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Joe Biden Has a Serious Problem With Social Security

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/01/14/joe-biden-has-serious-problem-social-security

Biden is a jackass and a tool. Always has been; always will be. And he will never get my vote.


Same here, sorry Joe, but…time to go home and STAY THERE! Nothing personal, but retire, and, quit thinking that you are relevant in politics, your time has come, and gone.


Is there anything in Biden’s Senate voting record that IS NOT pro 1% at then expense of the 99% ?


His support for raises for the police, first responders, border patrol, ICE and anything connected to some very specific gov’t unions. Especially those in the wheelhouse of core sectors like DoD manufacturing, engineering, energy and the Police & Security State?

How is it that a cadaver is running for president?


That was funny!

Bernie 2020

One of the dumbest most corrupt politicians ever…Joe Biden.
Bernie 2020

Just what we don’t need, another centrist Democrat who wants to reach across the aisle and have his head ripped off by the rabid hyenas, (the GOP). Obama reached across the aisle and created that cat food commission. Thank goodness the cat food commission flopped because there were enough liberals there to thwart the Simpson/Bowles scum. Bowles actually said he wanted to mess with Social Security; may this viper rot in hell.
Bernie is the man though some don’t like him because when he lost the primary in 2016, he campaigned for and supported Hillary. And he is on the record for saying he will support whoever wins the Democratic primary, even Biden. I don’t care, I will vote for Bernie, he’s the best. If he does not win the primary, then I will vote for any Democrat, as Bernie advises.

Joe Biden Has Called for Social Security Cuts 3 Times
from over50finance com

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Joe Biden: Cut Medicare And Social Security - Medicare Supplement News

when the hell did including links get killed?

Cut benefits for the middle class and increase in the billions the war machine…makes so much sense. Biden has never fooled me. He is not a cool cat.