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Joe Biden Is the Reason Obama’s Legacy Is on Trial

I’ll wholeheartedly second – and third – that motion!!  Whenever anyone makes the mistake of having Neera Tanden as a guest on one of the infotainment shows I immediately change the channel.  Her voice alone is almost enough to make me vote for a 'Pooplicken – any 'Pooplicken – just to shut
her up.  She almost makes Hilliary seem tolerable.  Of course I’d never vote for any of the Damnoc-
Rats that she seems to like anyway, but her endorsement seals the deal.

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What great legacy did Obama leave? As I wrote at the end of his Presidency, In the final analysis, President Barack Obama was an inexperienced centrist not equipped to play the hard politics of standing up to corporate influence, neo-con militarists, or the organized resistance of the extreme right, too often preferring the path of least resistance. His policies, more often than not, are superficial bandaids that make better publicity than they do progress. His staff choices, people like Rahm Emmanuel, David Petraeus, Janet Yellen, John Kerry, and Hillary Clinton reveal his conservative corporatist leanings as does his vocal defense of American exceptionalism – of empire. Though he is likeable and quick on his feet, an ideal talk show host, he has been a weak often indecisive leader in tough times. His legacy of codifying drone assassination, of expanding the powers of the Presidencey, of solidifying corporate power, the growth of an intrusive National Security State and the poisoned earth left by fracking will continue to haunt us for the foreseeable future.


At least on one point, slimy E Holder is correct:

Be wary of attacking the Obama record. Build on it. Expand it.

That is exactly what Trump did. He took the Obama deportation and family separation policies and ran with them.

Crooks on both sides should be called out!

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BO was (is) a Neoliberal, a Reagan republican, along with the other Neoliberals in the “leadership” helping him lie about who he was.
I’ve posted this before, you may have seen it:
Obama tried to kill Social Security - helping Republicans wipe out the programs:

  • The Intercept: Obama Wanted to Cut Social Security. Then Bernie Sanders Happened.

  • The Atlantic: Reality Check: Obama Cuts Social Security and Medicare by Much More Than the GOP
    Then he tried Chain CPI to kill it.

  • Money .com Obama drops controversial Social Security proposal (Chain CPI)

Trying to out Republican the republicans

Chris Hedges:

Let’s be clear. The Democratic Party under Bill Clinton transformed itself into the traditional Republican Party, and the Republican Party moved, was pushed, so far to the right it became insane.

In a interview reported in the Hill, Obama admited:

"… back in the 1980s, I would be considered a moderate Republican," he told Noticias Univision 23 in a White House interview.

The Neoliberals in control of the Democratic Party are Republicans

“It’s a private club, and you ain’t in it” - George Carlin


It is very simple why we cannot have Biden as our Candidate:

He is a Warmongering Wall Street Puppet.

A Vote for Biden is a Vote for Corporate Rule.

BERNIE - LIZ - 2020

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I caught the clue on Obama when he picked his cabinet, and it’s only been confirmed by his policies in office, and his “collect the gratuities tour” since leaving office. If we don’t start paying for our own elections America will be sold out from under us by the likes of the Clinton’s and Obama.

Biden is worse than Hillary & Obama put together. He is a racist dixicrat corrupt neoliberal pervert. Obama fooled many of us in 2008, but not in 2012. He lied his way to the DC like TRump. He rescued his bankster friends in Wall Street insread of the people & gave Romneycare & promoted the TPP till his last year. Neera Tanden & Eric Holder corporate rats must think we have amnesia.

I don’t think Biden deserves that much credit, frankly.

A trial by history will not be kind to Obama.

Besides picking Biden as VP, he worked daily besides Larry Summers, picked him to head his domestic policy groups, ignored complaints by 100% of senior women staffers against Summers, and who had this to say when addressing the problem of extreme wealth concentration, ‘They are getting what they deserve.’ Obama could not have been blind to both Biden and Summers; ‘he is too smart’, he bought into their nonsense lock stock and barrel, then sold himself to the nation as the ‘transformational president’. Ha!

Read ‘Confidence Men’, again if you would.

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