’s constant wars-the spending of our futures on war-the bloated military budgets -there will be NO help from Biden or the Democrats



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Your delusion that some of your interlocutors are strategically disguised rumpists enables a lazy mindset. It allows you to avoid thinking about what your interlocutors are actually saying, and to keep your mind tightly shut.

Here is the memo that you missed: your interlocutors on these comment threads are standing to your left. Biden, on the other hand, is a confirmed, dyed-in-the-wool right-winger. Undoubtedly, Biden’s right-wing stance on every important issue is the main reason you are supporting him.