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Joe Biden Owes His Victory to the Left, No Matter What the Democratic Party Says

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/18/joe-biden-owes-his-victory-left-no-matter-what-democratic-party-says

Fox 'news"–MSNBC—Trump-----elite from both parties don’t want a real conversation about issues like Healthcare. All this distraction is created and we never focus on real issues like healthcare , homeless, and ow yes do we have a military–???—is the US the biggest arms dealer in the world??? Would not know it from this media??? Most people have no clue what the US military is doing around the world.

The left should focus on healthcare-------we have a universal system , it just costs 5x more than it should and is the crappiest healthcare ever. And the other issue is the min wage ------many people think the min is going to $15------only in some states-----and these other states are way behind creating real division—The national min is 7.50----it needs to be at 10 now. Trump claims he grew the economy??? I would argue it has been the raising of the min wage-----


Biden owes his election to the left’s collapse, mostly.

Ask yourself what you will do when he acts to maintain that state.


I’m sure the democrats are quaking in their boots. They know they’ll continue to get voted for.


I’ll say he does. It was truly a collective effort among myriad groups and individuals, including surely millions who in a different situation would have dumped Biden for a third- or fourth-party candidate. I am one of them. If Biden will just get a REAL assault on global warming up and running hard before 2024 I will forgive him all the rest for the time being, but I wouldn’t bet a plugged nickel (showing my age).

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The 3rd Way owners will be spitting in our faces - again.
We need to focus on getting a viable 3rd Party going. Then we can DEMAND.

“ Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them, and these will continue till they are resisted with either words or blows, or both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.

  • Frederick Douglass

Our state Democratic Party spends way more money on campaigns where corporate Democrats are running against progressive Democrats, compared to how much they spend where corporate Democrats are running against Republicans.


Biden won Pennsylvania, the heart and soul of the rust belt. White working class people voted for Trump in numbers but not in great numbers. That is a key to the victory. And 2022 will be a disaster because biden harris-identity politics and wall street- will have nothing for the working poor who have seen their high paying jobs shipped to China and Viet Nam and Mexico. The NYT wants you to beleive all trump supporters are racist. That that informs their vote? What happened to Its the economy stupid? Well it is. Nafta Clinton and HRC promised a million new jobs to the white working class. Where did they get that number? They made it up. People don’t forget. Does not mean they are sexist and racist. If anything the NYT is anti white working class.


The DNC got what it needed from the left. Now that the election is over, they have no use for them anymore.


More post-game hallucination. No actual leftist voted for, nor supports, the war criminal Biden, nor his vice-jailer, Kamalacop.

Because actual leftists always understood what these creatures really are, as is even now revealed by Uncle’s right-wing,corporatist Cabinet appointments.


What they say is the GOP is worse. But if you ask me they go to great lengths to keep their issues coordinated so itkeeps getting worse and worse, both of them hiding the fact that thanks to internatioonal deals between the oligarchs, democracy is being dumped and replaced with a race to the bottom to get rid of all the gains of the last 80 years or so. So that all countries have the same level of deregulation, at the lowest level so that the workforces can be used as interchangeable parts, whomever is cheapest. Safety, wage/labor standards/toxic chemical/union protections/anti discrimination all regulations are now framed as trade barriers or discrimination against third world firms and their workforces doing jobs. that must be gotten rid of.

Thats right, anti discrimination laws are now supposed to be discrimination. In a bizarre parody of the US civil rights movement.

To do that all a whole new body of rigid ideology has been quietly snuck in to replace what we think is there, by means of international treaties in fora where we the people have no standing at all, we don’t even exist. We are just markets - the rights to whom are bought and sold, which cannot be devalued.

This is so our jobs can be traded away, our future sold, because we’re just too expensive, they have no interestin doing their jobs for us, they work for corporations 100%. We are the corporate states property now, we just dont realize it yet.

