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Joe Biden Is the Reason Obama’s Legacy Is on Trial

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/04/joe-biden-reason-obamas-legacy-trial

It’s Neo-liberalism that is on trial And Biden and the entire Dem "leadership are too

Neither Biden or Obama have a track record worth spit - if you’re in the 99%.

Murdering civilians with Drone strikes = Obama is a war criminal
Trying to kill Social Security (more than once) = Obama is a Republican

  • The Intercept: Obama Wanted to Cut Social Security. Then Bernie Sanders Happened.
  • The Atlantic: Reality Check: Obama Cuts Social Security and Medicare by Much More Than the GOP

Then he tried Chain CPI to kill it.

  • Money .com Obama drops controversial Social Security proposal (Chain CPI)

Trying to become the new Republican party

Chris Hedges
Let’s be clear. The Democratic Party under Bill Clinton transformed itself into the traditional Republican Party, and the Republican Party moved, was pushed, so far to the right it became insane.

In a interview reported in the Hill, Obama admited:
“… back in the 1980s, I would be considered a moderate Republican,” he told Noticias Univision 23 in a White House interview.

And Biden…
Joe Biden Is a Fraud, Plain and Simple

Let’s be blunt: As a supposed friend of American workers, Joe Biden is a phony. And now that he’s running for president, Biden’s huge task is to hide his phoniness.

Part of Biden’s pathetic record of betrayals.

  • 1981 - attacked and failed to protect Anita Hill - a racist failure on many levels
  • 1984 - wrote the Crime Bill that victimized so many poor and people of color
  • 1995 - wrote the Omnibus Counter-Terrorism Act that became the Patriot Act threatening our freedoms in many ways.
  • 1996 - Voted against gay marriage equality and civil rights
  • 1999 - Voted to repeal the Glass-Steagall Act leading to the economic meltdown and victimization-of and theft from millions - except banker parasites who were “bailed-out”!…
  • 2001 - Voted for the Patriot Act and all its treasonous, neo-fascist consequences.
  • 2002 - voted for the iraq war and all its deadly, costly consequences!
  • 2005 - voted against requiring credit card companies to provide more effective warnings to consumers
  • 2005 - Voted to end bankruptcy protections for students enabling more usury by loan industry parasites.

In 1979, after receiving donations from Coca-Cola, Biden co-sponsored legislation that helped the soft-drink industry skirt antitrust laws. In the 1990s he voted against regulation of credit card companies, one of which just happened to be his largest single donor

Throughout his subsequent career as a US Senator, he would go on to champion several pieces of legislation that disproportionately targeted black Americans and helped institutionalise mass incarceration including 1994’s infamous Crime Bill, then boasting on the Senate floor: “The liberal wing of the Democratic Party has 70 enhanced penalties… The liberal wing of the Democratic Party is for 100,000 cops…The liberal wing of the Democratic Party is for 125,000 new State prison cells.” As recently as 2007, Biden still called the bill his “greatest accomplishment.”

Biden’s populist, blue-collar image is likewise difficult to reconcile with his long-standing proximity to corporate and financial interests and propensity to defend the ultra-rich.

Now add THIS:


In the transcript for last week’s hearing in Wilding, et. al. v. DNC Services, d/b/a DNC and Deborah “Debbie” Wasserman Schultz , released Friday, DNC attorneys assert that the party has every right to favor one candidate or another, despite their party rules

This operating mod is STILL ACTIVE.

I know regulars here have seen all this before but maybe some newbies haven’t.
There is more to be added to this and it would be great if someone with better writing skills them me could consolidate and lay it all out coherently.


Add: the democrats ‘surge’ of 30,000 soldiers and marines into afghanistan.
we lost 1,500 dead there plus 1 of 3 have nightmares - still here in 2019.

McChrystal / Keane snookered Obama.

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Obama is a war criminal. No Question. He made his bones


The White House released long-awaited figures last July on the number of people killed in drone strikes between January 2009 and the end of 2015, an announcement which insiders said was a direct response to pressure from the Bureau and other organisations that collect data. However the US’s estimate of the number of civilians killed – between 64 and 116 – contrasted strongly with the number recorded by the Bureau, which at 380 to 801 was six times higher.


I do not accept that Democrats should not criticize Obama — or Clinton I, Clinton II, Pelosi, Schiff — or Biden.

