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Joe Biden Needs an Intervention: An Open Letter to DNC Chair Tom Perez

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/04/30/joe-biden-needs-intervention-open-letter-dnc-chair-tom-perez


Managing local political campaigns for decades I am experineced in assessing candidates’ and incumbents’ vulnerabilities.

Evaluating Democratic Party primary candidates’ vulnerabilities six months ago Joe Biden had more vulnerabilities than any of the other candidates, which is saying a lot when you consider that in any POTUS race being black, brown, Asian, or LGBTQ are huge vulnerabilities out of the gate.


Agree that Biden is a poor choice. But he won enough primaries to put him where he is.
The DNC would prefer Biden over Trump, but it can (and would prefer to) work with Trump than it would with Sanders.


He would have to bow out willingly. I now think there is a reasonable chance (everybody likes to say 50% when they are guessing - maybe it isn’t that high, but I didn’t think it was possible before the neighbor came out and the news coverage ticked up a bit) he will be convinced to drop out. I don’t honestly understand all the possibilities of what would happen next, but obviously a large contingent of the Democrats in power will do everything they can to prevent Bernie from being the nominee if it does happen.

If he doesn’t bow out willingly at or before the convention (perhaps with a lot of behind the scenes pressure), I don’t see a possibility of him being forced out at the convention (even though he doesn’t have an outright majority of delegates and many were perfectly fine with saying they would prevent Bernie if he were the non-majority, plurality winner).

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raydelcamino: you should ADD being a WOMAN to your list of
huge vulnerabilities out of the gate"running for POTUS. (And I was NOT a Hillary CLinton supporter–voted for Green party’s Jill Stein in a solidly 'blue" state).


Progressives don’t belong in a party with that preference. #DemExit!


Progressives evidently don’t belong (aren’t welcome) in the Democratic Party. But, like Sanders, they know that third parties are historically marginalized - so they have to find a way to work within an extant structure rather than create one from scratch.

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I agree.

That’s why I harp on the Green Party and Maine’s Senate election. If people listed all of the platform planks that they’d want in an ideal progressive party, they would describe the GP. Despite being marginalized, the GP has a nationwide presence, far more than a few hundred voters, and at least a little organization. Why reinvent the wheel?

In Maine, RCV gives the Green Party a chance to get unmarginalized. People can vote for the Green Party candidate without “wasting” their votes. If the GP candidate, Lisa Savage, wins a Senate seat, this third party would no longer be on the margin. People would flock to it. Nothing succeeds like success.


Not a word in this article on all of those serious sexual harassment and assault allegations made against Biden. All the DNC needs to do with Biden apparently is intervene and have him change his message to include more progressives and all is well.

The call should be made to have Biden step aside entirely for “the good of the party” and for Bernie Sanders to be the nominee.


What is RCV?


RCV = ranked choice voting.


With systemic corruption at record levels, RCV may not even help.

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Norman, Norman, Norman. SMH.

Look, you KNOW, it is OBVIOUS, that the most important goal for the DNC is to defeat and marginalize progressives, progressivism, Sanders, the Sanders campaign, and the grave threat posed by the AO-C. camp

It is CLEAR AS DAY that the DNC has made their choice: Better Trump than Sanders. Better Trump that Medicare for All. Better Trump than real relief for millions of desperate families. Better Trump than losing access to corporate cash from finance, pharma, insurance, and the MIC.

YOU KNOW THIS, Norman. Why pretend otherwise?


RCV (Ranked Choice Voting):

Suppose that three candidates are running for the Senate. A voter indicates his or her preference - first, second, and third - on the ballot. All of the first preference votes are counted. If any candidate has a majority, that candidate wins. If no one has a majority, the candidate with the fewest votes is eliminated. Ballots for the eliminated candidate are reprocessed, this time counting the second preference. Those second preference votes are added to the totals of the remaining candidates, until one candidate has a majority.

CounterPunch has an article on RCV by Howie Hawkins. Link: ~https://www.counterpunch.org/2020/04/28/ranked-choice-voting-an-idea-whose-time-has-come/


It beats working.


I was not familiar with Mr. Solomon’s work before the current election cycle. But not a mention here of the credible sexual assault allegations against Biden. For that alone he cannot be taken seriously.

As for the DNC and Tom Perez…this man and party have shown us who they are time and time again. And progressive causes are hurt by writers like Solomon, who write so eloquently about progressive goals, then delude themselves that the path to achieving them lies through the DNC. And this is the trap the DNC wants us to fall into. They practically say it plainly every four years! Vote for us! We’ll change! That’s the language of an abuser. Solomon should know better.





I don’t see anything of social value from this year’s Presidential election. There is no chance that Biden will acknowledge any inappropriate behavior towards Tara Reade. It is very likely that Dems will trash Ms. Reade, thereby derailing advances made with respect to justice for women who have been sexually assaulted. Given that Republicans seem to have no shame at their blatant hypocrisy, I would not be surprised to hear Republicans attack Democrat’s for supporting a candidate who acts on his sense that, when he see’s a women he wants, he is entitled to “Grab her by the Pussy”.

Rather than wasting time fighting for which racist, sexist, imperialist, warmonger, will take the position of figure-head for the anti-democratic plutocracy, my advice would be to engaged people in efforts to build structures that promote human and environmental well-being. There are a lot of local and global initiatives focused on building social/political alternative to capitalist economics and plutocratic government. Here are 2 examples:




They didn’t listen to Jesse Jackson and they won’t listen to Norman Solomon either. Perhaps Hillary Clinton will do the intervention and then they can try to fly with no wings.


Sometimes Norman badgers progressives to vote for the decidedly anti-progressive candidate. At other times, like today, he lists a few of the dozens of ways that the DP establishment has used to eliminate the progressives, and then he pleads - pathetically, imo - for the DP’s enforcer, Perez, to be a little nicer.

Norman is like a lousy marriage counselor treating a couple who have irreconcilable differences - and one of whom wants to murder the other. Kiss-and-make-up isn’t going to happen, and it’s not even a smart suggestion.

Progressives need to leave the abuser and run to the warm and welcoming arms of the Green Party.

When the Democratic Party is split, the 5,000 members of the DP establishment, from Biden down to the interns at the think tanks, will move seamlessly to the Republican Party, and the 60,000,000 rank-and-file Democrats will follow the progressives to the Green Party.

The sooner, the better!