We’re barking up the wrong trees as the power in all economic things has been signed away to global giovernance organizations, and we the people of the US, to show we mean business, have to get the worst deals of all on everything. Starting in 1995, notice how we lost thye reasonable pricing rule on drugs? That’s because price controls of all kinds violate our new state religion, and we’re ruled by a cult.

Pretty much all the deregulation that’s possible is occurring and SURPRISE, it all locks in. Everything that can be stolen is.

Lets stop being so polite - and do our research on deals like GATS and TISA.

The oligarchy of thieves have a lot of explaining to do and they are hiding one bad thing after another. Lets ask those questions that need asking, not meekly wait in line for the ugly outcomes they insist are the inevitable outcome of our being framed as not longer worth investing in our own country and its people and future, all of us, OUR future.

Number one ugly fact we must face is our interests all are the same and its the politicians and the criminal corporate state thats out of bounds and stealing everything thats not nailed down.

Don’t buy their crap, don’t fall for the divide and conquer scam.
Realize they are trying to literally steal and rip off the entire world.

We need to face the fact that they are colluding, and that its all most certainly a big act, a big con game.


The division between the progressives and the Democrats is as bad as the divide between the Democrats and Republicans. Thanks for taking all the credit for Biden’s election. Good thing you turned out, unlike in 2016 when you voted for Stein so you wouldn’t have to vote for Clinton.

I know I’m going to get killed for saying this, but…Ms. Paredes from El Salvador has lived in the U.S. for 25 years, but STILL doesn’t speak English??

Because the other side is “badder”…

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And isn’t the real moral of the story is rather than advocating for the lesser evil, it is to build an independent political party and jettison the Democratic Party.

Too many times we listened to those who cried wolf just to make sure we got caught by the fox.

How long do we need to re-learn our mistakes and to re-invent the wheel?

We should all heed Eugene Debs experience. He said what we must do over a 100 years ago and still we don’t listen.

How often do we need to be told?


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I believe the nat. min. wage is only $7.25 USD–and it needs to be $27./hr., to reflect the productivity gains made since 1970, due, largely, to computerization.

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No, the Dems do NOT “…know they’ll continue to get voted for…” My partner and I WROTE IN Bernie Sanders, from my safely-blue state, and it’ll be a cold day in hell when I vote “For the lesser of two evils…” (aka FLOTE) again.

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Really??? Lifting sanctions on Iran------how many children are dying today because of these sanctions??? Stopping US bombs dropping on Yemen saving thousands of lives ??? And NOW maybe we can challenge both parties on their policies toward Venezuela with US sanctions killing thousands??? Biden is the better choice over Trump.

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Democrats viscerally despise the left but have taken our votes for granted for too long. They cajole and threaten us come election time and curse us afterward, win or lose. Thomas Frank gets it right but they are incapable of self examination or insight due to stubborn arrogance. Now we have Biden who is really the same old BS and not that different than Trump or Obama on policy.Same old neoliberal bunk. Same old CIA/neocon foreign policy. We knew this would be the case and can’t really be disappointed. If anything, we have to turn up the pressure on climate policy, healthcare, dismantling police and institutional racism and on economic justice. We need to push for defunding the pentagon and ending corporate influence.


Becky- you really need to move of from this Left-Right Debate. Face it-we have a One-Party Government with 2 shades of gray, Red or Blue, let’s call it the Purple Government. This whole Repub-Dem Distraction is like Theater, great to watch, but at the end of the show, you have a one-party situation… This government is of the people, right, we have an election and choices, right… We have chosen a government that only supports Corporations and the Elites, a government which is the #1 Arms Dealer in the world… Or Healthcare, the government is happy with their healthcare, shouldn’t the people be happy with theirs… Oh and this climate change, pesky issue, people get over it, it’s just caused by Sun Spots or china or something… Anyway be happy that Joe Biden was elected, in 4 years you will have another choice…who knows Trump #2… as they say be happy…