Nor should Biden be blamed for Obama — each carries his own “legacy” of war crimes, crimes against humanity, and “high crimes and misdemeanors.”


Man, that’s exactly where I was about to go! You nailed it!


…because Neoliberalism is a festering infection in both parties - the rot in the Duopoly.


Well, at least O’Bummer was a reasonably good orator.  I.E., his lies were less obvious than Tweetle-Dumb’s.


GO Phred! Tell it like it is brother!

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Even Neera Tanden, the Clinton-loving, corporate hugging, single-payer slayer, ultimate DNC water carrier implicitly agrees Status Quo Joe is exactly that:

Neera Tanden :heavy_check_mark: @neeratanden

The GOP didn’t attack Reagan, they built him up for decades. Dem Candidates who attack Obama are wrong and terrible. Obama wasn’t perfect, but come on people, next to Trump, he kind of is.

This is my outrage of the day.

P.S. The outrage of my day is that a lightweight establishment sycophant like Tanden has a platform (CAP) to regurgitate establishment talking points.

Corporate-sponsored dems - better than Trump!!!

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Hi UncleFester:
Hmmm, I thought that Obama had as many," ums," in-between words that Bush had, although at least what Obama had in sentence structure made more sense. Still, he was a disappointment------ he was actually —in a sad way----just another white guy. : (
And the Peace Prize------for the POTENTIAL to become the Great Black and White Hope------ People pushed that he was a community organizer-----yeah, but the Wall St. jobs seemed to impact him more. I nominate him for The PIECE Prize, as he gave too much of America away to the corporates and also for bringing back the Espionage Act----geez-------maybe it’s not that hard to get a law degree-------if Obama is the result : (


Excellent post!!

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This off Wikipedia regarding Pearl Harbor (An attack for which many Japanese officers and Politicians were deemed as war criminals after the war)

Ninety minutes after it began, the attack was over. 2,008 sailors were killed, and 710 others wounded; 218 soldiers and airmen were killed and 364 wounded; 109 marines were killed and 69 wounded; and 68 civilians were killed and 35 wounded. In total, 2,403 Americans were killed and 1,143 were wounded. Eighteen ships were sunk or run aground, including five battleships. All of the Americans killed or wounded during the attack were non-combatants, given the fact there was no state of war when the attack occurred

That last line. ALL of those killed deemed non-combatants as no state of war existed.

EVERY drone strike launched by Obama was against non-combatants. All of those killed are deemed non-combatants.


Well, I guess trump was not needed to pile on here.

I think you did a great job on this summary. Biden is a corporate hack but just the thing that the party and the media would support. If he gets the nod he will go down in flames but that’s probably exactly what the DNC donor class secretly wants. Four more years of Trump so they can reap the benefits of his policies and pretend to be appalled by them while they collect buckets of cash from angry constituents that want change.

The same polling companies that predicted an easy Hillary Clinton victory with the GOP disintegrating in its wake now tell us that Biden is the front runner. Bullshit. Follow the money. Bernie Sanders leads the pack by wide margins. That’s the real poll.


Yep, Non of these people will miss a meal it they destroy the party and lose the election
Pelosi - $120 million, her husband is a billionaire
Steny Hoyer - $18 million
Chuch Schumer -$900K
Jerry Nadler - $12 million

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We got even.
Napalm from bombers killed two million Japanese civilians before Hiroshima and Nagasaki - the two Catholic cities.
I am carefully studying to find why we did not bomb the airfields that kameekazza used.

The Japanese knew the war was over April 1945. Their merchant shipping was destroyed by our submarines = 445 hunting in wolf packs. we lost 45. By mid May, we had the Japanese isles surrounded by our vast and powerful Navy. Nothing got in. no food, no fuel.

Recall that during their campaigns Obama and Hillary compared themselves to and complimented Ronny Raygun more than they did any former POTUS.

Recent confirmation that during the 1970s Nixon and Raygun were laying the groundwork for Trump to succeed with a white supremacy/racist campaign and administration should disqualify any 2020 candidate who does not cop to the damage that the Clinton and Obama families have done to the Democratic Party and the nation.


I’m all for Joe Biden taking the credit/blame on this if it helps expose to the world how much of a crappy president Obama was.

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lt is my considered opinion that Obama shares much of the blame (along with MSDNC/CNN and fox-so-not-the-news) for the prictator soiling his orangubrat enclosure and the rest of this country.

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